Coronet With Sting: 1970 Dodge Super Bee


Super Bee’s are a Mopar muscle car that you just don’t see enough of. The iconic Super Bee paint work on the quarters separate this car from its basic Coronet roots. This Super Bee is more solid than most, but still has some rust that needs to be dealt with. The original drivetrain was a 383, but this Bee now has a 440 heart. Bidding has reached $9,050 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on ebay out of Ontario, Canada.


After 20 years of storage we would have suspected the engine bay to be a little dirtier than it appears. The paint in the bay would clean up great, and there is no evidence of rust or corrosion on the firewall or the inner fenders. The 440 cubic inch Mopar looks relatively clean, and is a runner. A new automatic transmission is mated to the 440 and is shifted from the column. Also a new fuel tank has been installed in this Mopar after its long hibernation. Although this Super Bee runs, it is not currently a driver. The brake system needs attention.


Checking out the interior of this Super Bee reveals a manageable interior. The steering wheel has some cracking but the dash and the gauges look solid.


We would love to see more of the front seat, but wow, check out the back seat. We wonder if anyone ever rode in the back of this Super Bee? The vinyl looks great, not showing any cracking, fading, or any type of aging whatsoever. The headliner leading into the back seat area looks a little dry, and wavy, but it’s difficult to make out. The front seat looks pretty good as well, from what we can see. This Super Bee looks to have been stored indoor for those 20 years as it is surprisingly nice. The exterior isn’t too shabby either, but the first thing that really draws your eye are the rusty quarters. The quarters need some attention, but examining the cars exterior it looks pretty solid. The seller has included one underbody photo, and it looks great. This Dodge has factory undercoating which is likely why it survived as well as it did. Though not all is perfect. According to the seller there is some rust in the floors, though we aren’t sure to what extent. Oddly this Super Bee must have been restored before, as the seller explains that this Super Bee was originally Yellow Gold DY3 with a burnt orange interior. Maybe someone wasn’t a fan of the interior and went to black?


The Super Bee is a cool and not so common to see muscle car. This Super Bee is lacking its original drivetrain, but the larger displacement 440 will certainly get the job done. What would you do with this Super Bee?


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  1. Addiction

    That’s the Bee’s- Knees!

  2. motoring mo

    What would I do ?
    Drive it like it is stolen.

  3. Jeffro

    Awesome front end. Always thought that they looked extremely pissed off and ready to run!

  4. JW

    I hate looking at cars on trailers, kind of picky about that.

    • Chris

      Agree. If they won’t take it off the trailer, I doubt they will do the right stuff to represent or fix the car.

  5. Rocko

    Big bucks for colum shift and NOM.

  6. Stephen

    Nice car. Check the quarter panel and underside of the car (floors and frame rails) for rust. These cars had problems with panel rust that would slowly eat the whole car away.

    • the gezzer

      Right. I had a 70 Coronet 2dr with 318. I loved that car but rust was a problem and auto transmission was weak. Replaced a couple times. Wish I still had it of course!

  7. Neil Glasgow

    Love the Super Bee but I hear a Canadian car import is expensive and big headache for US buyer.

    • angliagt

      Importing is easy – if you have all of the proper paperwork.
      I bought a Cortina MKIII near Victoria,BC,& took 10 minutes to go
      through Customs.

      • Rspcharger Rspcharger

        I did the same with a 1972 Norton Commando near Victoria. Customs in Port Angeles could not have been easier. A hand written Bill of Sale and transferred title (their insurance papers) is all it took. All DOT & EPA requirements are waived for 25+ yr old vehicles.

      • John H. in CT

        Hiw long ago did you import? On East Coast it is not so easy. Brought in a 1960 Jag two years ago and needed a customs agent to avoid delays. Total cost of import duties and agent added $1500 to price. Perhaps a little looser on West Coast?

  8. Tony S

    ’70 was the coolest Bee in my opinion. This one just needs the N96 hood and “slapstick” shifter.

  9. Andy

    Quite possibly the ugliest front end ever produced. What were they thinking?

    Like 1
    • Vince Habel


      The 61 Plymouth is worse.

      • Andy

        You’re quite right Vince. There is a 61 Plymouth 4 door for sale right in my neighbourhood. He’s asking $1500 (Canadian $) and can’t sell the thing.

    • the gezzer

      I never cared too much for the front end of my 70 Coronet but now I like it and miss that ol Dodge.

  10. erikj

    I can think of a lot of other front ends that are way worse then this bee. I don’t think it ugly at all. And for sure ,the 61 Plymouth is bad. To me, calling this frontend ugly is like saying the pacer was nice looking-That’s ugly!!!

  11. Rob Effinger

    I always liked Super Bees. My brothers friend had one stolen, and I thought I spotted it a week later. After a high speed chase, and a call to the Ontario Provincial Police on my trusty CB radio ( this was likely 20 years ago ) we were pulled off the road at a road block.

    Turned out he was the legitimate owner. Was he upset.

  12. Rustytech Member

    Yea it needs some work, so what it’s cool. With a 440 who cares where the shifter is. I’ve seen column mounted shifters on Roadrunners, and still bringing upper $30’s at auction. That said with, all the rust here I would want to be under $7500 on this one.

  13. Jack

    I wonder if he would do a package deal and throw in the 67 Barracuda sitting next to the Super Bee….

  14. David C

    The 70 Super Bee is my favorite “B” body Mopar. I love the front end!

  15. Bruce Best

    What were they thinking, This is an angry car and you have better get out of the way before it eats you up alive. I never owned one but I remember them from high school and college years. Too big for today as an average car which the basic platform was then, but I miss them and the Chevelles, 442, Chargers, Wildcats, and various Fords. A different world then but a fun one for most of us.

  16. Rolf Poncho 455

    cool car

  17. Philip

    I want one, or a Roadrunner really bad. Gee just once could we go back to the days when these were still 1500$ all day long? There is plenty still out there to be had. I get high dollars for HDMI cars, Shorebirds, and rare low number originals, but the prices for a non numbers matching column shift car are rediculous..I remember in the late 70’a early 80s you couldn’t give these away..

    • geezer

      Back in 1975 I bought a 69 Roadrunner 383 4 speed for 400 dollars. Smoked a little but ran good. “those were the days my friend”.

  18. Clint

    In 1981, I had a Plum Crazy 440-6, 4 speed example. It was on it’s 5th long block by the time I got it. One hard running car to be sure. My step brother wrecked (totaled) it one night while I was out of town…always wanted another.

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