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Create Some Mayhem: 1968 Dodge Charger

1968 Dodge Charger RT

Listed for sale for $5,000 here on craigslist in Indianapolis, but located in the town of Martinsville, Indiana, is this 1968 Dodge Charger. Or rather, what’s left of it. “Rough” might begin to describe it, but going ahead and saying it’s a “disaster” is not a stretch at all. When I saw this car, I immediately thought it would make a great competitor for “General Mayhem“, in reference to the famous ride put together by Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger on Hot Rod’s hit Internet show Roadkill.


This car has a lot going for it at least in that department with its appearance. It’s already sans engine and transmission, awaiting a big block RV motor home drive train. It also has no floors and no floor braces, so it seems easier to think of putting it together in the pre-corporate sponsorship configuration, with the old motor home budget, rather than the price tag associated with acquiring an actual Hellcat engine and transmission combo. If I had a post-corporate sponsorship budget, I would probably be looking at a different car to start with!


It’s easy to guess this car probably needs a trunk floor and rails as well. Judging by the interior shots provided, which show almost no interior parts to speak of, and one cardboard box full of wadded-up looking trim work, that wouldn’t be starting out too far behind where Finnegan and Freiburger started with their car.


That said, the whole idea behind watching that show, and even working on cars in general, is to have fun, right? How many things in life provide the same kind of satisfying relaxation as working on the project car outside on a nice day? And of course, even better times can be had with a friend or two over to help out or just spectate, get the barbecue grille in operation, have a few drinks…nothing like the wonderful days of summer.

1968 Dodge Charger

If that kind of enjoyment is the name of the game, then this car could provide practically unlimited opportunity! So would you restore this R/T or make it into a radical sleeper? If you make it a sleeper, which engine would you stuff under the hood?



  1. Avatar photo maserati

    $ 5,000.00 Towing Bill to the Junk Yard. Happy new Year everybody.

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  2. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    Wow! $5K? No way!

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    I say, let it rust in pieces. I don’t think a Charger could ever be a sleeper. It has always been the bad boy on the block. On my bucket list.

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  4. Avatar photo Donnie

    It is not an RT it was a slant 6.Look at the craigslist add .As bad of shape its in it does not matter to much .

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    • Avatar photo randy

      A sleeper is a car that looks slow, but isn’t. A Charger with a 6 cyl would be considered a sheep in wolves clothing. A nice Charger could never “look” slow, even if it had no engine.

      Happy New Year.

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  5. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    I thought the 318 was the base engine in a Charger.

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  6. Avatar photo Mr. Bond

    I wouldn’t even know where to start! There is even rust in the hood frame.

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  7. Avatar photo Oldcarsarecool

    I wonder if the seller realizes that if the car came with a slant-six, it’s not an R/T. The Craigslist ad shows $6,000 on 1/2/16. I think $6k for a rusted shell seems a bit optimistic unless there’s a “J” in the 5th digit of the VIN. And even then, there isn’t much to work with . . .

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  8. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    Good for parts, maybe. What is left though = not much. The car has been stripped of most items which might be of value.

    Seller has been having “Nice Dreams”? I’d dream of people coming to my door and handing me real cash for junk too, but I’m more of a realist, I guess.

    The stripes on the tail were painted over bondo… love it.

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  9. Avatar photo Sukey

    Rare because it came with the slant 6
    At least the general mayhem had a floor and rails
    This one is done
    Stick a fork in it save the what you can crush the rest

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  10. Avatar photo Chebby

    R/T = Really Trashed

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  11. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    slant 6 3 speed cheapie floor shift. hope cops don’t catch you driving it.

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  12. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    Not even Mark Worman could save this hulk. Rusted out junk.

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    • Avatar photo Marty Member

      I’m not sure his ’71 “Phantom Cuda” was much better off than this to start with.

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  13. Avatar photo alfred

    where do these people come up with these prices

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  14. Avatar photo Larry

    To follow the Road Kill thought process, if it has a Vin, do a body off transplant to a dirt track frame. That would be sweet, rust falling off at every turn.

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  15. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    If you want MoPar….

    Something like this makes more sense, at 1/4 the price:


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  16. Avatar photo Birdman

    I would absolutely General Mayhem this thing!!


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  17. Avatar photo Rich Elbon

    What I can’t understand is people leaving their cars to rot. Mopar were THE muscle cars of all time and should be respected and preserved. If you have a car situation similar to the Charger at least cover it with a tarp so that people that care will have more to work with.

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  18. Avatar photo Scooby

    Well Does dodge still make a 4 cyl with an automatic, Kuz if you put a 273 V8 with a 3 speed (would have to be on the tree Obviously) By the time you naild 3rd youd start loosing sheetmetal or is that the idea-Rid The Rust😂

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