Corvwreck: Remains Of A 1970 Chevrolet Corvette

Parting out a car is almost always a shame, but this Corvette may be the exception. Now, this may not look like much at first, and truthfully it may not look like much by the end of this! This 1970 Corvette was involved in what would appear to be a very serious accident in the past and has been left to rot in the woods. While some easily usable parts such as the engine, wheels, and suspension have been removed, there are still some good pieces left. You may think I’m crazy, but for the $350 asking price, I think this could be a worthy parts purchase. Take a look for yourself here on Craigslist in Maine. Thanks to Bill W. for this unique tip!

This car may not look like it is worth $35, let alone $350, but if we look at it as a pile of useful parts it just might be a worthy purchase. It would appear that both bucket seats are intact and in the car. A quick look at eBay shows a set of 1970-1972 Corvette buckets just like these (though perhaps nicer) listed for $450 plus $100 shipping. If someone was restoring a 1970-72 Corvette and needed seats, this car could be worth the price for that alone. The headlight bezels appear to be selling for $15-$25 each, and the full assemblies are going for over $200. Though this car only has one, at $2oo this is already a good deal!

Is this car totaled? Absolutely! But it is far from useless. The rear bumper pieces are going for $100-$150 each, and well over $200 for the pair. The three intact taillight lenses on this car should easily bring $50 as a set of three if they are in usable shape.

Aside from all of the smaller, usable parts on this car the seller notes that some other trim and interior pieces are intact. If someone were restoring a similar corvette with damage to the rear, this could be an excellent fiberglass donor vehicle. If we add up all of the aforementioned parts (seats, headlight assembly, rear bumpers, three taillights), it brings us to around $900 in parts. Can you easily get that much out of this car by parting it out? Maybe, but this would be more worthwhile to someone restoring another Corvette that needed these parts and wanted to save some money. This car is a wreck, but it has plenty of good parts left on it to make it worth the $350 price tag.

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  1. Pa Tina

    This is what happens when you let bears take the Corvette out for a spin. Too bad it’s not one of them fancy German cars. it would be worth $130,000

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    • Superdessucke

      Or a Chevelle SS or Camaro SS, then it would be 13k. I guess Corvette VIN and data plates aren’t worth as much!

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      • Miguel

        Well the vin wouldn’t do you much good without a title, which is “missing”.

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      • Superdessucke

        Do not give anyone any additional business ideas please. At the rate we’re going we will soon see replica muscle car titles. Thank you.

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  2. OA5599

    Never text while you’re driving.

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  3. Steve A

    Let it rust in peace.

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  4. Big Mike

    Geez, that’s one tough to look at.

    Rear bumpers, seats, maybe, but not much else.

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  5. Bing

    Andrew is right on. I’d offer less and load it up for home. Spend a few evenings unbolting all the “good” stuff, and head for the next swap meet.

    I went on just such a journey about a year ago, chasing an old C 10 pickup basket case, and found a 327 block with double hump heads sitting in a corner. In another corner sat another 327 with a set of 265 heads… The double hump motor is sitting in my 60 Vette and the other block is in a 34 Ford hot rod… and yes, I brought home a pile of early Chevrolet tin and trim… Total outlay $750.00. Both of the motors were said to have been rebuilt… and they were…

    Costs nothing to look…

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  6. Dennis

    Paint code 987 is 1971 Ontario orange Car is 1971 for what it matters. LOL Paint codes were particular to each year believe it or not.

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  7. Mark

    Don’t know what it ended up under but based on the damage, at the point of impact it appears the body stopped while the frame kept going. Nasty sight.

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  8. Jbones

    Been on here before, also has been on the Maine CL for over a year.

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    • glen

      Looking at the foliage, these aren’t new photos.

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  9. Dirk

    I guess they finally found the location of that Chinese space station that was crashing back to earth.

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  10. Joe Howell

    I surprised no one has said “Most of that will buff out”, so I did.

  11. MH

    I want to buy it just made make the wife mad!!!!

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  12. Wrong Way

    My first and only thought is did the person driving this thing walk away from the totaled out mess of a car?

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  13. Karguy James

    Sorry, but you can buy NEW parts so old rusty, bent, pitted, scratched old parts don’t have much value if any. After sitting out in the woods for at least a decade, those seats frames are all rusted to hell and back and are also probably worthless. I see very little worth even opening the toolbox for.

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    • Andrew Tanner Andrew Tanner Member

      You are correct about new parts being available, but all of the items I found for sale for reference were in used condition. Some people prefer original parts, even if they require repairs (and believe me, Corvette judges can be real sticklers about this stuff!).

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  14. Mike

    Bloomington is just a short month and a half away. Better get on it now!

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  15. Martin Dix

    As soon as i saw this Corvette it reminded me of the one Mark Hamill found in the junkyard at the beginning of “Corvette Summer”.

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  16. Mark S.

    Sorry, anything you might get out of what few good parts, if any, would be lost in the cost of disposing of the carcass.

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  17. Chinga-Trailer

    Andrew – I think you make the very common mistake many people do – just because they see something advertised at a particular price, say on eBay or in Hemmings etc, they form the opinion then that “That’s what they’re goin’ for!” but sometimes you couldn’t be further from the truth. The mere fact that someone is advertising seats, or headlight bezels or bumpers or anything else doesn’t mean a thing if there really aren’t buyers for them at those prices . . . and that may be the case with what you’ve stated here.

    • Andrew Tanner Andrew Tanner Member

      I won’t disagree with you there, because listed pricing is certainly not equivalent to going rate. I just used what I found listed as a reference for what original parts *could* be worth, and as I stated originally this is probably worth more to someone restoring a Corvette of similar vintage than it is to part out.

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  18. Wes

    Seller is a ameture, should be asking ten grand for a”basket case” big block vette.

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  19. George

    Cut the entire side off and have a great Wall art piece.

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  20. Pete,s customs

    Are you serious?????? comment??? What the!!!!

  21. John

    Is the weed growing beside it for sale, too?

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  22. Bryam Cohn

    Yard art. No, seriously. Plonk this at one end of your garden, plant a bunch of stuff you like and have a really interesting yard. A garden shop in Lawrence where I live has a fun garden out front book ended by two nasty old rust bucket MG Midgets. It all looks strangely right.

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