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Complete Collection of Automobile Quarterly


We know this isn’t a “barn find”, but sometimes we stumble across other items listed for sale online that are worth a mention. This is a complete collection of Automobile Quarterly. AQ was started back in 1962 and this set includes every issue ever published right up to the most recent release. The $1,500 asking price here on Hemmings may seem high to some, but at that price you are only paying $6 per issue (205 issues). That’s a lot of high quality automotive reading! Someone buy it before we do!


  1. Dolphin Member

    Love Automobile Quarterly. It’s got great articles (I even wrote a few for it myself, altho they weren’t that great), and it’s got wonderful photography.

    When you consider that an ordinary monthly car mag today is $6, the $6 for each of these is a true bargain. And you’ll still have these long after that car mag has been recycled.

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    • Theresa Yerkes

      Dolphin, you appear quite knowledgeable in the matter, so maybe you can help us. My daughter is executor for her dad’s estate, among which is a collection of many books on automobiles. He had a complete collection of Automobile Quarterlies from Vol. 1 in 1962 through Vol. 36 in 1997, with a couple AQ indexes for Vol. 9-12 & Vol. 13-16. No one in the family is as into cars as he was, so we have no idea of their value for the estate, nor for possible sale. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  2. scot

    ~ this is a fantastic addition to the true motorhead’s, collector’s library. very few publications can claim anything near the prestige of Automobile Quarterly. to have written articles for this excellent periodical is a significant achievement, despite improvement in your proof-reading ability, Dolphin.

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  3. Mark E

    I have a modest AQ collection which grows only when I find one by chance here and there. Never, in my wildest dreams, have I thought to own a COMPLETE collection…

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  4. jim

    what a great find. just checked and there still for sale!

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  5. Chip Lamb

    This is a great deal. Full sets with indices sell at auction for over $2k regularly.

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  6. rancho bella

    I’ll be on the other side of things. I collected Porsche related items for years from new car brochures to factory magazines and on. Nineteen eighty nine and down for the model 911. Boxes and boxes………tried to sell it all for the longest time at extremely reasonable prices…….nothing. I ended up donating to the local Porsche club.
    I’m a furrin’ car guy, boxes of old R&T……..i never read them.

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  7. scot

    ~ once they are read, once i have read them their value is only as research archive. but historical reference is, as is said, priceless.
    . sure, other complete sets exist – or you can build out your own partial set. but for a serious historian – absolutely irreplaceable. how would you calculate an Antique Roadshow-type replacement value once this sale is completed?

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  8. Mark E

    Scot: Replacement value would be what it would cost to replace it completely. On ebay you can find copies of AQ for around $5 or less but the important part of this collection is that it supposedly is complete which would include all the indexes. The most appropriate value would be if you could find a comparable sale of a complete collection like Chip Lamb mentions.

    The hard part in a sale like this is always to find a buyer. At 56 years old I’m like rancho bella – I have a huge collection of automotive ephemera that I would love to pass along if I could find an interested buyer. As a pack rat you hate to see things like you have simply end up in the dumpster…

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  9. A.J.

    AQ is great. But you would be surprised how often a complete set is available. Given the weight and shipping costs, they do not bring as much as you would think.

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  10. salguod

    My Dad is a subscriber and has been back to year 2 or 3. At some point, he bought the prior issues that he missed and now has a complete set, I believe including the indexes. Very cool publication and I remember as a kid seeing the cardboard box in the mail and thumbing (carefully!) through these after Dad opened it. I still look forward to it when I go home.

    I believe he also has a complete collection of Special Interest Autos, now Hemmings Classic Car, another one I look forward to reading when I go home.

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  11. J.K.Jaakkola

    I have Automobile Quarterly Vol.1 to Vol.51 plus Index 1-40 complete as new,pages all clean no abuse,,asking $1500.00 books are in Utah

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  12. Avis Beck

    I have the complete set Vol. 1 through Vol. 52#1 and all indices. I’m searching for a buyer who is interested and would value them. They are subscription gifts to my husband who died two years ago and I now must downsize to move to retirement facility.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I would be interested Avis. We would love to have these in the Barn Finds library as reference for writing articles. Please email me with a price: mail@barnfinds.com Thanks!

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      • Jesse

        What’s your address for shipment so I can make a better price offer

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    • roger

      Hello Avis:

      I might be interested if it doesn’t work with Jesse as he has priority, and could pick them up, no need to ship.



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      • AvisBeck

        Haven’t heard from Jesse. The collection is still available . Excellent condition, complete with indices. $1600 plus shipping. Avis

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      • Avis Beck

        Roger, did you receive my email of 9/27/14? I saw a reference to someone from Jesse but never did receive a response to my offer. Are you still interested? Avis

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  13. Jesse

    Jesse, the collection is complete with indices and is located in Prospect Park, PA , 2 miles from the Philadelphia airport. Please help me calculate a price offer with shipping info. Avis

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  14. Sheri

    My 82 year old dad is downsizing and is looking to sell his complete collection of Automobile Quarterly Volume 1 through Volume 52, #1, including indices for volumes 1 through 35 and executive planners for 2005 and 2006. They are located in southern Connecticut. Any suggestions as to how best to do this?

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  15. Avis Beck

    Good luck. I’ve been trying to move my complete collection through several sources because of downsizing for a couple of months too through Barn finds and Craigslist. Been told that it’s quite valuable and desirable and had a couple of hints that seem to have died. Two people, Jesse and Roger both expressed interest and then seem to have faded. When I checked the cost of shipping through Fed Express, they quoted me over $500; but that could be deducted if the buyer were willing to come within 2 miles of Phila. airport to get them. Avis

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    • Lothar

      Hello Avis,
      I’m very interested in a complete set.
      It is no problem to take over the costs for shipping to Germany.
      Please give me your offer.
      Best regards

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      • Sheri

        Hi Lothar,

        If Avis has already sold her set, I also have the complete set still available for sale. Looking to sell for $1,600 plus shipping.


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  16. Sheri

    Thanks Avis. I did see your posts from September and thought this venue might be promising. I will keep searching for a buyer. It’s a beautiful set, I hate to break it up and sell them separately. Good luck to you!

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  17. chuck dracka

    Have AQ Vols 1 thru 41-2 plus indexes. Excellent condition. Non smoking home.

    Let’s discuss price and shipping.

    Northern Ohio

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  18. Mike K

    I have a set from 1/1 to 16/4. Would love to get them to someone trying to build a library of these, there just sitting in a cabinet in excellent condition….unmolested. Most only read once. They were my Grandfathers. Offers? You cover shipping please. Anything decent works, they NEED to go to someone that will appreciate them as my Grandfather did. I am in Oregon.

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    • Lothar

      Hi Mike,
      Many thanks for your offer. But in February I’ve bought a complete set from 1st to last edition.
      Best Regards

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  19. michael

    I have a complete set, leather like slip covers on all, all indexes. Hope to sell to downsize.

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  20. Denise

    Could anyone tell me the approximate value of my Automobile Quarterly Books Volumes 10#1 through Volume 52 #1. My set also includes Executive Planners from 2005 and 2006 along with AQ Index 36-40. They are in excellent condition.

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  21. Avis Beck

    They’re priceless in their historic and literary quality. I think I paid $75 a year for 4 volumes and have all 51 volumes with indexes, etc. –beautiful; but haven’t been able to move them for $2500 complete. They’re out of publication and a real treasure of information. Avis Beck

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  22. Avis Beck

    OOPS!! That sale price is way out of line. The price for sale listed by me is $1600 plus shipping. I missed out on the sale to Lothar in Germany because I couldn’t figure out shipping costs and other details. They are beautiful and in perfect condition. Will consider best offer. Avis

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    • JD

      Hi Avis,

      Just picked up on this saga. Is your set still available?

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  23. Baron Ringler

    I purchased an almost complete set, including the only Volume 52 issue, EXCEPTit is missing Volume 51 (all four issues). I would REALLY like to find someone who can sell those separately. I’ve seen full sets go for $1200-$1500 on eBay but I can’t make another outlay of that kind just to get my hands on 4 books. Anyone splitting up a set and willing to sell those separately?

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    • Louisf

      Hello Baron,

      The Society of Automotive Historians (SAH) has tracked down most of the late back issues that are not easily available or at a reasonable price. These are all brand new undistributed copies. They have the issues you seek.

      Here is the link to SAH and the AQ sale:

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      • Baron Ringler

        Thank you. I appreciate the heads up.

        I was able to cobble together a full set but now that has left me with a near complete set that I want to sell.

        If you know anyone, it would be appreciated.


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  24. Krose

    I have also inherited a set of AQ from my father. He has Vol 9-22 complete in the leather covers. He only has the indexes for 9-16. Make me an offer!

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  25. Sue Fox

    Full set available with all indices – some volumes have duplicates!
    Excellent condition – my father-in-law didn’t turn any corners down and read them with gloves on – Truly collector’s condition.
    Location in Florida
    Anyone interested??

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  26. Oscar

    I have a near complete collection. Maybe complete. Excellent condition. Local pick up . Miami fl … $800

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  27. Arturo Garcia

    There are some specific things on this planet which are sure to cause catastrophes. A vehicle without brake pads is one of them.

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