Competitive Price: 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS427 Convertible

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Barn Finder Miguel has been on a bit of a roll lately. He has spotted this rather tasty Chevrolet Impala for us, so thank you for that Miguel. This is a really tidy looking car, and I think that most people would be quite happy to have it sitting in their garage. If you would like to grab it now ready for when the weather turns warm again, you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Bellflower, California, and is being sold with a clean title.

The owner says that there are no major dings or scratches on the body, and there is certainly nothing major that is obvious in the supplied photos. The paint and trim all look pretty good, and those 8″ Rally Rims fill the wheel wells quite nicely. There is a shot of the trunk in the ad, and it looks really good. The car has also recently been fitted with a new convertible top with a glass window. This really looks like it is just the thing to have for a leisurely cruise on a sunny Sunday.

This is a numbers matching car, and that 427ci V8 looks right at home in the engine bay. It is ably supported by a TH-400 transmission. The car also features power steering and power brakes. The engine has recently been treated to a new Edelbrock carburetor, new front suspension bushings, and new brake lines. The owner says that the car starts, runs, and drives really well and that there are no leaks or over-heating issues.

The interior looks really nice, and the photos seem to back the owner’s claim that there are no rips or tears present. There is a mat on the dash pad, so we can’t be sure of the condition of the pad. The car is also fitted with an aftermarket stereo, and what I believe is an aftermarket tachometer. From a personal perspective, I look at those black seats heating up under the sun, and I just wonder how much it’s going to hurt when I sit on them!

An original ’69 Impala SS 427 Convertible is not a cheap car. This particular car has had some modifications performed, but there is nothing that has been done to the car that couldn’t be reversed, and the car returned to stock condition. With prices for good examples starting at around $42,000, then I think that this particular Impala, which is priced at $18,000, seems like a mighty fine buy.

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  1. TimS

    Cool car that I’d rather have over any Camaro or Chevelle in the same colors. Same options in blue over white or blue and I’m probably in love.

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  2. Dave brennan

    Poor bodywork or poor fit on skirt?

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  3. 8banger Dave MikaMember

    And the double fuel filter treatment!

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  4. Ken Neal-Rosario

    I smell a clone. And where’s the body side moldings?

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  5. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Hi Dave, not seeing the double fuel filter treatment, do you mean the cone in the carb?

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    • On and On On and OnMember

      Mike, look next to radiator shroud by the alternator.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Thanks Gregg! You and Dave have great vision, take care, Mike.

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  6. elrod

    Mounting the plastic fuel filter directly over the exhaust manifold could definitely make for a sad day….be careful out there kids.

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    • Mister319

      Chevy straight sixes had the carb on top of the exhaust manifold for many years, have seen my 235 pouring gas all over a few times, never a fire.

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  7. stillrunners

    Ken….with ya on that – I bought my SS427 convert about 1979 which was all still original. It had a lot more SS badges and of course the buckets/console.

    Man that was just a sweat old running car – one of the few I saw again for sale at our big swap meet.

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  8. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I have run a plastic filter on my old Willys for years. It is before the pump and away from the manifold. Never a problem, trust them more than glass.

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  9. Miguel

    You gotta love the resale red.

    Also, even if it is not an original SS, where are you going to find a clean ’69 convertible with a numbers matching 427 for this price?

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  10. Dave

    “Policeman taps his shades, says ‘Is that a Chevy 69?’ ”

    How bizarre!

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  11. Shifty

    Shouldn’t an SS have a console shifter?

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  12. glen

    We don’t see any numbers in the ad, so it might be a good idea to find out for sure if it is numbers matching. I know,I know;” always with the negative vibes” (Kellys Heroes). I’m just happy I haven’t reach 50 views yet! I’m being more selective on which posts I read. The way I see it, if everyone is a member, the benefit is lost, as everyone will get them early.I know I’m never going to be buying anything posted, so I have no reason to become a member, but limited to 50 is really irritating. I do enjoy Barn Finds and am happy with its success.

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    • Josh MortensenStaff

      Early Access isn’t the only benefit of becoming a member Glen, you get quicker commenting, ad free, and unlimited views. And there are more features in the works.

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      • PRA4SNW

        I’m too busy to look at the Early Access on the website. I rely on the daily emails. It’s a nice benefit, but the main reason I joined is because I love the site and want to support you guys.

        Not sure why there is such resistance to that idea.

        Josh, maybe run a “Membership Xmas Sale” or something.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        I am with you Dennis, FFS, not sure what the cost is now, but still cheap entertainment for me in the frozen tundra. I do understand being broke, been down that trail myself. You still get 50 clicks I believe. Maybe spend the time after 50 clicks to investigate a better paying gig so you can afford the small entry fee.

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  13. CCFisher

    Bucket seats and console were optional on a ’69 SS427. It’s missing SS emblems on the front fenders and trunk lid, and I would be surprised if fender skirts could be ordered in combination with the SS 427 package. Still a very nice ride, but if owning a real SS 427 convertible is important to you, due diligence is in order.

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    • Miguel

      CCFisher, After 50 years and who knows how many paint jobs, it isn’t surprising that some emblems are missing.

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  14. Umps

    Car has been on cl for at least 6 months. First I saw they were asking $30K. Missing ss badges and, as with many chevys in that era, ss option can only be proven with build sheet or window sticker. Even if it’s not a true ss, $18k wouldn’t be bad for a clean, rust-free 427 rag-top imp. Looks really nice in picks but, something smells fishy. Look very closely in the hard to see places.

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    • Skip

      SS package on a 69 Camaro included front disc brakes. Wouldn’t you think the Impala SS would as well?

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    Gorgeous land yacht…with a sporty vibe. I’m a restomod guy…so there’s much I would do. Starting with losing that all black interior.Might have to roll up from OC to at least give it a look.

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  16. local_sheriff

    Considering what a prospective owner would have to cough up for a ‘Pala vert these days, I’m amazed how few actually coments on the definitive pros about this specific ride. As owner of a factory 64 SS since 96 I’m of course abit biased, but I’ve always regarded that as a bonus – the overall condition of the vehicle ought to be more important than a correct plaque, right…?

    To verify if it’s a true SS you will need VIN and/or cowl data.Any willing seller would provide you with this, so it shouldn’t take many minutes at the keyboard to have that verified.

    Regardless of it being the real deal, I see a very nice BB vert in attractive(though mainstream)colors that seems to be ready for cruise nights out of the box.One of the last true moving land yachts before they turned oh so boring…

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    The listing has been DELETED by the Poster…… Hummmmm
    Did it $ell??? Finally after being listed for 6 months…. Or was The owner busted for it being a Clone Phony SS ????

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  18. TriPowerVette

    With all due respect to a former friend’s 1968 SS427 convertible; honestly, these cars are so large, they needed the extra twist from the big-cube offering.

    In a Nova or Camaro or Corvette, any 427 is to be reckoned with. Somewhat less in something the size of a Chevelle, and only really nice in a 4500lb brick.

    Frankly; I don’t understand why the big block wasn’t standard in the large cars (they were in Cadillac – because nobody was kidding themselves that a 350 was sufficient motivation for a DeVille).

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  19. cmarvMember

    Hydraulics and Daytons , done .

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  20. David Rhoces

    ….has to be a reason that it is so reasonable … ?

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  21. PRA4SNW

    Ad has been deleted, must have sold.

    Thanks for posting lots of pics here so that I could admire this car.

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  22. Vince H

    Gone! I would have been in at that price.

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