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Craigslist In Chinese???

Craigslist In Chinese

A while back we published a craigslist ad that caused some of you problems. Apparently, there was a variable in the link that changed the language and gave some of you a little fright. It’s nothing to be worried about though. Your computer was not compromised and you do not have a virus. Fixing it is easy. You can either clear your browser’s cookies or follow the instructions below to manually reset your language settings. Please let us know if you have any further problems.


Click Home

Step 1 – Click the big CL link up in the left hand corner.


Click Drop Down

Step 2 – Click the drop down menu on the right hand side.


Select English

Step 3 – Select “english” from the menu.


All Fixed

You’re now back in business. Happy hunting!


  1. MikeG

    HA! I texted my friend “Craigslist has been hacked!!!”, but then figured it out.

    Never mind… :-/ .

  2. randy

    API.Viglink tried to hijack my computer, and also I was not getting any emails for my subscribed cars for about 3-4 days. I now run ghostery and cleaned out cookies and cache, all is well now.

    Viglink gets blocked here now.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Viglink wasn’t the problem Randy.

      • randy

        I had at least 2 problems. Viglinks blocked all of my attempts to browse craigslist. I could not open any links to Craigslist. It happened coincidently
        with my subscriptions being blocked as well. I’m all ears. I did not think viglinks was the problem with my subscriptions, just airing the problems I was having concurrently. Got it just now.

  3. Howard A Member

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t care if it’s in Swahili. I’m just here for the pictures. :)

    • randy

      Here, Here

  4. JW

    Well I’ been pestered by Microsoft for months to upgrade to windows 10 from win 7 so I decided to do it last night and BANG no more Chinese and I’m now getting my email updates from barnFinds again. I’m here for more than the pictures as I quit that when I kicked the Penthouse addiction.

    • randy

      I’m not going to windows 10, but it relieves me to know that I was not the only one with problems. On my budget, all I can afford is looking at pics.

      • JW

        Randy I wouldn’t of but it was a free upgrade and it did solve the issues. What they don’t know is after I upgraded I ordered a new PC with the windows 7 operating system but much faster and more storage. My Christmas present to myself.

  5. Jeff Staff

    Hey guys. Glad you are all surviving this wonderful era of technology we live in and thanks for bearing with us. Jesse made me type all of my posts in Chinese for a week as punishment; I’ve learned my lesson to say the least.

    JW, that’s a tough addiction to quit! ;-)

    • JW

      Jeff wasn’t hard the wife just said either car magazines go or girlie ones do, of course the girlie magazines had to go but when I’m cruising with the guys I’m checking out the ladies.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Guys, seriously amazing feedback, it is really appreciated and definitely professional beyond expectations.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      LOL at the ‘punishment’.

    • Howard A Member

      Actually, the instructions for the fix were more Chinese to me than the Chinese language on the site. Me and computers don’t get along well. ( I can still gap a mean set of points, though)

  6. grant

    Thanks for posting this Jesse , randy I saw u posting that it wasn’t working and tried to let u know how to fix it, didn’t realize u were having other issues glad it’s fixed.

    • randy

      Me too! I thought I’d gone and done it. Thanks for the help, and I love this website. Thanks again.

  7. Jim

    Thanks, I guess I can return my Rosetta Stone Chinese DVD.

  8. Bobsmyuncle

    Turns out the mobile version of Craigslist isn’t laid out like that. So the instructions don’t help me.

    Oddly I visited Craigslist without a link and get yet again a different layout so I can’t even recon.

    Brings me back to the ultimate question. Why am I only having this problem with Craigslist links provided by Barnfinds? This HAS to be on YOUR end not all of ours right?

    • Jeff Staff

      Bob, if you’re using the mobile version I believe the basic rules of clearing out your browser’s cache still applies. I deleted my history on my mobile device (as I did on my desktop) and it works without issues.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        That stinks. Using Chrome so everything is sync’d.

        Thanks I’ll mull that over.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That language settings are location specific on craigslist. So, links to San Diego based cars may work, but ones to cars in Florida could be messed up. I put together the instructions to fix it on mobile too.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        You are right… sorta.

        On my mobile screen the visual references you provided don’t jive. Even if I chose ‘desktop view’.

        For example there is no “CL” oval button.

        For others on an Android (who knows if versions matter) I clicked the Craigslist word which is also a button so it turns out and a list appears though it wasn’t a drop down list in the strictest sense.

        As instructed I chose ENGLISH, though you may opt for something more exotic but with standard letters (unlike Chinese characters) to give yourself a fighting chance LOL.

      • Jeff Staff

        Bob, this is going to blow your mind: I still use a BLACKBERRY. I’m surprised the internet actually works (well, it does…barely.)

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Well, I was not having the language problem but a problem with the audio on the advertisements. Not anymore. Many thanks to whoever fixed that!

  10. Doug Towsley

    I had the Chinese problem too and never realized it was a Barn Finds issue. I looked all over the net and there is some websites about CL issues and hardware. I also posted on some email lists to get help. In the end i did my usual Spybot clean, Combofix, and Malware bytes in succession. cleaned everything up, Then linked to the main CL website and reset my language preferences using that tab (Same one shown above) and its been fine ever since. So, fixed on my own but good to know how i got the problem to begin with.
    Often times with problems with eBay (FeeBay) you can log in to ebay community pages and get help with a variety of issues there. Well, except some of their stupid current policies. IMHO when the old CEO left (Meg, she toyed with running with McCain as vice president, instead they picked Sara, can you imagine what COULD have happened?) Anyrate they got the current bone head CEO John Donohoe who instituted all kinds of idiot moves. For more details look up a search on Donohoes theory of disruptive Innovation.
    Alls well that ends well. And by the way, When using paypal, if you frequently change your currency preferences back and forth between US dollars and Chinese you have a good chance of having Paypal security lock your account. Just an FYI

  11. yanmarley

    I too had that problem starting with the ad for the classic car business and then after that whenever I followed a link from Barnfinds to a Craigslist ad it came up in Chinese, I changed the language a few times however any time I looked at Craigslist it still reverted to Chinese. Finally did a complete sweep and cleanup of my computer, changed language once again and all is well so far (fingers crossed). I think something was infected or hacked within that particular ad, too bad because I now will never know what the deal was there and it seemed attractive at the time. I still have a barely audible audio coming in after I get on the Barnfinds website that is annoying however. Would be nice to get rid of that. Anyway, onward and upward, keep ’em coming guys.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      There wasn’t a virus. Just the language change. Good luck.

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