Consensus Choice: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

I like Corvettes just fine, but don’t really have any strong personal connection to them. My father-in-law, Andy, however, is a Corvette guy. He’s had C3s and ZR1s, and right now he has a ’67 coupe with a 427. I had a chance to drive it not too long ago, which went a long way toward helping me see the appeal—that car is crazy fast, and far better to drive than I expected it to be. I think if Andy and I were ever to go in on a car together, we could pretty easily come to agreement on this ’66 Sting Ray roadster. It’s not quite as bonkers as a big-block ’67 coupe, but there’s so much about it that’s so appealing. Less appealing, to my budget anyway, is the current $67,488 bid with the reserve still unmet, but fair’s fair and this car is probably worth it. You can see it on eBay, where it’s being offered by a dealer in Houston.

I will admit, a big part of the appeal of this Corvette for me is the color, Mosport Green, which is very similar to the Willow Green paint my ’65 Corvair wears. I know there’s a subset of the population that doesn’t like green cars; to those people I can only say: you’re wrong. This is a gorgeous color, totally period appropriate, and it even looks great with the ’65 and ’66-only gold line tires.

This ‘Vette is powered by the base, 300-hp 327 V8, which I’m okay with in a roadster, as it remains plenty fast but is also better suited to relaxed, top-down cruising. It’s mated to the four-speed manual to keep the sport factor up, a gearbox I found very pleasant to use in Andy’s ’67.

This car has been beautifully restored, with Top Flight certification from the National Corvette Restorers’ Society and other awards to its name. It also comes with a trove of original documentation, including the window sticker, manuals, and warranty information. If I had to pick nits, I’d point out that the fit of the soft top around the back looks slightly wonky, but probably not to the point that I’d actually worry about it. Cruising through the many pictures provided by the selling dealer has me drooling, and I think it would have Andy excited, too. How about you?

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  1. dirtyharry

    I understand this disease quite well. I am staying in therapy. If I got within 100 miles of it, I am at risk of making a purchase. The world will always look better from the seat of a Corvette with a 4 speed. Is it any wonder the prices are high.

  2. johnd

    I love these cars, and have a few. That said, I don’t see the barn, I don’t see the barn find, and I don’t read this for ads from dealers for nice cars at retail. There are plenty of other outlets for that.

    • Tom Member

      Thanks johnd, took the words right out of my mouth. Well said. Had to comment and not just a “thumbs up”.

      • gbvette62

        I gotta agree. How is a fully restored 66 Corvette, that’s been through NCRS, Bloomington and Chevy Vettefest judging, and for sale at a dealer, a “barn find”? It’s a nice car, and I love Mosport Green, but there’s nothing barn find about that car.

        Somebody needs to tell the dealer that the Corvette was not the first American car with independent rear suspension. Both the Corvair and Pontiac Tempest, had it prior to the 63 Corvette.

  3. Pete

    I this one since 2004

  4. Pete

    Yes it’s a 4spd. 327 300hp. All original triple black car

  5. Vegas Vic

    CORVETTE! gorgeous car, good power, different color scheme and those cool gold letter tires, WOW, perfect summer cruiser even at 65K, grab Ann Margret, Cher and Goldie Hawn and GO! roll to the beach… with the ladies supply the cash for the CORVETTE!

  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    I like it. To me, a sb is better than a bb almost every time due to less sprung weight over the front end. Ironically I helped a club member with a bb 427 67 roadster last weekend on a car club cruise. Idle issues and dying a lot on the road. I had enough tools with me to get him going. Funny thing, a lot of windy roads along the way and seemed like he was laboring to keep up till we hit some straightaways.
    Sb, 4 speed roadster, what more could you ask for? Maybe a 5 or 6 speed but that would require cutting the hump to make room for it and that I’d be a little reluctant to do on one this pristine looking.

  7. Bob

    I had a 1964 300 hp, red, coupe with the knock off wheels, that I bought new, and traded for an Olds Toronado in 1970. It has been 47 years, and my wife has still not forgiven me for selling the car.
    I loved the car, and still have a picture hung in my shop. One of my buddies had the 66, 435 hp big block, and although I loved the power, I liked the handling of the small block car better. That extra 100 lbs on the front suspension made a big difference in handling.

  8. sparkster

    Bob, do you still have the vin number ? Perhaps you could track it down and make you and your wife happy again with a purchase ?

    • Bob

      I had a light bulb, and contacted the Chevy dealership where the car was purchased. They are going to look through their records in an attempt to find the number. I wish I had thought of that before, I would have had a better chance of finding it. If I can find it, I am going to buy it.
      Thanks for the idea.

  9. Bob

    I lost any documentation I had on the car, other than a 1968 License plate number from Saskatchewan # 39-452. I was in the military at the time, and every posting caused stuff to disappear.
    I would love to find that car and buy it back. My wife has told me many times, that only that car will earn me forgiveness.

  10. John

    You guys have posted approximately 87 million Corvettes on Barnfinds.

    This one is my favorite.

  11. h60memo

    Not a Corvette guy. Not a green car fan. This combination appeals to me.

  12. grant

    Not sure you quite understand the concept of the website. The name says it all.

  13. DRV

    Having had a ’58, this year in these colors is
    the best. This motor is easy and reliable with more punch than you need.

  14. jesus bortoni

    Beautiful car. Who cares that it’s not in a barn?

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