Custom Built: 1965 Cadillac Wagon Deville


Rare and stylish, these “Wagon Deville’s” were built on a custom basis and offered through Cadillac dealerships. Quite rare, these Cadillac’s were top of the line fully optioned Deville sedans converted into wagons. This particular wagon is mostly complete, with all rare and vital parts accounted for except the wagon specific roof rack. In need of more time and a little more money, this Caddy wagon could be on the road before too long. Thanks goes out to reader “Jamie B” for the submission! Priced at $10,000 this rare wagon may float someone’s boat for a family hauler, or a road trip machine. Find it here on craigslist out of Douglassville, Pennsylvania.


The large 429 cubic inch V8 runs, and backed by an automatic and is listed as being a runner and a driver. The engine bay looks like a car that’s been in a body shop. 5 seconds and some compressed air would do a lot for this engine bay. Rust in the bay looks to be a minimum and really looks rather nice aside from the apparent dust. This Wagon Deville is very well optioned with power everything including a sunroof.


Though the interior has its highlights, it needs some work. The front and back seats look good, but the far rear seats need some attention. The carpet, and headliner need to be replaced, but the door panels, and dash look pretty good as well. There is some rust that needs to be attended to in this Caddy. The driver side rear floor needs work as well as the trunk area floor and spare tire well. The exterior looks straight as body work has been performed on this Caddy, though there are still some details to be tended to according to the seller. There are some not so great features as well about this Caddy. The front windshield is cracked, but it’s a standard Deville piece. The driver side rocker molding, and side trim is missing but those are also standard Deville sedan parts. The wagon specific roof rack is also missing, being the only wagon specific item that is missing from the project.


The styling of this Cadillac Wagon Deville is very posh for that of a wagon. The pillar less windows, all of the power options including the sunroof, and the ever so interesting rear spoiler that was not for the aid of racing but likely to shade the rear facing riders. It is easy to understand why these Wagon Deville’s are so rare. Brand new they cost $14,950 in 1965, which in today’s value would roughly equal $112,000.


Rare, obscure, and cool looking, this Cadillac wagon would make for a great project and a useful vintage driver. Who would take on this Cadillac Wagon Deville? What would you do with this rare Caddy?


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  1. 68 custom

    very cool, would love to tool around in this cruiser, keep the luggage rack it looks better without it.

  2. Chebby

    This beast cost $15k when the median income in the USA was $6,900!

  3. redwagon

    don’t care if it does have an ugly hood on the tail end I still don’t want it. esp not for 10k.

    the pontiac is more to my liking

  4. Francisco

    Is that a zombie standing behind the car in the first picture?

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Wagons, and these days many SUVs suffer from constant road grime on the rear windows due to the air flow over the roof.

    While a ‘lip’ helps disturb the air and lessen the effect, aesthetics usually take precedence over dirty windows.

    I’d say the already over the top design features allowed for a deeper lip to ward off the dirty windows moreso than the sun for the rearward facing occupants.

  6. KennyGrant

    I’m pretty sure my dad bought his brand new 911 for $6,000 in 1966

    • MikeH

      Living in Germany in ’67, a new 911 cost USD 6,000. However, that was almost exactly my annual income. I decided I would rather travel and bought a VW T3 for $1,900.

  7. DW

    Given its rarity, this is probably a decent investment for a future ROI. However being far more evil grease monkey than brilliant investor, I’d be tempted to slam it, black out the windows with limo tint and made one helluva cool cruiser. Probably in deep purple.

    Course with a 429 I could only afford to drive 3 blocks, but what the heck, you only live once right?

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I can only imagine all the down votes you would have had a week ago LOL!

      • cyclemikey

        And well deserved they’d be. Seems like something vaguely vandalistic about wanting to destroy a car that’s one of six.

  8. Steve H

    I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t a funeral home flower car. Sure looks like it could’ve been one. It’s kinda cool and unique, and so huge! But that rear hood. So strange…

    rusted out floors tho, no thanks jEff.

  9. Rolf Poncho

    Like the rear end birdpoo proof window

  10. r spreeman

    That ‘thing’ over the back end looks like a great way to bang your head constantly. Not only that, it’s just plain UGLY. I’ve seen Caddy ‘wagons’ which work because they don’t have a hearse / ambulance bulged roof on them, but this thing is just plain ugly. No wonder so rare today, the ugliness even stood out half a century ago.

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