Cute Little Thing: 1960 Morris Minor Pickup


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This little pickup looks like a live version of a cartoon truck. After 30 years in storage it’s ready for its next animation. It’s listed on eBay in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There are no details provided except the engine turns and there’s not much rust, at least what you can see. With 5 days left, bidding has stalled at $1500 with no reserve.


Inside, it looks complete, tidy and hopeful. It’s left hand drive and there’s no tell tale daylight showing through the floor.


It looks ready for a little cleanup under the hood, but things look to be complete and in place. The battery terminals aren’t corroded.


There appears to be only surface rust and driveway showing here. Wait, driveway? And what is with the right end of that cross member?


This appears to be under the cab, ahead of the daylight, where there is serious rust. Is that the remains of the sills?


It’s a friendly if battered face.There’s evidence of several conflicts with the laws of motion and there are several bits missing. Do the wheels seem to have the same destination in mind or are we seeing a difference of opinion? It appears one might be able to get this running and driving without a great deal of money and effort, and in a dry climate it might even survive for a few years without repairing the rust. Perhaps with rust repair and cosmetic improvements it could be a fun little truck. What would you do with this little pickup? Could it be worth restoring? I look forward to reading your comments,

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  1. Bob Hess

    Toe looks ok… they actually put positive camber in those things. It has torsion bar suspension up front and the camber will come back to 0 if you lower it just a bit. The black piece in the bed is a cover for the fuel tank. Not sure what the piece of tin on the cross member is but it’s in the area most folks put an electric pump in. Bed itself usually has a wood insert where the center hole is. It has a separate frame, unlike the unibody on the cars, that’s prone to retain water and rust.

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  2. glenn

    beautiful little morris, i have a 1950 flat head convertible fun little car. i looked it up on ebay and in the last picture was where it was stored…. what about the mga and tr3?? plus a volvo p1800 in the rear corner and one other i don’t know.

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  3. BrianMember

    I have a 1969 Traveller (woody) as well as a trophy-winning TR3A, a 65 Herald and 64 Sprite. The Morris, Herald and Sprite are projects for my old age (I’m just 71 now). Yeah, it’s a viral British thing. (Add in a Fiberfab Jamaican on a TR3B chassis and I guess I’m certifiable.) Make fun of Lucas electrics but one thing that the Brits perfected in the Morris Minor was RUST! Annual treatments, from new, of a product called WaxOyl would hold it at bay for a while but the nooks and crannies built into these things defy proper rustproofing. I think that the sills are made up of something like five or six separate pieces welded together. The underneath photo shows that the right hand end of the center cross member, where the torsion bars anchor, seems to have been removed. Probably not a good idea. Replacement bits are available and my wagon needs this repair also (along with all four floor panels, half the wood and the rear inner fenders). Did I say that these things rust? The rust replacement panel industry in England for these cars probably started about two years after their initial introduction, employing more blokes. LOL.

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  4. Ben T. Spanner

    My friend has owned a Morris Minor Pickup since the late 1970’s. It was the parts chaser at an MG dealership. His is very solid, but painted a non original metallic green. It has a Datsun 5 speed transmission making it much better on the highway.

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  5. Dakota

    Hello I actually bought this truck on eBay. It’s my first Morris and I’m in love. After 2hours of tlc and a set of tires I’ve put 100 miles on it in a few days! What’s the best place to get parts? I need a pass door hinge hood hinge fender and grill.

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Thanks for the update Dakota. Have fun!

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      Dakota, there are plenty of suppliers in the UK, and of course some parts cross reference with MG stuff, so Moss Motors can help with mechanical items. However, what you’ve mentioned, try Kip Motor Company. Also, join the club in the UK; I’ve had a lot of luck with club members over there sending me stuff for my Austin (Morris) Marina. Good luck and congratulations!

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