Confiscated! 1972 Chevrolet Camaro At Auction

Although 99% of what is sold are white work trucks, vans and non-descript sedans, every once in a while a governmental entity ends up with a classic car to sell at auction. That’s what has happened with this 1972 Camaro restomod, and the car itself doesn’t look bad at all. It’s being sold here on at no reserve, with bidding up to just over $4,000 so far. It’s located in Blountville, Tennessee.

Of course, we know nothing about the history of the car other than that it has been stored outside since September of 2016 after being seized through civil forfeiture. The paint (although obviously a repaint) looks pretty nice in most spots, although there may be some fading on the upper surfaces. You may or may not like the larger than stock wheels and the “big & little” stance rear to front, but they are in nice shape. We’re also told that the driver’s side window doesn’t stay closed when fully rolled up, which worries me from the standpoint of how wet it’s gotten in there since being stored. I don’t see any damage from moisture in the interior pictures but a sniff in person would tell the story.

The underside of the car looks very clean and sanitary, and the exhaust system can’t be very old. I don’t see any rust on the underside or valences, either.

There’s some wear on the driver’s seat, but the dash looks pretty nice. I’m not too sure about the installation of the minor gauges in the center console, though. Would you leave the aftermarket steering wheel?

We don’t know anything about the engine either, apart from that it won’t run due to (at least) a dead battery. It’s in the pictures, though. I’m surprised someone doesn’t even try to jump the car off just to maximize the auction proceeds. Regardless, again, it looks like some money has been spent along the way, with an aluminum radiator, headers, a newish carburetor and an MSD ignition setup. The brake master cylinder doesn’t look very old either.

The only real potential issue here is that while documentation is provided that will get you a Tennessee title if you live there, make sure that it will work for you in your state before bidding. What say you about this restomod?

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  1. Cody A.

    Wish i had the money for this i live like a few minutes away from blountville plus thus is my favriot body style

  2. Clinton

    This place ends up with some interesting stuff. They don’t ever even jump a car and only provide court documents for a title. Not too far from where I’m at now.

  3. JW

    I would say if someone gets this car for 5K he’s getting a decent deal and the title issue would be worth the chance.

    • Neil G.

      Over $10K now with 6 days to go. I’ve purchased several items from this website over the years and often find local deals too good to pass up such as the pool table for $20. for the fish camp.

    • Bill McCoskey

      It’s a federal law that anyone selling a vehicle that has a serial number MUST provide the paperwork required to obtain a clear title in your name. Local and state governments are not exempted from this requirement. You should be able to obtain a clean title in your name once the vehicle has been paid for.

      In situations like this one, I would go one step further on buying the car; I would take the vehicle over to the local or state police and ask them to walk a drug sniffing dog around the car and inside it too, to see if the dog alerts to drug residues. If the vehicle had been used to transport drugs, even after the drugs were pulled from the vehicle, there can be residues left behind. If this is the case, DO get a written letter from the local cops attesting to the fact the vehicle did alert to drug residue, and keep a copy of that letter in the car at all times.

      If you don’t have that paperwork plus the paperwork showing how you bought the car, The police stopping you might go ahead and impound the car again. That’s their job, and they often have the attitude of “let the courts sort it out”.

  4. RoselandPete

    Car seems to be in pretty good shape for over 200k miles on the digital odometer. Looks like it has the deluxe interior as well. Bidding is over $10k which doesn’t surprise me.

    • JamestownMike

      The over 200k digital odometer pic doesn’t belong to this car.

      Like 1
  5. Skloon

    If the Simpsons taught us anything, it’s not to buy a hotrod at a seizure auction


    Don’t count on a good deal. It will sell for more then it is worth. Lots of money watches gov deals daily. Been to too many local sales to see it. Drug seized vehicles for sale and people go overboard. The thought is that the person dealing in drugs has an unlimited money supply and ravished it on his collector cars. Which in some cases may be true but you are still buying as is and no guarantee and in many states (mine) will issue a salvage title. You would be better off buying a car you know and spending $1200. on wheels and tires.

  7. Don

    Can not stand wheels like that on old cars

    • Tom Member

      could be worse…these look like a deep dish American Racing Torque Thrust which is slightly more modern version of what was on cars in the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s.

      I do agree with you that a classic car rolling on anything bigger than about an 18″ wheel with thin profile rubber is not the way I like to roll either. Keep them 16″ or so with plenty of side wall and width too!

      There could be some DUB 22″ that are solid flat chrome shining at you!!


  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Big duckarse spoiler and round lights…love it

  9. KevinW

    I like the stance and wheel-tire fitment. Better these than “20 dubs or whatever goofy name they’re calling them this week.

  10. Dan

    Oh crap, that’s 15 miles from me…..laterz…..

  11. Kevin

    looks so nice.

  12. JamestownMike

    According to the cowl data plate, it’s a late build (2nd week of November)Norwood built car showing the Z27 code, which is the code for the SS350 option. It doesn’t have the “endura” front nose, so it definitely isn’t an RS! It should have the full width bumper, NOT the split bumper the RS had (no it isn’t a RS/SS). This originally was a code 63 upper/lower Mohave Gold paint car. Last year for the SS package, only 6,562 SS’s made in 72′.

  13. Howard A Member

    Yeah, might want to check inside the door panels, gas tank, spare tire, you know, wink-wink,,,, they’d never think of using a custom Camaro,,,

  14. healeydays

    The car that was seized with another interesting car by the looks of it. A 2005 BMW M3 is also listed:

    At the current bid of $3,500, that’s a steal.


    This has red flags written all over it. buyer beware

    • Eric Hare

      This could be a great car for a steal. Where is your sense of adventure?

  16. rando

    In many cases, the folks writing the govdeals ads put as little information in the ad as possible for a couple reasons. 1) it’s easier to change the pics on every ad and get them done. 2) they don’t know or care anything about it other than to get rid of it. When I worked for the NC motorcycle program, I set up the govdeals thing and I would evaluate every bike I listed and try to list it as accurately as possible. I’m no longer in that part of the program.

    There was a bike listed on there not long ago that was terribly misrepresented. I know the story on the bike, but the as mentioned none of the stuff in my records. Buyer beware. You maight get a peach or you might get a lemon.

    And in the drug confiscations, you may get a visit late at night from someone less than desirable?

    Just thinking aloud….

  17. JCW Jr.

    Like any auction people tend to go crazy and over bid. Of course I know I am cheap, even so sometimes I do not know how they make any money on things that are bid on. I troll the site most everyday. Sometimes you can get a deal. This car will sell for close to retail. Every old vehicle I have seen has sold high.

  18. Doug Towsley

    Theres some nice parts on it and looks like a solid build, but my motto is buy low assuming the worst and bonus if it turns out to be better than expected. The variables on the back story boggles the mind. Who knows? The oil pan could have no oil in it and stuffed with $100 bills as well as under the seats wrapped in plastic or the bottom end could be roached, trans fried and rear end clunking.
    Maybe its Saddam Husseins hot rod and the reason the doors are so heavy is its filled with gold? Some GI snuck it out of Iraq and got busted…. The bidding COULD be influenced by the prev owner as well who wants his car back. I have seen that before as well.

  19. Rod444

    Holy cow. Bidding is already over 15k! Looks like I should try and sell my old cars through that site. Just have to get my cars seized.

  20. L

    Only thing I see is drivers side door is uneven? Maybe been in accident?

    • Doug Towsley

      On all those camaros (1970 and up) the doors weight a LOT,,If you ever had one off or tried to hang one its shocking how much they weigh. Also,, its actually pretty long lengthwise as well but either way its a lot of weight for those hinges.
      So its very common to see droopy doors on these camaros. But its also a subframe car and many people add stiffeners/connectors to improve handling and body rigidity, But the fisher body manual has blue prints as well as there are collision manuals that list the specs to check for damage.

  21. Paul Chimmy

    The bidding is already past 15,000. No thanks! Not knowing much about the background of the vehicle is what scares the hell outta me!!

    • ccrvtt

      Amen, brother…

  22. ccrvtt

    One of the best designs from the William Mitchell era at GM, ranks right up there with the ’66 Riviera in the Pantheon of Great Cars from the General. The only thing that would make it worth north of $20K would be to discover some white powder left behind by the former owner. Or cash. Cash would be good…

  23. Tyler

    I’ve bought quite a few things from police & sheriff’s sales over the years & always gotten great deals on them. And even though I love Camaros, I wouldn’t touch this car with a 10 foot pole due to it being a drug seizure. A ratty mid 80’s C10 pickup, the owner probably wouldn’t care about, but with a car like this, he’s gonna want it back! This car will stand out like a sore thumb, & it’s too easy to do VIN searches, so the buyer can be located. And I don’t want any visitors unless they are invited, lol!

  24. Paul Grumsha

    Jamie, most all cars with MSD ignition systems demand a fully charged battery and a working charging system to operate the engine.

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