Cool Commuter: 1969 VW Type II Cab

'69 VW double rear

Have some fun with a Volkswagen Transporter double cab in Kapaa, Hawaii. Listed here on craigslist in Honolulu, Hawaii is this 1969 VW Type II for $7,500. A career change for the owner is the cause for this sale.

'69 VW double left side

Jordan, the owner, has to sell “Gus” because he in now moving into the real estate game and cant’ take clients in this Type II “for obvious reasons”.

'69 VW double

Won’t this be a nice venue to go check out your next ride? It will be a bit pricey, but on the upshot you get a vacation out of the trip!

'69 VW double rear seat

Gus has been a daily driver that Jordan used for his Kapaa to Lihue commute. Wouldn’t it be nice to have to do that drive daily? It looks like it needs a good cleaning, but is otherwise ready to use!

'69 VW double front right

There is rust and we don’t know how much there is under what appears to be a respray?  The owner says there is “some rust on the outer rockers”. According to the owner this Type II is “mechanically a very reliable ride”. This is another sale that is for “serious buyers only”.  If you are a serious buyer and not a clown and/or act like one, or do any stand-up please call or text Jordan. This would be a great useful ride to have. We would even like one too. We wish you a good flight over if you are a main-lander and decide to go pick it up.




  1. randy

    With the VW bubble almost fully inflated, this seems cheap to me.

  2. Horse Radish

    Right on target if you compare it with the joke going on @ BaT

  3. JW

    Not a big fan of VW’s but I like this truck and it’s reasonably priced but would cost a fortune to ship to Missouri.

  4. Howard A Member

    Robert and his cabovers, again. ( albeit a small one) Years ago, on a trip overseas, we landed in Zurich, and these were all over the place at the airport. Not too common here. While these are a vehicle that covers both worlds ( pickup and car, something that’s standard today) they were still a VW bus, and with a load of cargo and people, the 47 hp was still pretty anemic. Don’t they need speedometer’s in Hawaii? ( unless 57 mph is the “red line”. Can’t tell if that’s a tach or speedo) Always a shame when someone has to sell their beloved vehicle ( even if they named “her” Gus.) Rust in Hawaii? Hmmm. Great for a VW fanatic, just not for me.

    • Robert Member

      Howard A,

      Unless you transplant the engine on this Type II you don’t have a COE, maybe a COW? Cab over wheels?

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Robert, HA! Got me there. I guess over the years, the “E” kind of got dropped, and any truck with a flat front ( and sat over the steer axle) became a cabover. Enjoy your finds, thanks.

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    The speedometer has the shift points marked, there is no tach.

    If this was local I’d leave work for an hour and grab it.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Bobs, IDK, that whole dash setup looks odd. I am familiar with the shift points on a regular VW speedo, but this clearly looks like a tach, with a red mark at 5800. This is more of the dash I’m used to seeing in type 2’s, unless this is some kind of “export” model. And is this an automatic? (button on side of shift lever)

  6. Jason Houston

    Perhaps a nice car, but personifies ‘ugly’.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    My apologies I didn’t see that picture, my answer referred to OEM. That’s clearly a tach LOL.

    • Horse Radish

      Now I am looking at the photos too, and realize this guy has taken out the VW Speedometer and put in a mid-eighties or so Porsche , probably 914, Tach.
      I guess he is not worried about speeding tickets, however we now a have a true true mileage unknown vehicle…

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Documented mileage is unimportant in all but the most original split window buses. And even then it’s not an issue that is really focused on in the scene.

      • Horse Radish

        Just generally speaking, not that I care, but one would like to know if a vehicle has run 100k or 150k or even know when that ‘last’ motor was dropped in….
        I am fully aware that those engines spend almost more time being rebuilt than running.
        I have had a Bay window bus and went through that…..

      • randy

        A lot of the condition is not due to miles, but due to how a car was taken care of. I ‘d rather have a high mile car that was well cared for, than a low mile car that was mistreated. Miles do not always tell the tail of a car’s condition.

      • Horse Radish

        Randy, that’s true, but it’s always a piece of the Puzzle that might even tell me if it’s abuse and high mileage too….

      • randy

        Most abused cars never reach high miles, unless it’s a 60’s Chevy with a small block!!

  8. Mark

    Rust in Hawaii? Sure, that’s a lot of salt water in the pics.

  9. Dougm

    other side of the world but I’m sooooo tempted, perfect to haul a formula vee to the track; no speedo no problem in the Sandwich islands, no reason to be in a hurry there just need to keep the revs in the power band to travel the hills and turns

  10. jordan

    Never heard of barn finds but I’m Jordan the owner of the vw bus if you have any questions just let me know :)

    • randy

      Thanks for dropping in Jordan, now that you are here, you won’t want to leave, which is fine! Nice Bus, I guess it’s still for sale. You could get a mint for it in So. Cal.

  11. Bill Parameter

    … Does it float ??

    • randy

      I think that is how it got from Germany to Hawaii.

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