Completely Original: 1964 Corvette Convertible

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There are times when a seller will advertise a car, and you feel like you are overloaded by the information and photos that they provide. At other times you feel like the seller has given you just enough information that you are left wanting for more. The owner of this 1964 Sting Ray Convertible falls into the latter category, but the provided information is definitely important. The Corvette is located in Hagerstown, Maryland, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The outward appearance of the car is quite encouraging, with the paint showing a nice shine, and the chrome and trim looking quite reasonable. The owner claims that the car is wearing its original paint, which is fairly impressive. There are a few small marks and chips visible, but the overall condition is good. The white soft-top looks to be in good condition, but the rear window has become quite cloudy. Replacing this is an open question, and would depend on how desperately you would wish to maintain the car’s originality. What we don’t get is any photos or information about the underside of the car, and whether there are any issues hidden under there.

The owner is also not particularly forthcoming with photos of the interior. What we do know is that it is original, and it is black. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

As with the interior, information on the engine and transmission is limited to the fact that it is original, and it is operational. The engine will be a 327ci V8, but just what specifications is a mystery. It could have any amount of horsepower, from 250hp to 365hp. It doesn’t look like it’s a Fuelie, as there are no visible badges to indicate this. The transmission is a manual, but we don’t know whether it is a 3-speed or a 4-speed. This is definitely a situation where more information would be welcome.

The owner has set a price of $65,000 for the Corvette, with the option to make an offer. This is a frustrating car because we really know so little about it. The owner provides a total of four photos and a description that runs to seven words. To me, that is nowhere near enough information to inform a potential buyer faced with the decision as to whether they want to consider handing over their money.

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  1. ccrvtt

    With so little information the seller opens him/herself up to rampant speculation. The clues are not in the car but its surroundings: A foosball table, an upended ping pong table, a painted antique, several benches with detritus piled on them, and it’s all piled in a fairly new garage though there are some spots on the floor. The car cover is visible on the ground and there’s a large mat under the car itself.

    So what can we conclude from this? The seller has recently moved to this location since there are no shelves or items hanging from the walls. The depth of the garage indicates that this is probably a McMansion in some pretentious upscale development catering to the upwardly mobile. You see these homes on Zillow all the time – no pictures on the walls, furniture awkwardly placed, expensive exercise equipment in the spare bedroom. It’s as if the owners are just passing through. Possessions are acquired and then neglected or later converted to cash to buy more possessions.

    This car was inherited from the passing of an early-stage boomer who left it to someone with no real attachment to it. As with many of that particular generation they seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. $65,000 may or may not be the true market value for this car. I don’t know, but the seller doesn’t value it for what it truly is.

    My son is 29 and will most likely inherit whatever Corvette I own when I die. He drives a Grand Cherokee (a fine vehicle) and he likes to come home and drive the Vette occasionally. I only hope he likes it as much as I do. But who knows?

    I’m hopeful that the next curator appreciates this Corvette, drives it, maintains it, cherishes it, and is able to pass it on to someone of like mind.

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    • 71FXSuperGlide

      Bravo. :D

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Well done Maigret!

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  2. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Well done. Elementary my dear ccrvtt, In my best Sherlock voice.

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  3. ben dobreuenaski

    It sounds like the owner doesn’t know how to open the doors or hood. They are probably looking for the key fob to operate the doors and start the car. He or she probably wouldn’t get down on their knees and ruin a expensive pair of pants either.

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  4. Pat

    I can’t stand sellers that just go on and on about their car and all it’s highlights and benefits….

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  5. ruxvette

    It’s a $45k car until…more info, more photos, and personal inspection.
    That’s if it’s not a rust bucket underneath from Maryland winters.

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  6. pwtiger

    Looking at the right headlight not wanting to close and the left one a little out of align I’m suspicious…

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  7. Sirpike

    Lookin at that rear tyre I thought she’d been tubbed but I guess it’s just a shadow …..

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  8. Wayne

    Too much work to air up the tires, too. Perhaps clueless how.

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  9. Gaspumpchas

    well boys few pics, no info, 2 feedbacks??? I smell scammer. could have lifted the pics from anywhere. Caveat Emptor, or just run, Forrest, run…
    Good luck to the new owner,


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    • MB

      Yup. If they can’t or are unwilling to supply more photos, especially if you request a certain area or angle, don’t walk, run away. Let someone else deal with the B.S. Worst that can happen is that you miss out buying a average car for more than book value.

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  10. garry connors

    or maybe i<m trying to sell it honey but no bids

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  11. Darrin S.

    This looks like the Mayhew Chevy Corvette from Romney WV. If so this Vette was a true one owner survivor and frequently sat on the showroom floor at the dealership. Although it was a solid survivor it still. was handled with kid gloves. It was well driven and well worn. Lots of alligatored paint , worn interior and a paint blem on the hood from a engine fire. The top was in fine shape as it stayed tucked away 90 percent of the time. Looks like a nice paint restoration ..buffing and touchups. But there is definitely a reason the pics are not close..not interior pictures or motor shots. The car was promptly sold to a Winchester car dealer after Mr Mayhew passed by his son. This looks too much like the car to not be it. I saw and inspected it many times.

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  12. TomCat440Member

    Seller has 2 feedbacks. Probably created ebay account to sell this car. Lol. Good luck …

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    • grant

      So what? Everybody originally created their eBay account to sell SOMETHING. Just cause you accociate first times with disappointment doesn’t mean everyone’s a failure.

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    watching barrett jackson, and am surprised how little these “standard” vetts are selling for. much better shape and in the 45, to 55 range. one also was a low mileage car.

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  14. Wrong Way

    You darn sure came up with a nice example! Exactly what I was wanting to see. I finally got around to opening up barnfinds, right now it’s too early to call, but you can bet I will be in touch with this person! OMW, where am I going to put it if I pull the trigger on this one? That’s my first thought. 65K, I don’t know about, but if this person will dicker with me, I am sure that I can give it a good home! We will see!

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  15. gary

    You can wetsand these convertible windows and rub them out with a buffer…….my brother does it all the time……works real good in most cases

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  16. Ruxvette

    I suspect a 54 year old window might be a little brittle but one can try.

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