Comfortable Cruiser: 1968 Chrysler New Yorker

1968 Chysler New Yorker

A true barn find, this large, economy size Mopar is presented just as it was pulled from long-term storage. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Bob R for alerting us to this big-block monster located in Hudson Valley, New York and advertised here on craigslist for $3750 or best offer.

Chysler New Yorker

There’s no way around it, this is a huge car. With a wheelbase of over 124 inches, that’s a lot of metal to be moving down the road. Thankfully, with well over 350 horsepower and prodigious torque, the 440 is up to the task. Chrome and trim are said to be excellent and certainly look the part in the pictures. With “no dents” and minimal rust, you won’t have to do much to the body.

Chysler New Yorker Rear Fender

It’s not all perfect though. A different shade of white on the right rear quarter suggest that the car has at least been partially repainted. I’d suggest checking this area closely for evidence of previous bodywork. Maybe some judicious use of rubbing compound would bring the colors closer together to avoid a repaint, at least for the moment.

1968 Chysler New Yorker Dash

The linear dash is so period. And I’ll bet that 440 would peg that speedometer past 120 given the chance. Minimal wear on the pedal pads leads me to believe that the claimed 50,000 miles is true.

1968 Chysler New Yorker Engine

An extremely original appearance under the big hood means you aren’t going to have to do much here beyond cleaning. The seller claims the New Yorker runs and drives “absolutely amazing” and it needs nothing. I think I’d add a modern aftermarket AC system and drive it as-is after a detail.

My favorite memory of these Chryslers is probably a little different than most readers! I grew up near Bowman Gray Stadium, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and we frequently went to the stock car races there. My favorite class to watch were the “Blunderbusts”, big cars running on skinny stock rubber. The hot ticket was these big New Yorkers, both the two and four door versions. They never failed to smoke a lot of rubber going around corners!

1968 Chysler New Yorker Trunk

A Summit box, what I think is a heater core and some other miscellaneous parts in the trunk make it look like the car has been taken care of by an enthusiast at some point in its life. And what a trunk it is! Even the weatherstripping looks nice. I’m lucky enough to live in a state that doesn’t require front plates, so that dealer plate would look great on the front bumper. Any interest in bringing this find home to your barn?



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  1. jim s

    what is that red box setting on the right side valve cover for? the car does look like it would make a great dailydriver. hard on gas but if you can keep the seats full of people who will help with cost this would be a fun car. great find,

    • LD71 :D

      In the late 70’s when we thought of these as ‘old cars’ I bought a Newport like this along with 4. neighbors as our car pool car from NJ to Manhattan. As driver I wheeled it through the Lincoln Tunnel every day for several years. Dead reliable save for the perennial weeping power steering. A bus strike started the car pool and the purchase of ‘Moby’, best $800 deal ever. LD71 :D


    The red box looks like an inverter, it changes 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac, so you can run electric stuff like a drill motor ect. It is not a factory option.

  3. shiro 1303 Member

    The red box looks like an early MSD you can see that its tied in to the coil to bad I’m on the wrong side of the pond this thing would be a blast over here.

  4. Paul B

    I’m not usually a fan of huge cars, but I liked most of the the ’65 -68 Chrysler full size cars. The early ones are the best, with the original design ideas, but they’re all cool IMHO. Feeding this one would be a bit expensive, however, so I guess I’ll have to pass. Winston-Salem, Jamie. Still cool. Where I am with my Panhard and Miata. Fun town to drive around, lots of hills and curves!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Agreed, Paul — I’m actually from Stokes County…GREAT roads there and in Surry County. Will be back for the Gathering at Shelton Vineyards in April!

  5. Brian

    They still run a Blunderbust class at Riverhead Raceway on Long Island, NY. These days most of the cars are 80s Chevy Caprices, and they run treaded Hoosiers, but it’s still a class for 4200 pound minimum weight luxury cars. You still have a few 70s land yachts running in the class.

  6. michigan doug

    At that price it could be what we used to call a winter beater. Just clean the fuel system and go through the brakes and have a nice summer cruiser for cheap.

    • Mike D

      I would HOPE that no one would use it for a winter rat!! and.. they weren’t that great in the snow and ice anyways. and for such a big car that 440 moved it right along! would easily bury the speedo!

  7. Charles

    This looks like a decent old Chrysler. I beg to differ with the seller about the statement “no rust.” While the car certainly does not look like it is rotted out, there is definite rust forming in the seam on the bottom of the door where the door skin attaches to the inner door structure. if unattended, it will rot through the door skin. While that is not bad for a New York car, for us southerners it stands out, because we routinely see cars this age with zero signs of rust. Either way, it can probably be sanded, painted and slowed down significantly. The corners of the trunk floor behind the rear wheel wells are usually one of the first places these cars will rust. This one looks solid in that area.

    I owned several old Chryslers back in the day. Two 66 models, a 67, and two 68’s. These old Mopars are good cruisers. They will run all day long at highway speeds and never complain. The one weak link is the idler arm on the front suspension. About 60K and plan on replacing it, because it will get loose. Not a big deal.

    The fact that the car is a four door sedan will not help it to get a new home. About 50% of these cars had factory air. Most people will prefer a factory air equipped car. Especially since the AC units in those things would pump 45 degree air on a 100 degree day at idle.

    I have seen many 440 equipped cars sacrificed for the engine and 727 trans. I hope that this car does not meet that fate. It could make someone a nice old driver.

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