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Colorado Mustang Graveyard

When we found seven Ford Mustang Fastbacks for sale that were all being offered by the same seller, we went into detective mode and what we found left us in awe. When we featured a field of Mustangs a year ago we were amazed at the sight, but that was nothing compared to this graveyard in Colorado. The seven Mustangs that caught our attention can be found here on eBay.

There has to literally be hundreds of Mustangs in this salvage yard. Even if you’re not interested in buying one of these cars, this could be a great place to go to get parts. It looks like they may have a few cars that aren’t Mustangs thrown in the mix too. We could easily spend a day just walking around looking at all these Pony cars.

The Fastbacks are in varying condition, but are mostly rough and missing components. Some of the bodies and frames are intact enough to be salvaged, but the majority are likely best used as parts cars. There are a couple of cars that still have their original 289 cui V8s and complete drivetrains and could make for good projects.

Of these Fastbacks four are ’67s and three are ’68s. For the ’67 model year, Ford redesigned the Mustang and gave it a more aggressive look. The new look came with a cost though, in the form of weight gains. The same engine options were offered with no gains in power to compensate for the added weight.

It always makes us sad to see great cars being picked clean of their vital components, but it’s a necessity to save other cars. It is an impressive sight to see so many Pony cars gathered in one location and would be worth a trip to Colorado to see. Are the Fastbacks salvageable or just parts cars?

Source: ColoradoMustang.com


  1. steven crosby

    I want to buy the junk (salvage) yard with all the cars!!!! How much! cash paid!!!!!!!

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  2. Dolphin Member

    Wildly optimistic prices. I’m betting that none of these hulks receive even the opening bid, let alone go higher. Maybe in 50 or 75 years, but not now.

    No one who spends any time scanning online auctions or Craigslist will think that these are good buys, and of course scanning online auctions and Craigslist is what car guys do.

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    • morz

      Agreed. Craigslist was where I found my ’69 Cougar Convertible. You can still find (…the number of cars are slowly dwindling tho’) good vintage rides that are “reasonably” priced with not much repair involved.

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  3. jim

    As Jalopnik would put it: Nice Price or Crack Pipe? Unequivocally, Crack Pipe.

    I love the graveyard but in regards to the cars on Ebay, this guy is smoking some strong stuff.

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  4. James Wallhauser

    I’ll give him $7,500 for the whole pile, tops.

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  5. scot c

    ~ Mustang valhalla . have i died or gone to Iowa ?

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  6. shaun sarver

    Where in Colorado is this place? I am in the Army here at Fort Carson, Please let me know thanks a lot.

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  7. Lee

    This guy is out of his mind! Prices are way too high!

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  8. mikey

    Many things in the car world are dying out. This fellow is not in the real world concerning the prices. Can you imagine what it would cost to do one of these? Far beyond restored value and lets face it, what do you have when it is done?………..an old Mustang….heavy…..ill handling and drinking gas.

    Regardless of what many guys think…………it ain’t bringing back your youth. And for heavens sake do not use the term “it’s cool”. The word “cool” should be retired……like the Fonz…..

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  9. junkman Member

    I’ve owned a good few mustangs over the years, and have never been impressed by any of them,rattling ,tinney front end sagging poor cornering over heating hard starting hot. Let’em rot.

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    • stanley stalvey

      You can say that again Junkman. It’s a cryin’ shame too. The body styles have always been attractive for Ford but I’ve seen Farmall Tractors that drive better than a Mustang from the 60’s.. hahaha…

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  10. Gnrdude

    there’s some Very restorable gems in there but there’s some REAL Crapola in there as well & some that Are Just so far gone all there Worth is Parts.

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  11. Jeremie Petersen

    What I would give to trade my 66 coupe for a fastback like that black one.

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  12. Dolphin Member

    The market has spoken: none of the 4 on auction received an opening bid.

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  13. Doug

    They are located in Strasburg, way east of Aurora. Easily spotted on Mapquest in full zoom.

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  14. Andre Thompson

    Just had my 1972 ford mustang restored. I am looking for a gauge feed line that goes from the bezel to the fuse box and to the tachometer. I took out the old bezel with the idiot lights and now the I have a tach in the bezel. The plug is different in the back. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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