Custom 454 Hauler: 1970 GMC C25

This 1970 GMC C25 is a vehicle that was built for a specific purpose. The previous owner modified the truck to use as a tow vehicle for his race car, and all of the modifications that were performed remain in place. The new owner can choose whether or not it once again serves that purpose. You will find the GMC listed for sale here on Bring A Trailer. It is being offered for sale with a Pennsylvania title. At the time of writing, bidding had reached $5,000.

This is a striking looking truck The body looks straight, and shots of the underside look virtually perfect. The vehicle has been finished in a custom blend of Maroon primary color and Black Cherry highlights. The rear edge of the pickup box has been angled to assist with towing. There is a regular towing hitch fitted to the vehicle, but the floor of the bed has been finished in diamond plate and has the facilities in place to fit a fifth-wheel towing hitch, which is how the previous owner used the vehicle.

The interior of this vehicle is nothing short of immaculate. It is a nice blend of standard, with custom touches to help it stand out. The cover on the seat is new, and the door trims and carpet look really good. The vehicle has a decent array of instruments to help you monitor the health of the engine when you are towing the big loads. The dash has some nice custom pin-striping on the glove compartment, and the vehicle is also fitted with a radio/cassette player.

There’s no point having a tow vehicle that is a wimp, and that wilts at the first sign of a hill. The previous owner certainly addressed that issue. The original engine is long gone, and in its place is a 454ci V8, which is believed to have started life in a ’73 Corvette. That is backed by a TH-350 automatic transmission. The truck is also fitted with tubular headers and a dual exhaust.

This is a striking looking vehicle. As a tow vehicle, it would serve that purpose well. With the 454 under the hood, it should be capable of hauling some pretty heavy loads with a fair degree of ease. Certainly, when I used to race, a vehicle like this would have made an excellent tow vehicle. Is this one that you could use as a tow vehicle, or is it a vehicle that you would drive and enjoy for the sheer presence that it has?

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  1. Rock On

    I don’t know for sure as many people may disagree, but if you are putting a 454 in a 3/4 ton pick up, why would you cheap out and use a turbo 350 transmission? The difference in price is minimal.

  2. Vegaman Dan

    Modified bed sides with storage compartments along the bottom. That alone is a very well done mod.

    • Treebeardzz

      Not sure about G.M. but Ford offered similar compartments from the factory – had a ’76 camper Special with them.

    • Dennis Marauszwski

      I personally would immediately convert it back to a stock bed and tailgate.

  3. Jimmy

    Looks to be a very well executed modified truck for a specific purpose, towing a trailer. Ford truck guy but I like this GMC.

    • Poppapork

      Sorry but driving with a 3 speed is painfull, towing must be ridiculous!

  4. Mario

    Why a turbo 350. The 400 is such a better transmission for towing and especially behind a big block motor!

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      I was thinking the same thing Mario that TH350 is to light for a big block engine. The truck is beautiful and reminders me of my 70 gmc, I drove mine for over 15 years. One of the best trucks I’ve ever owned. Mine finally became a rust bucket when I got rid of it and it was over 25 years old. I still regret parting it out I should have kept it and restored it, young and poor at the time.

      • Poppapork

        I think towing without OD is plain stupid nowadays… a 4 speed would pay by itsels just in the gas money savings…

      • canadainmarkseh Member

        That is true and the way to go with this.

  5. Fordguy1972

    Beautiful vintage GMC with some very well executed modifications. Those mods might limit the number of folks interested in bidding, however. It’s set up for a 5th wheel so it would be perfect for race car hauling or for a large camper trailer. To others, the mods might be a turn-off as many might have no use for a heavy duty hauler.

    My first pickup was a ’70 GMC four wheel drive 3/4 ton with a 307. I enjoyed owning it, it was a great rig for hunting trips and snowmobiling in Northern Maine but it was the thirstiest truck I’ve ever owned.

    I like this GMC but the modifications at the rear spoils it for me. Still, to the right person, it might be just what they are looking for.

  6. Classic Steel

    No trailer needed to get this beautiful GM truck mod…

    I like it!

  7. Jeff

    Wow, but this is a beautiful truck. I often see Chevys of this vintage, but rarely GMCs. I love that grille.

    • TimS Member

      You’re the first person I ever heard/read say that. If I bought this, about the second thing I’d do would be to put a billet grille in it.

      • Jeff

        Really? I love it. It’s simple, clean, and handsome. I’ve never seen a billet grille that I liked better than stock.
        I am curious, what’s the first thing you’d change? I’d remove the rollbar.

  8. 86 Vette Convertible

    Well executed and looks fine but the box mods limit you in what you could do with it IMO. I would prefer to see a bumper on the rear of the vehicle but at least it looks like the owner has a Superbumper in the trailer hitch receiver though it looks narrower than mine. At least if someone comes too close it will save some body damage as long as they contact it in the middle of the vehicle which doesn’t always happen. I’ve found 2 license plate surrounds by mine while in a store or parking lot plus I had someone try to test mine out at a stop light one time. I did have to clean the smudge off it vs the damage they did to their front end.

  9. Johnfromct

    IMO, don’t look at this as some general purpose pickup. This one is spot on for the intended purpose, hauling your cars around. The price of this is a steal compared to the price of a new truck with sufficient power to haul around your classics. You only need the garage space to keep it clean.

  10. J Paul Member

    Is the first time that Barn Finds has linked to Bring A Trailer?

    Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!

    • Jeff

      Haha, I thought the same thing, though not with such colorful imagery. I still love BaT, but the pretentious automotive snobbery really grates on my nerves.

    • theGasHole

      Props for the Ghostbusters reference, too

  11. Midnightflyer

    The last real trucks GM made that could do a days work.

  12. Sam Shive

    Chevy and GMC had the side tool box on the 2500 and bigger. Nice truck but the hack hob on the bed messes it up.

  13. chad

    C20? Would U want something lrger (C30? I don’t no/ford guy here.)
    205 pic – he’s r e a l l y tryin 2 sell it.

    Does it have a Hide-a-Way hitch in the bed. That’s how I’d equip’n use it.

    That’n retrofit a cummins/allison.

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