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Crazy 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4 Camper

According to the seller, this 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4 camper is one of only eight made. There were several versions of Woodsman’s produced over the years, but apparently, the 4×4 version with a bare aluminum body was very rare. This one can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $5,100 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. Located in Simi Valley, California, the interior has been stripped which gives the new owner a clean slate to finish it to their needs. Let’s take a look at the interior and thanks to Alex for the tip on this cool classic camper.

The ad says the interior was completely stripped down to the frame which was sanded and coated with a rust preventative. New beams were laid on the floor topped with 3/4″ marine-grade plywood that has been covered with Tyvek wrap and sealed with a marine wood sealer. You can also see spray foam has been shot on the walls and a new layer of aluminum covers the floor.

This RV only measures 20 feet end-to-end, so some space-saving build techniques will need to be implemented during the design of the interior. With the trend of tiny homes and “Van Life” a ton of ingenious ideas are available for anyone building a project like this one. What are some must-haves if you were completing this RV?

The base for this rig is a 3/4-ton Dodge 4×4 pickup chassis. It features a 318 cubic inch V8 with only 22,600 miles on the odometer. The engine is backed by an automatic transmission and is said to drive well. Overall, this is an awesome project if you’ve been looking for a unique RV/tiny home. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Howard A ( since 2014) Member

    Of ALL the different kinds of vehicles there are in the world, I don’t think any compare to the different kinds of campers that have been created. Not sure why that is, I suppose RV dwellers are a different breed to begin with. Their unusual choice of vehicle style only bolsters that fact. As aerodynamic as a box, I’d have to think this is the 1st vehicle a person should heed high wind warnings. Lot of work ahead, and with building materials increasing in price hourly, you wonder, just get some “Sprinter” from an estate sale ready to go. 4×4 does nothing. On some of our,,um, back roads, that make me nervous in the Jeep,, this would be laying on it’s side in no time. I see no practical use for this what so ever.

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    • Avatar photo john

      Sooo, does that mean you will surely think about it??

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  2. Avatar photo Bobby

    This thing is awesome! Imagine if it were on a 2500 or even 3500 4×4 Cummins chassis! 4×4 makes all the difference with this if you live in a place like I do. Guy above me lacks imagination, there is a lot you can do with this and honestly the hard part is done. I’ve converted campers and busses and this would be a really fun project.

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  3. Avatar photo Maggy

    This thing is cool.I like the fact the body is all aluminum and it’s a 4×4.You could all kinds of thnigs to the interior. Just need a little imagination.

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  4. Avatar photo Rick

    Well, it’s interesting. The spray foam on the walls is a mistake though. I own an Ultravan; spray foam against aluminum causes major corrosion over time. If the metal had been treated first (painted), then likely no problem. But I digress. Finish up the interior, treat the exterior to a Mad Max finish and scare the campgrounds!

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  5. Avatar photo Connecticut mark

    4×4 helps, 318 hood but when done filling inside, will be a slug, on highways when a tractor trailer flys by you, you may be flipped over. Better for a 4×4 mobile food stop.great in snow. You will be selling to snow plow drivers all night.

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  6. Avatar photo Troy

    I wish I had the carpentry skills to restore the inside you could make a nice get away from everyone vehicle, some companies make some really nice get out of dodge off road RV’s and they command a high price

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  7. Avatar photo George Birth

    Price is a bit steep for what you are getting and the cost to finish!

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  8. Avatar photo Jack Quantrill

    No wonder they only made eight. This thing is hideous!

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    • Avatar photo jwaltb

      Hideously awesome!

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  9. Avatar photo TheOldRanger

    Actually, this has character, and only eight made, well, there ya go…. not many to compete with. This would be fine for local outings, maybe a couple hundred miles out…. wouldn’t want to chance this one in windy areas or open areas… but it has a lot of room …. might even make a great “man cave” if one has a couple of acres to park this between some trees…

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  10. Avatar photo Jakespeed

    i’d be worried about a dissimilar metals corrosion issue between the steel frame and the aluminum body. In vehicle upfit factories, they run rubber isolator strips between an aluminum service body and the steel frame of a 3/4 – 1 ton chassis, with plastic sleeves and washers around the bolts to keep this from happening.

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  11. Avatar photo TomP

    Only 8 were made and the owner of this one chose to gut out a very very rare RV. Oh well, too little, too late.. It’s worthless now.

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  12. Avatar photo Chevychase71

    The epitome of blank canvas….super cool!

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  13. Avatar photo Keith

    Why do I feel that the Pontiac Division bought one of the 8 as inspiration for the Aztek?

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