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Crazy Custom! 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air 4×4

Are you tired of walking out of a restaurant and exclaiming “Rats! Where did we park?” This may be the car, or truck, or… thing for you! This physical testimony to the lack of recreational opportunities near Weston, Missouri began life as a 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air two-door sedan and a Chevrolet C/K20 4×4 pickup truck of nondescript vintage, now merged for the somewhat useful transportation and certain entertainment of all. This creation showed up back in December, but apparently, it didn’t find a new home (find the original story here). It’s since been relisted and it’s just so odd, that we couldn’t resist taking another look. Now listed here on eBay, this Frankenmobile could be yours; simply click Buy It Now and it’s yours for $4,950.

In the immortal words of Mary Poppins, “Well begun is half done,” and this rig is said to move under its own power. Stopping, however, becomes more interesting as this rig lacks functional brakes. Installing a master cylinder is suggested as a first step.

The four-speed manual transmission and yard-stick shifter somehow fit this vehicle perfectly. Seats are not yet mounted, so bring your ninja reflexes when loading that trailer. The seller reports the tires have dry-rotted, but hold air.

Quick! Someone pour wood stain (or the unknown contents of that mystery can from the back of the garage) all over this tidy-looking red and black engine. Those shiny bits are blowing the whole “I’ve come from the swamp to eat your young while blasting death-metal” theme. Beauty and value lie in the eye of the beholder. Does the sum total of one Bel Air two-door, one shiny 350 small-block, one 4×4 chassis, and a truck-load of “hold my beer” engineering equal $5,000?


  1. Steve M

    Insulate the trunk to hold a couple 100lbs of ice and 20 cases of beer and head to the mud hole……I LOVE this.

    • Classic Steel

      I was thinking more on this car
      destruction and suggest cutting the roof off and placing a rubber liner for a hot tub which allows the owner to walk out the door into it from their trailer.

      Now about the temperature and needing
      to warm up in the tub….
      Take some wood and place under the rear impala tank hopefully half full and light it prior to getting the tub and grab the iced beer in the trunk (remove lid to assist) and sit back and wait for the greater good 😜😜😜😜🤡🤡🤠🤠🤠😚😙😘

  2. Blueovaldude

    You featured this car just recently what the heck?

    • Phil

      This creation showed up back in December, but apparently, it didn’t find a new home (find the original story here). It’s since been relisted and it’s just so odd, that we couldn’t resist taking another look.
      Read more at×4/#VWhxrD3Lu8ZvfGoD.99 Don’t you people READ the article before responding??

      • DJ McMackie

        I just come here to look at the pictures. Is that alright with you, pal?

  3. ccrvtt

    Not again!

  4. joe

    Dunno, someone may love it. On the better side, I look forward to your finds everyday, some doozers, rare, odd, unreal, classy. All very enjoyable. I enjoy what you put there. Thank you.

  5. David C

    Thank God its not a lowrider!

  6. Kevin Lee

    After seeing this beast, I’m reminded of a pleading Nancy Kerrigan: WHY,WHY,WHY?!?

  7. james sterrey

    Looks boss!!

    Needs a superb stereo to play La Triviata or madame butterfly, that would complete it.

    Once had a 600hp R32 GT-R and blasted opera when cruising, people loved it, or hated it. Not sure. Don’t care.

    • fahrvergnugen

      Sorry, not Italian but rather Wagner, perhaps Valkyrie. Built custom speaker boxes many years ago and we used to show up at the start line blasting that one. Folks MOVED out of the way.

    • glen

      I once heard a woman singing opera while she was water skiing, I certainly don’t like opera, but she could belt it out!

  8. DJ McMackie

    Would it be worth it to bring it back to stock?

  9. Classic Steel

    Nothing worse than rednecks with jacked up cars. Look ma watch this or hey watch me juggle chainsaws while you hold the keys to my jacked up pala. I should be good though as I still got seven digits.😜🙈

    Drive this ugly beast in the river or sell the double wide and move in to this monstrosity.

    This commentary does not represent all readers but reminds parents this is what happens when their “youngin” never completes sixth grade😃🤣🙁😩😫😯😖🤡

    • Mike

      Agree. What was someone thinking? This is one of the best body styles Chevy ever did, and someone screwed it up. I always wanted a 63, but couldn’t find one so I settled for a 64.

  10. Marcelo

    A 2 door never deserves this….

  11. Coventrycat

    I hope these 4×4 things aren’t Barn Find’s answer to BAT’s Porsche / Audi / Mercedes fetish….

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    I think it’s great. I bet finished off, you’d have one bychin’ ’63 Chevy 4×4. I’d rather it had the 6, but nothing wrong with the V8. The more I look at this, the more I’d like to have it. Always liked the ’63 Chevy, and 4×4’s.

  13. Ezeerider

    My 3rd car was a 63 Impala back in 1975. I love this car. Its a big ol middle finger to all the snooty European car drivers out there. The only thing that would make it better is if it was powered by a big ol Cummins diesel, with 6″ stacks coming straight up out of the hood, belching half mile long clouds of thick black smoke. Oh yeah, a confederate flag on the roof a la General Lee, and a set of those fake bull balls hanging from the trailer hitch to top it all off. Yeeeeeee-highhhhhh.

  14. Grenade Motorsports

    This has the makings of something very cool! Spend a few days on the details and leave it rusty- a set of new wheels and just finish it off- this is crazy fun!

  15. Fred w.

    Guaranteed to get noticed at the local cars and coffee…

  16. 68custom

    Waste of a rarely seen 63 Belair two door, a 409 clone would be a different story.

  17. Canadian Mark S. Eh!

    I have no desire to build or own a rig like this. I do however think that if the work is exicuted well and it is safe to drive then have at it. I also have to wonder why so many comments reflect a drug or alcohol soaked head came up with this. I’m restoring a car and I’ve had years of building custom industrial machinery and auto mechanics experience to back up my opinion, I can tell if your brain is not firing on all cylinders you won’t be able to get this kind of build done. So to all you naysayers give a build like this a try and you will soon find out how difficult it is to fit two different vehicles together into on, especially when they are different years and types of vehicles. I do agree that these contraption look silly but that is just my taste.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Thank-you, eh.

  18. darrun

    Someone liked it…SOLD

  19. Joe

    If it was close to me I would probably give 3k for it get it running and drive the Hell out of it.

    A 63 2 door should never have had this happen to it. It since it’s done, why not have some cheap fun.

  20. Tort Member

    This 2dr sedan should be sitting at normal height preferably with a 409 4 speed or at least a built big block. Paint it white or another lighter neutral color with steel wheels and dog dish hub caps and a stock sparse interior and you have a nice car that could be sold in a minute if you decided to let it go. What I see in the photo is a thousand dollar car, maybe!

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