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Cruise-Ready Classic! 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix

Taking a cue from the popular pony cars, Pontiac re-imagined the Grand Prix for 1969 with one of the era’s longest hoods and a short and angular rear. This 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix in Tacoma, Washington comes to market just after leaving its second owner, who loved it for 32 years, treating it to an engine rebuild and other improvements about 10,000 miles ago. The listing here on eBay has at least 11 bidders on notice, with a market value over $18,500 so far.

Refreshed factory-correct upholstery promises many years of service, especially if this GP is only used on weekends as it was for years, according to the seller’s description. A tachometer replaces the original clock and a temperature gauge fills the original ashtray location, according to the listing. An $8 steering wheel wrap may represent the only eyebrow raiser in sight. Wood trim simulates “Ceylonese teak,” according to original sales literature.

A generous visit from the Bling Fairy threatens to blind unsuspecting gawkers when you pop the hood on this Poncho. The overbored 400 cid (6.6L) V8 represents the entry-level motor on the upscale luxury sport coupe. For even more power, well-heeled buyers could opt for the Grand Prix SJ and a four-barrel, 455 cid (7.5L) version of Pontiac’s V8. Blue engine paint inspired a colorful theme that extends to hoses, battery cables, and even accessory belts.

A pointy beak up front echos the Pontiac arrowhead motif. Single headlights appeared in ’71 after two years of doubles.

Plenty of angles at the stern keep things interesting as well, showing off custom striped paint. Chrome exhaust extensions and aftermarket wheels won’t light everyone’s fire, but the seller offers a set of (presumably original style) honeycomb wheels separately. Soon safety regulations would imbue bumpers with the sturdiness and visual appeal of railroad ties, but this ’72 charts a stylish course even at rest. Would you change anything on this turn-key classic?


  1. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    Nope. I’d drive it every weekend I could.

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    • Stan

      🎶 🎸

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      🎶 🎵

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  2. MattR

    I wish this could be my company car and I could expense all travel with it.

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  3. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    This would be a perfect cross-country delivery. Don’t need no stinkin’ trailer…

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  4. Moparman Moparman Member

    The wheels don’t work for me, but I could live with everything else! GLWTA!! :-)

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  5. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    I’d keep the hood shut – and drive it.

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  6. Matt in Flint

    Those wheels gotta go!

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  7. Marko

    This Grand Prix would look terrific in my driveway.

    I might change the wheels to some Pontiac Rallye II style, but the chrome wire style ones kind of work with the blue color of this car.

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  8. Steve W Watson

    I love it and always wanted one but getting it to Florida is a problem.

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  9. Vin_in_NJ

    Wheels, excessive chrome and stripes are all late 70’s staples. I’d leave it as it is as a time capsule to day two mods

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  10. Steve Clinton

    The first thing I’d do is get rid of the lowrider wheels.

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    • AMCFAN

      Sorry Stan, Not low rider wheels. Lumping all wire wheels together for a singular term is incorrect. First of all not enough offset for a low rider. Depending on the vehicle would use 13″ or 15″ and use Dayton, Low rider guys don’t use BFG white letter tires. I think these are a Cregar wheel.

      I happen to think the wheel package fits the car perfect. The owner got it right. I prefer the twin headlights of the earlier model but could live with it as is. Nice detail work on the engine.

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  11. Steve Clinton

    Wow, you could eat off that engine!

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  12. Lance Platt

    I always loved the styling of the 1969-77 Pontiac Grand Prix. I like the blue paint job but agree that Rally II wheels look best on this model. Driving a GP of this vintage was a delight. The engine and 4 barrel carb provided smooth power delivery at all speeds. The ride was pleasant but well controlled unlike most wallowy cars in 1972. The variable ratio power steering was not over assisted and went where it was pointed. The bucket seats were very comfortable. The air conditioning and heater worked well. My only complaint was that the longer hood made parking a challenge compared to the shorter intermediate cars of the day. This vehicle is definitely worth a thorough inspection due to its 50 year old age but presents nicely in all photos. My 1974 was the best car I owned back in the day.

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  13. CenturyTurboCoupe

    Can’t un-see that engine bay. Every vehicle I buy that has this stuff gets tossed into scrap pile!

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  14. FireAxeGXP

    What a perfect Pontiac beauty. Coolest car on the road then or now. Best of everything to the incredibly fortunate new owner!

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  15. Rw

    Blue radiator hoses and V-belts are not 70s Staples,the wheel also suck,it could be cool with a few changes.

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  16. Stu

    I had a ’72 Grand Prix with the 400, ice blue and white vinyl top and white interior. The 8-track player was mounted on the drivetrain hump behind the center counsel. Back then, it was the only vehicle that could maintain 70 MPH and pass at will on the Sherwin Grade between Bishop and Mammoth CA with 4 of us and all our ski gear in it.

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  17. Gary

    My parents had a bronze/saddle top / saddle interior SJ, 455 auto. It would scream, just like Pop’s 66 GTO tripowrt four speed. My mom drove the Goat as well as my pop, she was like a machine shifting.

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  18. Roland Schoenke

    Might change the wheels but I love it and want it.

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  19. trav66

    I like the Tru-Spokes but they are tough to keep shiny! The seller mentions he has a set of honeycombs to sell separately, I think they would look great on this and would be easier to maintain. This G.P. has been done right! $21,600 with a day to go.

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  20. V

    somebody really love smurfs…

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