Cool Cruiser: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

This Impala may not be as “barn findy” as what we normally feature, but there is no denying the fact that it is a very cool cruiser. The seller says that it has only covered 49k miles and they have documentation to prove it. The body has been resprayed, but the interior is claimed to be original. The modifications done either add value or take away from it depending on what you want to do with the car. It’s located in Amarillo, Texas and is listed here on eBay with a $25k starting bid.

The interior looks extremely nice in the limited photos provided. Some more shots of the high wear areas would be nice though. The four on the floor and column mounted tach are nice sights. I’d just like to know if this thing left the factory with that 4-speed or if it was added later.

The only reason I question the 4-speed is because there are other modifications that have been done. The 350 V8 has been rebuilt and upgraded with dual quads. The brakes have been improved and the car has also been lowered over a set of big Torque Thrust wheels.

The lowered stance and bg rims may not be to everyone’s liking, but with the souped up 350, 4-speed, and 3.55 rear gears, I’m sure this thing is a total hoot to drive. I’d like to take a look at the documentation the seller mentions and determine the car’s original specs. The low mileage is nice, but I’m not sure how much that matters considering all that has been done to the car. Overall, this looks like a very nice cruiser that would be at home at any car show across the country.

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  1. Vintage Car Loner

    Not another lowered early to mid 60’s Chevrolet with artillery sized wheels. I will give them credit they didn’t hydraulic or air bag the poor car. It looks like everything at this point is reversible at not too exuberant a cost. Would be better with a period correct 327 350hp engine.

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    • Dave Montanbeau SR

      64 only had the 327, 250 and 300 HP. I would install a period correct 409-340


      Obviously not stock running gear. You’d need to own a gas station to feed those carbs. But very nice car.

      • Dave Montanbeau SR

        Tuned correctly and you keep your foot out of it, over 20.

  2. Tony S

    Gorgeous car but way overkill on the carbs – unless that SB turns 11K RPMs. LOL

    • Dave Montanbeau SR

      Please explain your comment about the carbs being an overkill. Vettes had 283 with duel carbs.

      • Mike Monti

        Touche!! I had 3 deuces on my ’58 ‘Vette.

      • Tony S

        Sorry I didn’t realize you asked the question. Carb CFM is simply calculated. 350 CI @ 5500 RPM requires only 500 CFM. The DQ shown on the Corvette were small WCFBs but they did flow about 800 total.
        The dual Edelbrocks on that 350, I believe 650 each, could flow 13K CFM, roughly the equivalent of 11K RPMs.
        Oh and I also have a ’60 my father installed 3 Rochester (Dual-Jets I think) on (Offy manifold) in about 1965.

  3. Steve R

    Since when does two pictures of the speedometer count as documentation?

    If one of the main selling points is the low documented mileage, show the documentation. Not showing it creates doubt about the validity of the sellers description.

    Steve R

    • Dave Montanbeau SR

      Call and ask, then you will have your answer.

  4. Sean

    And what is that meager documentation really good for if it’s just a 49k mile non-numbers car?

  5. Coventrycat

    Can’t wait for the Hot Wheels look to go away. Good looking car all around, except for the oversized wheels and column mounted tach.


    Nice car….but where is the wow factor? The owner has already massaged the car enough for the next Good Guys event. Where it will be with 100 other brightly painted big/little wheel 64 Chevy’s. We can see these anytime at any local show or cruise in…..

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Not saying this car has it, but to me the wow factor comes when you’re alone with the car in your garage. If it’s not there, it doesn’t matter. If it is there, it doesn’t matter anywhere else.

      • Larry K

        Wow Jamie, that’s deep man. Confucius? Buddha?

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Larry, it might have had something to do with the two glasses of wine I consumed last night…

        Headed out to my garage this morning to do some Triumph & Mustang contemplation. And they have the wow factor for me :-)

  7. Mark

    Ugly, ruined car, like Chip Foose who ruined so many beautiful cars, I think it lowers value. Rather see original engine, much easier to gage Ta car with new stuff, much harder to make it look like it came off assembly line.

    • Murray

      I’m not a fan of US cars but can still appreciate a nice when I see it and I don’t see a problem with the way this car looks. Nothing that can’t be reversed has been done to achieve the stance. To my eye this things need big wheels and rubber to balance the look of the car.

      In any event its not as if we’re talking about a Bugatti Royale here, there are plenty of these Chevs kicking around for those who must have the ex factory look.

      Cudos to the guy for producing a nice looking car, get off his case for making it look (to me at least) better than the standard article,


    Restomod is the only way to roll…and this looks pleasing to my eyes A well-done restomod will be driven on the road…while a perfect restoration will only be driven from the trailer to the display stand. The “numbers matching” crowd probably doesn’t like the designated hitter either.

    • Alex

      My car is numbers matching & I swapped out the original 14″ rally’s for 18″s & love it. Some may call it hotwheels look & thats fine by me, keep the pizza cutters at home.

  9. Andre

    I think it looks fantastic. Great driver with a SBC/4-speed.

    Some argue “another resto-mod”, but it’s easy to argue conversely “another restored OE full size Chev”… Different strokes.

    I find this one tastefully done.

  10. Jeffro

    Yeah, I’d like it original, however, I’d drive the wheels off of it like this. I’m sure it is a better overall car with the changes/upgrades.

  11. Chuck Cobb

    Restore or resto-rod, look at the detail in how things were done on this car. Newer DUAL master cylinder (safer), all work on engine is neat and detailed, unlike so many cars just thrown together. The care in the cars construction should add to it’s value no matter if/how it was modified. I would love to have this in my garage, but already have 3 in a 27 x 29!!!!

  12. JimmyJ

    The console and stick shift on these impalas look super cool!

  13. Rex

    I love this car and would drive it just the way it is. Nicely done!

  14. Oil Slick


  15. John Taylor

    I look at several things when I am considering a car, how much am I going to spend to get it to how I would like and then brake down the costs, compear this with the black on listed lower and this is actually not a bad buy all things considered, brake down if it needs paint, cost just say $10,000 for a good job and so on. I could see where you would spend a lot of money on the black one, at least with this car you can hop in and drive it, sure it is a bit dearer than what I would want to pay but maybe I still live back in the dark ages when 38 years ago I sold a genuine Z28 with 24,000 miles on it for $24,000 in New Zealand which was way over what you guys were paying back then, but if you really want something then what price do you put on it.

  16. Rod E

    What I enjoy most about this car hobby is the option is to restore it to original or make it your own. Even a simple disk brake conversion just makes good sense on today’s highways.

  17. victor sanchez

    I believe the 4 spd Impala SS in 1963 1nd 1964 had the factory tach mounted in the center of the dash. I may be wrong but a friend of mine had a 1964 Impala SS with a factory 4 spd and had the center dash tach.

    • Dave Montanbeau SR

      You are correct. That is a 61-62 Stle tach. The 63 and 64 had the center dash tach with the small block and 340 HP 409 being low redline and the 409-400-435 -430HP had the 6k red line.

  18. Dave Montanbeau SR

    409-427 eng-400-425-430HP tach for the 63 and 64 Chev. 61-61 and 65 Chevs has different tachs.

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