Custom Patina: 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan Wagon

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When I first glanced at this station wagon, my initial thought was what a cool aged finish was on it, as it usually takes years for the paint to develop a patina such as this.  But then I realized my eyes had been deceived, as the seller says it’s actually a custom paint job applied to create the look of a vintage finish.  In my younger days I got fairly decent at spraying a single color, but I can’t imagine the details involved in getting an appearance like this is an easy task, but it sure works well on this one.  If you’ve been in the market for an unusual sixties wagon, this 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan here on Craigslist might be worth checking out.  It’s located in Yakima, Washington, with the asking price set at $18,000.

Montana D. found this one and brought it to our attention, and we’d like to thank him for the great tip!  Underneath that outward appearance is said to be a solid body, with the seller claiming there’s no rust present, and those 15-inch E.T. 5-spoke wheels give the wagon a further menacing effect.  The glass is all said to be in good shape, plus there’s a hitch outback, so if you happen to also own a vintage trailer this one’s got you covered.

Under the hood is a professionally rebuilt 289 with a Holley 4-Barrel on top, mated to an overhauled C4 automatic transmission.  The 9-inch rear end is equipped with 3.25 gears, which seems like a good combo for quick acceleration and a capable highway performer.  There’s also a new fuel tank and a new battery, plus the dual exhaust also is said to be newer.  Everything in the engine compartment looks tidy and in good order, with the seller saying his wagon is ready for car shows or cruising.

The red interior is said to have been redone a few years ago but it still presents nicely, and an unusual luxury item in here is the swing-away steering wheel, kind of a rare option, with the back hatch also featuring a power window.  The owner also includes a few photos from the wagon’s underside, with the parts we can view looking to be solid components.  This one seems like it was well thought out and executed, and for those needing a family hauler might be a potential candidate to consider if you’re wanting something vintage.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Love the car. The paint sucks.

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    • Brakeservo

      I love the paint – the car sucks!

      I know, I learned to drive in one.

      Turned me into an imported sports car driver FOR LIFE!

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  2. Maggy

    I wonder how many times in this cars history way back when that” are we there yet ” was said in it.

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  3. Sam

    Put a NICE PAINT JOB on it and it would be a NICE RIDE.

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  4. mike

    Really like 64 wagons.But why do people spend money to make there cars look rusty?? This car deserves a real paint job.

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  5. John

    Great looking car.
    Hope the next owner Leaves it as is.

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    • Jim

      For me, if I even considered a Ford, it’s first stop, before ever taking it home, would be a good paint shop so that people wouldn’t laugh at me for spending so much money on such a beat-up car! I never understood paying good money to make a car look BAD! I can understand if it is an all-original car with some sun burn and rub through, but this one wasn’t original – the interior had already been replaced. Spend the money on making the outside look as good as the inside. It just looks WRONG when a car has a nice interior but the body looks like crap.

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      • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

        Paint ain’t cheap!

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  6. Otto Nobedder

    I “probably “ wouldn’t paint it this way, but if you buy it, you can choose. Not a fan of the “ram” style power steering (also used on gen 1 Mustangs). Was a third row seat available in the 61-64 big body?

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    • Kurt Rogahn

      Yep, my family had a ’61 Country Squire with a front-facing third-row seat.

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  7. Cowboy

    I, for one, like the paint job. The false patina crowd is a small one, but it adds a distinction in a sea of immaculate restorations. Ironically, fake rust offers protection from real rust.

    That said, a rust patina paint job on an obvious fiberglass body is the one that throws me off.

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  8. Mike’s57

    Can’t wait for the “patina” craze to fade away…

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  9. Geoff C

    Guess they should have torn up the interior too!

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    • Eric B

      As a lover of survivors and naturally aged old paint, faux patina is just wrong. Almost as wrong as clear coating it.

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    • Steve w

      Maybe they could paint a big rip into the front seat!

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  10. ACZ

    Lots of possibilities but needs a lot more engine and transmission.

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  11. RickyMember

    ACZ, you are right. That’s a lot of car for a stock 289.

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  12. Russ Ashley

    If it had a new paint job I wouldn’t have done the fake patina, but at least, IMO, they got the patina effect about right. They have it on the horizontal surfaces where it usually would appear from washing and polishing, and having the elements beating down on them. It actually looks pretty natural.

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  13. Emel

    Usually these wagons had bigger engines than a 289. Seems like a Mustang motor to me. We had several Ford wagons and they all had at least a 400 engine. So we could haul ass to the Jersey shore via the Pennsylvania turnpike & the Whitehorse Pike. lol

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    • ACZ

      It seems that most of the wagons I ever saw were equipped with at least a 352 or a 390.

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      • Emel

        Ford didn’t make a 352….they made a 351. They did make the 390 and I meant to say ours had the 429. Whatever the largest one was. lol

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      • ACZ

        You sure don’t know much about Fords, LOL. The FE series engine came out in 1958 in two sizes a 332 cid and a 352 cid. Later came the 390, 406, 410, 427, and a couple of other displacements. The 351 you are referencing is a small block that came in two varieties, Windsor and Cleveland.

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    • RSparks

      Yeah actually most of the FE engines regardless of displacement had 352 cast right onto the left front of the block because they bored the 352 blocks for the bigger displacements.

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    Really dig these old Ford wagons, but to h-e- double hockey sticks with fake patina. If I bought this car, the first thing I would do is drop in a 406 stroker small block and a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission. I’d leave the 3.25 ring and pinion, but make sure it’s a limited slip diff. Then I’d start saving money for a repaint in the original blue with white top. I’ll never understand the fake patina fad, but to each their own I guess. I think it would look fabulous with a shiny new two tone paint job with the wheel and tire combo it’s sitting on as is. Maybe throw on some modern suspension and brakes as well.

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  15. James A Martin

    I think patina is a lazy cheap way to not paint your car.

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  16. Scott L.

    When I first glanced at this station wagon, my initial thought was faux patina.

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  17. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. I don’t mind patina, as long as there are no rust holes in the body

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  18. Lakesidebob

    Patina,potato,pa tot o whatever floats your boat!😁

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  19. MGM

    Pretty nice,I just don’t see 18k,maybe 12. Most of those did come with the 352,390 .

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  20. DON

    Seafoam green with red interior ? Sorry , that doesn’t cut it for me , and it would be very expensive to repaint this correctly . I think it would look great in Fords white or black paint with the red gut .

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    • Dave

      I take it you can’t paint.

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      • DON

        Not for a quality paint job I’d want for a car like this. I’m talking about jamming all the seams ,removing all the glass and weather-stripping , all the trim and emblems , and there’s a lot of all that on a wagon . Plus some of the areas look a little thick and lumpy inside the jams, so there’s going to be a lot of prep work . I’m well past the days of doing all that now , so to do it right, it would be expensive .

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  21. Harry Allen

    Love the car hate the paint . It deserves a nice period paint job. Now as for the 289 it really depends on how the rebuilder treated it, they are really a bullet proof engine. I had a 64 Galaxie with a nicely warmed over 289 that would get your attention. So in short I have a great respect for the 289.

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