Cool Caravan: 1967 Space Age Traveler Camper


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If you enjoy camping with a warm bed, solid walls, and running water, you might like this neat old Space Age camper! It’s up for sale here on Facebook Marketplace out of Indiana, let’s take a peek!

RVs as we know them today date back to the World War I era. Since then, they have changed dramatically from the basic shelter-on-wheels of olden days, but there’s been a surge of interest recently, in the old-school, brightly-colored caravans from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Some people are eschewing the new, rather expensive units for affordable classic pieces, some choosing to take on the daunting challenge of rehabbing or resto-modifying one, some going so far as to completely gut a good shell and build it back up, completely custom with modern amenities. Solar panels and satellite television receivers can apparently co-exist with calico tablecloths and webbed aluminum lawn chairs.

We look now at the red-and-white unit for sale. For an asking price of $4500, the seller says that the interior has been updated a bit, it has a half-bath (no sink), and the original avocado-green stove works. Apparently, the fridge works also, and they’ve added a roof air conditioner, (helpful during hot summer days). We’re told that it has a working heater, a total of 4 beds, and weighs in at around 2000 pounds dry, which should be fine for most medium-sized vehicles to tow. (No, the Mustang is NOT included!)

I dig old campers like this. I actually once tried to fix one up on my own, but life got in the way, and I gave it to a very deserving friend of mine, who finished it very nicely. I’d like to have one someday, but life is still in the way. If all goes as planned, that will change soon!

What do you think? Let us know!

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Properly worded, you could sell air conditioners to the eskimoes. What’s so “space age” about it? Looks like every other “canned ham” to come down the pike. My folks started out with smaller campers like this, and are making a comeback. I think people realized what a hassle a motorhome is, and a detachable unit just works better. I’d love to have this, but cheaper campers are around. They just might not be “space age” and not as nice,, neat find. I like the “space age ” cinder block too.

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    • CraigR

      Space Age is a brand, not a description.

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      • TimS

        Give him credit. At least he didn’t say it was ready for a monster truck rally like he does almost every other old camper.

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      • Neil

        You are correct Sir. Plus… it looks NOTHIN like a Canned Ham trailer.

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        I know, just saying, in the 60’s, the space program was huge, and they tacked that “Space Age” moniker on to everything from, ice cream to, well, campers. It was a fun time. EVERYBODY was working. And not all campers and motorhomes, Tim, just the ones that are truck conversions horribly out of date, and I think “canned ham” kind of refers to this style of camping, not necessarily the oval ones that look like a can of ham.

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  2. Classic Steel

    I want the Stang.. i like the color 👍
    In HS i saw a red 429 one and fell in luv….
    My HS cars were a 55 Chevy hardtop 327 cammed, headers, 12 bolt and 4speed and 69 Z28 later on..

    I have a 67 mustang convert i built from ground up. To many cars actually 😉 I wish we could post our cars to show them

    Probably a member thing i am sure…🤨

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  3. Corey

    I didn’t realize these campers were so expensive in their day. In the original ad one of the images is the spec sheet with an original price listed of $2367. You could buy that Mach1 in the photo for $3300 brand new! It is cool but the Mach1 would have been a better investment then and now.

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  4. JW454

    Oh look… It has the obligatory Avocado green appliance color of the late 60’s early 70’s. That color must have mesmerized people while shopping during that time. My mom’s kitchen wore this color on the refrigerator, washer, drier, cook stove, and sink for over 20 years. I think it had more power over people than the Harvest gold or that red/orange color.
    It was a crazy time back then! HA!

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    • Dickie F.

      Just like my 70s Winnebago Indian. Was all green, the appliances, cupboards and even the carpet. Definitely dates the whole vehicle interior.
      All gone now, we are going to build in a white interior.

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  5. Claudio

    I am and have been an rv er for over 25 years and will not down trade to this ! I drive a mint 2010 f150 , 5.4 l , 2wd with towing package and only 35 k miles that pulls a 27 foot 2015 dual extension jayco
    All the comforts and just the right size, i have had many and this combo is the best for the handling, gas milleage and comfort
    I like the old look but would not drive carburated dinosaur to match this old rv

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  6. PatrickM

    I just looked it up on FB Market Place. It ain’t there. Sold? I can get less expensive trailers with better pics in ads. But, if he wants to throw in the Mustang, I need his phone number.

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