Court Ordered Sale: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air


Court ordered sales are situations that many of us car enthusiast cringe when we first see, but the mind then wanders at what type of deal you may be able to acquire. This ’56 Bel Air is listed as an older restoration, and features a 350 4 speed drivetrain combination. Appearing mostly solid, there looks to be some hope for this old Chevy. Currnently bid up to $7,200 half way through the auction. Find it here on ebay out of Richland Center, Wisconsin.


At a quick glance this Bel Air looks pretty nice, but once you look it over more closely you can find some issues, but it is still a nice car. The interior is relatively nice in desperate need of a vacuum and wipe down. The seats and door panels have been recovered, and the carpet is likely newer than 1956 vintage. The dash looks nice, but the attachment of the 8 track player isn’t out favorite and we hope that the lower part of the dash was not damaged in the process. There are also some auxiliary gauges, and a star spangled tachometer. Aside from those items the interior looks fairly decent.


There is some rust present in this Bel Air, but it looks very manageable. There is a small amount of rot in the lower front fenders and maybe a little in the front of the rockers as well. There is a fair amount of surface rust on this Bel Air where it appears the body was not prepped well, or there was an issue with the paint. There are several areas where the paint is lifting, and chipping off. The metal in those areas is clean steel. It almost looks as if there was no primer used on this Bel Air when it was painted. We question the paint work anyways, as the door rubbers are very red. The seller has mentioned there is some rust that is hidden and that there is some body filler but not much. It would appear that this was a decent shape survivor that someone painted and “hot rodded” a bit back in the 1980’s. That isn’t all bad as this is still a decent condition car. The seller was unable to get into the trunk to check the trunk floor, but there is a small spot of rot starting to form in the floor, but it is manageable. The chrome and trim look reasonable, as there appears to be no heavy pitting or rust. The glass looks decent as well.


Left sitting for who knows how long, hopefully this Bel Air will make it to a good home to either be restored, or revived. The original drivetrain is gone, so perhaps it wouldn’t be such a crime to stray from a bone stock restoration. What would you do with this Bel Air?



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  1. KeithK

    The bidding has already gone past my fun money budget but GIVE ME THAT TACH!

  2. don

    The “lucky” purchaser is already upside down $$$$wise. Just buy a decent driver

  3. erikj

    This one intrests me in the fact that I just picked-up a 56 2door 210 Its set for a 4sp and a 283(orig) 327 and 350 came wit a mass of extras. I will take some pics and bring it on b/f. So I,m interested in what this sells for since mine I will get a drivetrain and int. in it but it needs to be finished right. This bel-air looks verysolid with little rust. easy fixer.

    • Rocco

      I thought the 283 didn’t come out until ’57? Didn’t the ’56 have a 265?

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      • G.P. Member

        If 10 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down is hotly debated, what would 10 up and 10 down be considered ? Just wondering

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        We took the hotly debated thing. Thanks GP.

      • William

        Yes it was the 265 also I had 1956 210 hardtop with the 235 six 2 speed power glide.Bought mine for $50.00 back in 1966 did not have reverse.

  4. cyclemikey

    That’s a pretty good base for resto. And, considering what BelAir 2-door hardtops bring these days, it’s probably going higher than the 7200 it’s trading at now.

    Very easy resto, since you can buy literally everything you need from a catalog, and rust looks fairly minimal compared to most project 56’s.

    I’d be tempted, but I want a ’56 4-dr sedan. Weird? Why, yes. Yes, I am.

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  5. JW

    Not a Chevy guy but I would love to have this as a reminder of my late fathers car. Don’t have time left on the planet myself to finish a total restoration. But if he’s been offered 10K already and turned it down good luck to whoever buys it.

  6. erikj

    I could be wrong with what I was told by seller that the 283 is the orig. motor. doesn’t matter to me a hole lot other than check numbers.If that does match than that’s what it gets. I like the 327 myself. and the 4spd is not original any way.

  7. Joeinthousandoaks

    265 was the engine for 55 and 56. There’s not much to check by way of numbers, Chevy didn’t stamp serial numbers on none Corvette engines until 68. I like this car. I had the same car in high school. It was my 5th car by age 17 and I told my mom I would never sell it. I held on for a while but let it go after the birth of my son 15 years later.

  8. RandyS

    “original rust”. I’ve read it all now.

  9. Rustytech Member

    Original type restoration or restomod doesn’t seem to effect the values on the tri 5 Chevs much. The prices are astronomical on a good restoration today. Unless the frame or bottom are gone, this is in great shape for a sixty year old (better n me). The 56 was my least favorite of the tri 5’s but I’d take it for under $10k

  10. TopJimmy5150

    This car screams 1970s! I love that tach.

  11. Keldog

    I spy a Big Daddy Don Garlit tach also.Last one I had I sold for $275 at the local swap meet a couple years back.Kind of wish I hadn’t gotten rid of it.Also a pretty good looking car.Keep looking guys,there are still some nice cars tucked away.

  12. Keldog

    Also dig the 8 track.SCREAMS mid 70’s

  13. Richard Ochoa

    Since I’ve had my ’56 B.A. 2 dr. hdtp for 43 years, I would offer $600 for it as a good Parts Car! That’s 100 buck More than I paid for mine & Mine had 0000000 RUST!!!

  14. Richard Ochoa

    Since I’ve had my ’56 B.A. 2 dr. hdtp for 43 years, I would offer $600 for it as a good Parts Car! That’s 100 bucks More than I paid for mine & Mine had 0000000 RUST!!!

  15. Nick

    This is late 60s early 70s build, as others have said, that is no 350 v8 likely a 283 or 327, the 8 track etc.

  16. Thomas Mullaney

    I understand the radio being towards the center of the car…but why put the 8 track all the way over on the passengers side. This is a WIDE body vehicle. You certainly can’t reach it from the drivers seat…just sayin’.

  17. JOHN Member

    Love that old Dixco tach!

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