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Copart Find: 1972 Chevrolet Malibu SS 350

From 1966 to 1968, the Chevelle SS 396 was a series of its own. After that, it reverted to option status on (mostly) the Malibu Sport Coupe and the range of available engines included any Chevy V8. The seller’s ’72 Chevelle appears to be a real-deal SS, but the seller has no paperwork or documentation that is definitive. But the VIN decodes as having the L48 350 cubic inch V8. Needing some work to reach daily-driver status, this 1972 Chevy is available in Circleville, Ohio and here on eBay where the current bid is $14,100, the reserve is unmet, and the Buy It Now price is $21,000.

After receiving an extensive facelift in 1971, the 1972 Chevelles were little changed with the parking lights being the most visible difference – and you had to look hard for that. Buyers still liked to “See the USA in Your Chevrolet” and bought enough Chevelles to hold second place in U.S. auto sales. More than 207,500 Malibu Sport Coupes were produced in ’72 and nearly 25,000 are said to have been ordered with RPO Z15, the Super Sport option. But it’s unclear as to have many had the L48 350 (175 hp, SAE net) but that could have been the majority as the muscle car craze had waned.

The seller has owned this Chevelle for about five years, having acquired it from an auction. The car’s history is sketchy as it came with no paperwork. Also, it has a rebuilt salvage title as the vehicle was exposed to a flood at some point. The seller has put minimal miles on the vehicle since buying it, so it’s been stored inside most of the time. We’re told it runs well enough but needs brake work.

Whether or not the flood had anything to do with it, the floorboards have some rust, though the frame is said to be good. The seller believes that the rear quarter panels have either been replaced or repaired. The cowl tag identifies the paint color as Ascot Blue, though what’s on the car now looks a bit darker. The finish has its share of chips and dings. The interior looks okay, but there is a rip in the passenger bucket seat, the carpeting may be fading, and the headliner has holes in it.

Besides the 350, this Chevy has a TH-350 automatic transmission and once had factory air conditioning, but all that hardware has been removed. Other than the aforementioned brakes, the alternator light stays on indicating there is some electrical issue to be sorted out. The odometer is close to 80,000 miles, but with a non-working speedometer, the true mileage is unknown. The seller has provided a walkaround video for your perusal. What’s your take on this Chevelle?


  1. Avatar photo Wayne

    The first paragraph is wrong. Not all V8 engines was an option on an SS. The smallest was a 307 and didn’t come in any SS…ever. the available engines were the 350 with a 2 brl….the 350 with a 4 brl…the big block 402…and the big block 454…and in 1972 if they had a factory 454…they had a capitol W in its VIN…meaning its a factor Super Sport and no need for any factory docs to prove it. I’ve owned many of these over the last 40+ years. Awesome cars!! That car is paint code 26 called Mulsanne Blue for 71 and 72…it’s had a repaint and no longer it’s original color…per its cowl tag under it’s hood.

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  2. Avatar photo Robert West

    No obvious rust which is unusual. It would have to be a big block SS option for me to sink over 20K just for the car. The car needs everything front to back so if someone is going to sink that kind of moolah into a restoration then it needs to be a car model in which they can get their money back out of.

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    • Avatar photo TomP

      In 2023 the car hobby is all about money.

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      • Avatar photo John Irwin

        I agree TomP it’s all about the money now. Not the love and passion of a car that reminds us of our youth. Hence the stupid word “flip” flip this flip that. Stupid word and people are so called flipping everything from vehicles, motorcycles and old toys to houses. Bring back the passion, the interest

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  3. Avatar photo Big_Fun Member

    Yes, no 307 2bbl for the SS. Just add in *optional* to any V8 and the sentence is correct.
    Cowl tag and VIN says car was built in Baltimore for east coast delivery. Possibly NY state or PA. Has all the correct SS items.
    Quarters and trunk pan look like replacements.
    In about 10 minutes, a person could have the alternator loose, or completely off, to check the engine pad for the numbers. And, while on the lift, check transmission and rear end numbers, too.

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  4. Avatar photo Hammer

    Salvage title, flood car and plop down 21000? Plenty of ghosts in the machine! Ummmmmm nooooooo! Glwts

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  5. Avatar photo Zen

    Neat car, a 350 with buckets, console and factory A/C in decent shape with little apparent rust. I’d be very weary of a flood car, even though it apparently seems to be fine. and that’s a lot of money they’re asking. I hope it finds a good home, and not turned into a ridiculous, tubbed hotrod.

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  6. Avatar photo Reid Hall

    Yes, we have another part’s car here, hmmmm, hopefully there are most of the right part’s to build a SS, clone, and or replica,but 15-25k,is alot for part’s so if you could buy it for less, maybe,still kinda a gamble.

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  7. Avatar photo Ten50boy

    $21k for a flood titled 72 350 car? That’s nutty. $10k would bring players out, but $21k is absurd. This market is full blown stupid. Watch it get bid up by a bunch of new accounts. Lol

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