Could This Be A Motion Maco Shark?

The seller of this Corvette claims that the body kit its wearing may have been made by the mighty Motion Performance! Motion was one top tuners back in the day. Besides cranking out some seriously powerful muscle cars they also produced some very radical body mods for the Corvette.  This 1981 Corvette is listed here on craigslist for $2,500 and may be worth a look. Thanks goes to Bill W for the tip!

A quick search doesn’t reveal anything from Motion that looks like this car, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t make it. The Feds were cracking down on the engine modification business so Motion was forced to move more into parts. I’ve looked through a Motion catalog from the late seventies and they had many fiberglass options for the Corvette so perhaps this was one of their less popular kits. Anyone here know?

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  1. Rick

    Nah. It’s a ’80 to ’82 base body, so no way by Motion. The hood and spoiler are Eckler pieces. Nothing special here except the giant NACA scoop carved into the hood. And never did understand why someone would put a spoiler over top another spoiler….

    • SRyan

      Agree Eckler front end. I don’t remember them having a one piece tilt but they may have or hood maybe glassed in and why it looks cracked there.
      Probably totaled early in it 1st life.

      • Poppapork

        They still sell the 1 piece tilt!

  2. 2cool2say

    Motion sickness perhaps.

  3. gbvette62

    The seller can claim anything he wants, but they aren’t Motion pieces.

    As Rick said, probably Eckler’s, but they could also be from American Custom Industries, American Sportscar, Legendary Fiberglass, and a now defunct Louisiana company (whose name I forget), because they all made similar body panels.

    Seeing that the car is here in South Jersey, it’s quite possible that the parts did come from Legendary, since they were located just across the Delaware River in Langhorne PA. Legendary made some of the highest quality aftermarket Corvette fiberglass, and a lot of it ended up on local cars. Unfortunately, Legendary went out of business about 15 years ago, due to the owner’s health problems, and some other issues.

  4. Michael

    I just threw up a little.

  5. Steve R

    The seller is tossing out names to see if one sticks.

    No documentation=BS.

    Steve R

  6. JW

    I’m no Vette expert but I would think at high speeds the wind entering those headlight tunnels would cause either a lift to the front end or the fiberglass body causing a crack. Right or Wrong it’s ugly.

    • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

      I agree with you on the head lights this totally ruins the look of the car

  7. Bill Duderstadt

    It’s “Mako Shark”, not “Maco”

    Heck even the “uh-oh, better get Macco” couldn’t make a ‘Vette look that bad

  8. Classic Steel

    Motion aka the butcher of Corvette cars.

    Never a fan 🙄

  9. SlickB

    headlights… 77-78 firebird?

  10. Fiete T.

    Ticky-tacky, oh so white-trashy

  11. Chimmy

    This photo tells all!

  12. Tim Deal

    Just two pictures cool where do I sign………………..

  13. Eric

    kinda looks like the ‘Vette from the movie The Wraith

  14. 69goat

    I don’t know something about the way those headlights sit makes me think of a Pontiac Sunbird lol personally not a fan of the look on this car

  15. Peter

    I am concerned at the paucity of images?

  16. James

    That hood came on the 78 I picked up, it’s custom enough without adding the late 70’s Z28 scoop.

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