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Cozy 1963 Airstream Globetrotter Project

With the pandemic and its work-from-home ethos, many people have discovered the positive aspects of living in a van down by the river. You can get away from home…while still being at home. Custom camper builds have emerged as a way of life, and now’s your opportunity to join in on the fun with this adorable vintage 1963 Airstream. Such an iconic sight for classic American camping experiences, this one here on eBay can be yours for less than $10k at time of writing, but hurry, because there’s less than a day remaining on the auction!

The benefit to a trailer is that there’s no engine or transmission to break on you. Of course, the downside to that is that you need something to tow it with. No word on weight, but the plaque that seems to depict a bicycle towing this seems unlikely to be an accurate representation of an adequate towing vehicle. The trailer is closing in on sixty years old, so even though it doesn’t have an engine, the mechanicals will need to be touched up. The seller states that the tongue jack doesn’t really work, the tires appear to be original, and the plumbing and suspension will likely need a retouching.

Yes, plumbing. Inside you get two sinks, a shower, a porcelain toilet, a gas range, and more wood paneling than a church basement from the 1970s. The pictures of the inside look cluttered, but the seller says that they used it as storage and all the clutter will be removed. You will likely still need to repair some stuff; I’m sure the flooring would benefit from being replaced, as well as the fixtures updated, and insulation could probably be added.

It’s going to be a project, but it will be a rewarding project. At the end of it, you can have a lovely, cute, vintage little trailer in its gleaming stainless steel, complete with a custom interior done entirely to your liking. You can add a decent HVAC system, updated lighting, good sound, or even just keep it original and simple. A home-away-from-home, something a lot of us still could stand to benefit from. Get out of town for a bit, and enjoy a weekend getaway!


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    They’re nuts. “Better hurry”? I don’t think so. Apparently, there are 29 bidders for this POS the critters been living in, a clear indication this segment of our society has gone completely off the deep end. To further bolster how crazy or “mishuga” it’s become, the Globe Trotter, which, I read, had nothing to do with the basketball team, is still offered today for, are you sitting down, a paltry $108,000 bucks,,,making this a relative bargain.

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    • Stanton

      Howard, everyday you complain about the prices of these items, maybe you’re the one out of touch with the market.

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    • LJW

      Howard, yet another comment about the high price of an item on barn finds, maybe you’re the one out of touch with the current market.

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      • HoA Howard A Member

        That’s right, and I don’t care if I’m the last person standing on this, it’s unacceptable. Without getting nasty, it’s people EXACTLY like you, “don’t care what it costs”, are ruining it for “regular” folks. I realize I’m in the fading minority, retired people on fixed incomes, that never had time while they were working, that would love to go camping, and the ultimate irony is, now, from the grace of God, we HAVE the time, and can’t enjoy it, because like any of these “flash-in-the-pans”, got to make a fortune now, before the bottom falls out, and fall it will. Thanks, pal, YOU are the smoking gun on all this foolishness.

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    • Al

      Howard, I’m glad of your opinion on this overpriced piece of crap.

      The Globetrotter is available to those the illustrious Airstream enthusiast that can’t afford the better models. This model was available before the Argosy a plastic version the Airstream, that would prove to still be better than this Globetrotter.

      Buyers would have been better of with the 1957 Airstream listed in BF Oct 13, 2020.

      As I stated before, My parents had a 17′. They towed it all over Europe with Wally Byam Caravan Club, behind a 3-tone (color) 1955 Packard Clipper.
      They eventually wore out about 5 other cars. The trailer was towed about 1.2 million miles. I know they replaced the axle twice. This Airstream is still in use by a sister, who has pulled another 450,000+ miles and replaced the axle a 3rd time.

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      • Charlie

        Wally Byam was a carnival barker. But he sure built one hell of a brand. And a halfway decent line of trailers.

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    • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

      Us young folk never had the opportunity to see the affordable prices. Must have been nice back in the day but I can’t see folks in their 20s & 30s having the ability to invest money into a restoration like this.

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  2. John Haelig

    “More paneling than a church basement…”

    Perfect imagery! We’ll done.

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  3. Keith

    Oh yeah, it’s insanity out there when shopping the ‘silver’ campers.

    Three years ago I saw a 2001 25′ Airstream Safari (the base model) at an auction, with hail damage, somewhat weathered, but nice/clean interior. A non-perfectionist could have easily taken it camping as-was. Getting the hail dings out would have been nearly impossible, but I figured it would have cleaned up nicely otherwise.

    Showed up on the day with $8K figuring I had it locked up. Could barely pick my jaw off the floor when the bidding finally closed at $30K.

    And that was before anyone had ever heard the word COVID. It’s only gotten crazier since.

    I quickly found that even sellers with ‘sat in the woods for 40+ years’ junkers were demanding five figures, when just ten years ago those were practically free for the asking.

    I also started looking at similar alternatives, since I wasn’t set on owning a genuine Airstream, just something that was sturdy (which is debatable with most Airstreams) and did/would age well. Avions, Silver Streaks, Streamlines, etc. All were lagging behind the Airstreams in value, but the climb had already started.

    After years of searching, I finally grabbed an ’84 Avion this spring. At 30′ it was more trailer than I wanted, but the condition was close to showroom (stored indoors most, maybe all, of its life), and I didn’t want to burn another summer searching rather than camping. Spent a couple sleepless nights debating the $15K price tag – but six months later, I’ve yet to see one even half as nice for anywhere close to the same money.

    Bottom line: you want to tow silver, better bring your gold.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    UGH! I shudder to think what’s been living in there!

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    • Keith

      I wish I could agree. Unfortunately, the 22′ Airstreams of that vintage were notorious for two things: frames cracking behind the axles, and major water ingress around the back bumper area. And the trailer on BAT shows strong indications of both. Drove several hours to see one that turned out to be in similar shape… and I passed… at half the money.

      I mean, it’s pretty and all, but do you really want to have to ‘bring a trailer’ to go get your new – trailer?

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  5. pwtiger

    gleaming stainless steel?

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  6. steve

    When you consider the price and cost of any RV and how little actual use most of them get, it is a wonder people plonk down the money! Yeah..only $367 per night over the last 5 years! Let’s say you can get it “nice” for 10k. Forget the lower fuel mileage and the PITA it is to tow something in what should be a relaxing trip, figure the cost, per night if you use it every night for your two week vacation for 5 years. You come up with $140+ per night. OK..sure, you sell it after 5 years for what you have in it…maybe…But back up to maintence (time and money) camping fees and the horrible mileage and..
    I have and USE a VW Westfalia. Currently over 400k miles. We have, for the last few decades, been in a position to take 3 MONTHS each summer to travel. Often 60-70 days a year vs 14 We rarely pay for campsites and aren’t towing anything. Go into town to shop/sightsee and park in a standard spot. The rest of the year it’s a pretty ok car that can also haul washing machines/trash cans etc. Even with all that I look at the fuel and maintenance costs and get a headache. I’m not sure a fuel efficient car and Motel 6 might not have been the better option. So if you want people to go “Ooo!! Ahhh! Nice camper!” Go ahead and get something like this. Do not, however, look at the actual cost for that privilege.

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  7. Kenn

    Steve, most buyers here are not “looking at the actual cost…” for the privilege of owning a collector car. If they were, few would be sold at the prices being realized. The simple pleasure of owning something is often it’s own reward. Coupled with the additional satisfaction of having folks ooh and aaah over your vehicle at car shows, campsites, etc.

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    • LJW

      Great point, people on this site get caught up just looking at the price, Many people myself included sometime just want a vehicle and pay whatever the price.

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      Sorry, Kenn, you ground my gears on this one. I see it differently. It’s nothing more than “I’m better than you”, “look at me, YOU can’t have this, nyah, nyah”,,a common theme that follows these sorts of things today. Collector car is one thing, any fool knows that’s all about the money, but a camper like this was originally intended for EVERYONE to see the great outdoors, albeit Airstreams catered to the higher income ones, heaven forbid you should show up in a lowly Shasta,”that simple pleasure” was more universal, and much more obtainable for Joe Lunchpail AND his family. Airstreams had their special spots, but we were all there for the same thing, the great outdoors. I chuckle at what is considered “camping” today, with 30 foot slideouts and the folks never go outside.

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      • Jay E. Member

        Howard, it isn’t that the price of all these things are going up, it is that the value of your heard earned dollar is dropping. Unfortunately you and me and most other prudent savers who believed that hard work and a dollar saved was the way to go have been screwed. Risky “investments” crazy valuations and govt props have completely changed the monetary landscape for folks like us. But for those that bought bitcoin at .50 or virtually any overvalued (Rivian is worth more than GM and Ford COMBINED and has never sold a car???) Zero net stock, the cost of things like this has actually stayed the same or gone down. The World of Stupid is here, its hard to adjust. Complaining about the cost of things misses the point. Complaining that prudent financial thinking has been marginalized and decimated is more appropriate. I doubt there will be a crash, the Govt will just keep printing.

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      • HoA Howard A Member

        Thanks, Jay, you’re right, complaining is the easiest thing to do at my age. I’m well aware of this “adjusted for inflation” baloney, and IDK, seems appropriate to just add a zero to what we think is fair. I think it was a lot easier coming up with $1,000 dollars back then,( when these were just used travel trailers) than $10,000 grand today as some hyped up Holy Grail of campers. The “crash” has already happened for folks like us, that can’t physically earn money anymore, especially what it takes for stuff like this. We need it for that $3,000 non covered dental procedure looming.

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  8. steve

    In the book “The Durability Factor” the author, who is living in an Airstream as he composes, points out the many flaws of the design. An aluminum body bolted directly to a steel frame with no isolation pads is a big one. Others have panned the rear bath versions as ALL suffering from rear floor rot due to water leakage. IF the design/layout and other features were what “sold” these things and not “Ooooo! SHINY!”, why didn’t the painted version (Avaion? Argosy?) sell at least as well?
    There is manufactured belief that these are a quality machine. “WOW! an AIRSTREAM!! That’s cool!” If it is expensive it must be good??? The new owners,who quickly realize it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, can’t admit to that or they look the fool.
    Sure, If I HAD to have a trailer, and god knows, after pulling 40ft and 53 ft units for a living, the last thing that excites me is hauling something on vacation, I’d take an Airstream in good shape. Pay a huge premium? Not a chance.

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  9. Kenn

    Howard A, I was stunned at your comment that folks buying expensive campers are doing so with the attitude that “I’m better than you.” It’s sad that apparently either wealthy folks you’ve met are absolute jerks, or that you haven’t achieved the success you lusted after so attribute a “better than you” attitude to those who have become wealthy, whether that attitude is deserved or not. By the way, based on comments I’ve seen here over the years, there are several wealthy folks on this site. And they seem gracious and not arrogant.
    On the subject of camping, why not camp the way I always do – with a tent! Not for everyone of course, but not being able to afford a camping machine is no reason not to enjoy the great outdoors.

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    • steve

      Kenn, that almost EXACTLY what is going on with people spending on things way beyond any value. “I have something that people see as unique therefore I will be seen as unique” Cool vehicle means cool owner. That drives a lot of what happens in this market. I cannot say how many abandoned 356 Porsche prodjects seen with all the piles of new parts and the shop manual opened to the story of the guy driving the the mostly empty roads of post-war Europe in his new 356. The people didnt buy a worn out pile of rust, they were buying a dream, a fantasy. Airstreams were over hyped when new and it (and they) have gotten worse over time.

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      Hi Kenn, GOOD, I’m glad you were stunned, my views reflect the opinions of many, most that probably didn’t have an “in your face” father, like me, to speak their mind. All these outlandish prices tells me, is you just can’t make enough money to be happy. I’ve long maintained, people with a lot of money today, GENERALLY, it’s “old money”, money handed down to them. As a person who worked their fool head off and never got rich, I’m sorry, I just don’t see these people buying 5 or 6 figure classic’s, going off to FedEx( or wherever regular people work) everyday. They grew up around money and no way worked, in a normal capacity, to afford these things, at the prices they pay. I never said they were jerks, a lot of people with money they made donate to charitable causes, but spoiled brats trying to gouge the everyday person, as evidenced over and over here, sounds like “I’m better than you” to me. Trust me, wealthy people are NOT going to participate in a BF’s discussion. More of a “Hemmings” thing,,,

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I tend to ignore the asking price on something unless I’m serious about buying it. Then I decide if it’s too rich for my blood. The selling price of this all depends on whether the buyer thinks it’s worth it. Personally, I don’t think I want one that bad. Having worked on a few motorhome chassis I really do NOT want one. My opinion on this has no bearing on the asking price. They lost me solely on the single axle. IMO anything longer than 15 feet should be a tandem. I towed enough single axle units to know that I’d rather have my hand crushed again before I would take on another perpetual attack on my nerves. But that’s just me. I might add that I just went to EBay and this is no longer listed. I don’t know if it was sold or if it was just taken off the market. Anyway I hope it goes to a good home.

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  11. chrlsful

    just love those dull alu finishes’n plastic accordion doors. Nuttin wrong w/a 30 footer but I’d hafta gut it. Spray insulate after a good air seal/water proofing then ‘go to town’ on new appliances, configuration, the wrks~

    As said above – this might not B the 1 And “must B reasonably bought”.

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  12. Kenn

    Sadly Howard A, your response to my observations about your attitude toward wealth accurately confirms those observations.

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  13. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Nov 20, 2021 , 5:18PM
    Winning bid:US $11,200.00
    [ 48 bids ]

    Located in:Teaneck, New Jersey

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