Fun To Be Had: 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible

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Here’s an oft-told tale, the seller of this 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible has decided to sell it as it’s only driven once a year. The seller states, “I wish I had more time to drive and enjoy. But I need the garage space for another vehicle and have finally come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to make a sacrifice“. OK, so it sounds a bit like out with the old and in with the new, but whatever the case, a full-size convertible is usually in demand and always a nice find – thanks Gunter K! The seller claims that it’s in “awesome condition” so, why don’t we see if we agree? Located in Silt, Colorado, this Ford drop-top is available, here on craigslist for $16,500.

I’d have to say that of all the ’60s and ’70s Galaxies produced, the ’68 is my favorite – everything flows just right. At first, I thought the finish of this car may be a non-Ford repaint but upon further review, it appears to be code X – Presidential Blue. And yes, it shows well with just a  bit of distraction from what looks like water spots – the seller says that he rubs it regularly with a diaper… Also claimed is the lack of any rust or rot-through. The top appears to be in tip-top shape and we’re told that it “works awesome” (lots of awesome going on with this Ford).

We know there is a 390 CI V8 engine under the hood (though not photographed very well) but decoding the VIN tells us that it’s a 315 gross HP version (fifth digit=Z) and it’s tied to an automatic transmission. Described as, “Runs great… Small oil leak from an oil pan gasket. Easy repair any proud papa would do himself in a heartbeat“. I’ll withhold judgment on that oil leak assessment – I’ve encountered a few problematic instances that require the pan to be removed and that’s hardly an easy repair. That situation can make for a p!#$ed papa ( I’ll let you fill in the blanks).

The interior has an interesting contrast of colors occurring – and my thought is that it’s not supposed to. The gray carpet was probably black at one time and has faded due to sun exposure – note the darker pockets in places. Beyond that, it’s a rather standard black vinyl, bench seat equipped, Galaxie interior. The dash pad is showing some breakdown near the speaker grille, the driver’s side front bench seat bottom has some split seams, and the steering wheel possesses a crack or two but beyond those noted items, it shows to be pretty fair.

A ’68 Galaxie convertible isn’t exactly rare but they’re not that commonplace either with production equaling a bit under 12K copies. Today, 55 years after the fact, that number is probably somewhere around ten percent (just a guess really) of that original volume and that would explain why these Galaxie convertibles don’t make the scene too often. The seller concludes with, “I know someone out there is going to be absolutely thrilled with this great classic car“. Any interest on your part?

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  1. 64 Bonneville

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart (wife said head) for Ford ragtops. I would estimate it about a #3 car, so good for about $18,000.00 Sellers ask is within range, so may not be a losing proposition. Appears to have add on A/C so that is something else that would need addressed. Would have liked some shots of the undercarriage.

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  2. Troy

    I like the idea of a soft top probably because my dad had one when I was 5 and I actually find myself shopping for one like this but I barely open my sunroof on a nice day so I’m not sure if I would really use it this looks to be a nice clean driver

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    • Steve

      T tops or sunroof doesn’t come close to a convertible, we have one take advantage of every beautiful day. Grandkids love it as well!

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    • Marvin K Foss Jr

      I had a 94 Accord with a sunroof AND a 1972 LTD Convertible. There is NOOOOOO comparison. Go rent or borrow a convertible for the day with the top down don’t forget the sun tan lotion. Hint: back side of ears. You will be wanting your very own. “Vert”!!!

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    • Midway

      I picked up a 1970 Galaxie 4 door in ’78 for $800, it was to much space for my likes, 351 W not good on gas but nice on long trips with pax covering fuel costs. Looking back a 1969 2 door would have been the ticket

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  3. Billyray

    I like the color combo. I have a Mercury convertible in the same, but mine has a matching blue interior not black. Like Steve said, convertibles are nothing like sunroofs. I have a Subaru Outback with one and never use it. Same goes for previous one. But with a big full size convertible, the top goes down a lot!

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  4. Zen

    I love it. Should have plenty of power, and with A/C when it’s too sunny and hot to put the top down, it’s a really nice car, probably not many left in such nice condition. I hope it finds a good home and is preserved and enjoyed. He just might get his price.

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  5. Abigaill Tomsen

    What are those two knobs on the dash between the vents and below the ignition switch? Hard to tell, but it looks like they are labeled fan and temp. The car has an “AC dash” with vents but the factory controls are a non-AC. Is this some kind of aftermarket thing?

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  6. John W. Koop

    I ordered a 67 Ford Galaxy convertible before I graduated from high school. I wanted bucket seats 4 speed transmission, 390 V8 four barrel carburetor. When it arrived from the factory I was so excited. I went down to the Ford dealer to look at it. It came in with light blue metallic and white top. It was not what I ordered, 3 on tree, 390 2 barrel and the letters on the rear fenders that spelled Galaxy 500 were on the upward slant. End of the model year and in spite of the disappointment I got a one hell of a deal from Ford.

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  7. William

    When I was in my early teens I thought the 1969 and 70 Ford LTD and Country Squire wagons were the most beautiful restyled Fords I had ever seen!

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  8. C Force

    If the oil leak is from the rear,that will involve a little more work,maybe removing the trans to do the rear main.I’ve worked on a 390 before,it can all be done in an afternoon nonetheless.the real pain is taking down the top need two people or a cherry picker to remove the intake,weighs upwards of around 50lbs and pushrods run through intake as well .but they make great low end torque.

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