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Convocation Of AMC Eagles!

AMC Eagles

I had to look up what a group of eagles is called; according to the US Coast Guard they are called a “convocation.” Whatever they are called, there’s a group of five non-running AMC Eagles for sale for one price in Towanda, Kansas. The price is $3,500, and the advertisement with more pictures can be found here on craigslist if you’re interested. While none run, an extra engine (for a total of six) is included, as well as Eagle shop manuals and other parts. The seller used to purchase these and fix them, but has been injured and cannot work on them any more. There’s even a somewhat unusual (even for an Eagle) Kammback, which the seller describes as a 4 wheel drive Gremlin. In case you aren’t familiar with Eagles, they were essentially a standard AMC Hornet/Concord wagon outfitted with a full-time 4 wheel drive powertrain. One of these is even a manual transmission model. The seller sounds reasonable and is willing to trade or sell the cars separately, so if you’re an Eagle enthusiast, I’m sure a deal can be worked out. Thanks to Olaf E for the find!


  1. Dave Wright

    At the risk of sounding like a grinch………we are seeing lot of AMC here these days……….90% of them are boring……..

  2. Wayne Norman

    These things were awesome. I had gotten married in 1977. In either 1981 or 1985 my father bought a new and AMC Eagle wagon that had been part of the Ronald Reagan presidential inauguration. My dad let me borrow this awesome four-wheel-drive car for a couple of weeks, which was much classier than the Ford Pinto I drove with my wife.

  3. That Guy

    And they even come with two free kittens!

    In their day, these were the ride of choice for the beautiful people in Aspen, Tahoe, Jackson Hole. It didn’t seem to matter that they still looked like a lowly Hornet; that AWD system was quite sophisticated and effective, and got a lot of press at the time.

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a nice one here in Silicon Valley, but I bet there are still some pampered, well-kept Eagles in ski-resort-town garages.

  4. kenzo

    The Kammback looks really interesting. Buy it and the one with the standard trans and have some fun. Great ad. Sounds like the seller has a sense of humor to go with his honesty. and GOLLIEEEE not one but two free kittens lol…

  5. Dennis M

    The Kammback was neat little car. All of the Eagles were great road cars and the first to offer true four wheel drive in a passenger car.

    AMC management did not appreciate it when field employees – me included – affectionately called them “Beagles.”

  6. The Walrus

    Kammback? Don’t recall seeing one before, but I was a lot younger when these were viable. As Yoda might say … Smitten I am.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    I love wagons. And I love 4x4s. You can bet I love these too!

    Wanted to buy one many years back and test drove one quite spiritedly along a railway right of way behind the dealership. The seller wasn’t exactly impressed but he DID have a smile breaking through I think.

    Didn’t buy it, didn’t buy one at all in the end actually but the desire is still there.

  8. Stephen

    It’s not too hard to swap in the later Jeep 4.0 engine and make one of these Eagles fly.

  9. Dominic

    The Kammback Eagle is the rarest bird, apart from the Sundancer convertible (only 200 of those!!), and if it was made in 1982, it’s one of 520. Even if it’s an 81, there were still only 5603 of them, and they were all sold in the Rust Belt, so there aren’t very many left.

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