Coupster Project: 1931 Ford Model A

Built over the winter to resemble a Dry Lake style hot rod, this drivable Model A project is a great start to a hot rod build for sure. Although the owner has driven the car roughly a mile, there are certainly still some details that need to be fine-tuned and sorted. You can make this project yours for the asking price of $7,500. Take a look here on craigslist out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Thanks to Ikey for sharing this great starter find!

Although this project is labeled as a Model A, there are a few non-original parts that make up this hot rod. The seller thinks that the frame could be a Dodge or Chevrolet unit. Power comes from a counter flow Ford Inline 6 cylinder engine mated to a 3 speed manual transmission. Currently setup for 12 volt, the majority of the wiring is routed nicely which lends some idea to the level of detail for this winter build. The exhaust has a simple crush bent pipe coming off the manifold, but this could be tidied up, and potentially run out of the back of the car for a more hearing friendly drive. Modern brakes are fitted to front end of this “coupster” project in the form of Ford F100 brakes. Although this project may require fine tuning, there is a lot going for this recently built machine.

Simple, and to the point, the interior is also a good starting point. I rather like the seating and the door panels, as well as the simple ply wood floor panels. The dash could maybe stand some tweaking with the addition of some vintage style gauges. I would also opt for a different steering wheel, but overall I don’t know that I would change much else. Perhaps tone down the sheet metal floors?

The exterior has a familiar rusty hot rod appearance, and really looks just fine depending on your taste. There is certainly room for improvement, but overall this isn’t a bad start at all. While I can appreciate the cool looks of not having a windscreen, I would prefer to have one to avoid the fine gravel and bugs in the summer. Appearing mostly solid, the body does have some pin holes in the trunk lid and perhaps on the rear apron. There are a couple of sheet metal grafts on the tail end of the apron around the taillights. With so many possibilities, what would you do with this Ford Coupster?


  1. Fred H

    Asking $7,000 too much.

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  2. ghalperin Glenn

    The workmanship of the stuff that you can see leads me to believe that this truly is a death trap.

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  3. JBP

    What a mess. And 7500$ nononono

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    • Dean Russo

      I would drive the p_ss out of the. What a fun car. Love it. I have a 30 model a coupe that is totally horrible to drive, but i think this would be great. It needs
      Paint, but otherwise I wouldn’t touch a thing.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    I’m with you guys. I don’t get this whole rat rod thing. Some are well built but most are death traps. I’ve been fighting rust all my life. Paint it. Sorry for the negativity, and to each his own, but like my hi school shop teacher said- “if it don’t shine underneath, its no good.”

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    • Wayne from oz

      Gaspumpchas, my tech teacher used to say “ Chrome don’t get you home”.

  5. Superstreet

    Nice pile of parts to build a quality driver. But the price will be a tough to get even close to in my humble opinion.
    $4000 max

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  6. Tom Bell

    Sad, just sad.

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  7. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Now we know why it’s been driven only a mile. I’m assuming it was recorded with some sort of digital device…? Couldn’t help myself guys and gals…

  8. TimM

    Well if he gets $7000 for this I’m going to start pulling stuff out of my storage yard and start putting frankencars together for stupid money!!

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  9. Jim King

    Looks like a model A frame to me, also aside from the latemodel engine it looks like a ” traditional hotrod” to me . A ” ratrod ” has noticeably ratty worksmanship and ugly decals etc….perhaps a little overpriced for a ” coupster ” and not a roadster however.

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  10. John S

    What the heck is a “coupster”? If it had a “windscreen”, maybe it would be a “roadsoupe”? Anyway… This would be an interesting project if the price wasn’t quite so astronomical! The bones are there to be just a little different than all those other cookie-cutter rag jobs that for some reason everyone’s going gah-gah over these days. Finished, painted and detailed without all the un-necessary barbs is the new cool. I would put it together that way if it were half the price to start with.

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