D.I.Y. Split Window: 1963 Corvette Roof

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When the 1963 Corvette debuted, it featured a very distinct body line that sparked controversy amongst the general public and within the ranks of General Motors itself…The split rear window. If you aren’t familiar with the details of the one-year-only option, we’ll discuss more about that below. The 1963 Corvette roof seen above can be found here on eBay with an asking price of nearly $4,000. Located west of Portland in Boring (yes, Boring), Oregon, the top shouldn’t be too hard to ship wherever you are. If you’ve got a ’63 with a single window conversion or if you are restoring a car that needs a top, this may be the unicorn you’ve been searching for.

According to CorvetteOnLine.com: “…visibility…was one of the primary concerns of executives, engineers, and enthusiasts alike when the split-window was introduced. The split itself sits dead in the middle of the driver’s line of sight when looking in the rear-view mirror. As a result, the car’s debut was accompanied by a barrage of complaints due to drivers not having a clue what’s behind them when backing up – let alone driving down the road.” When the new 1964 came out, the split window was gone and replaced by a single rear window. This prompted some owners of ’63s to cut out their split window and replace it with the new window and trim. Over the years, this has made the ’63 more rare and desirable.

There are aftermarket roofs available for the 1963 Corvette like the one found here from ecklerscorvette.com. This one is a fiberglass reproduction and retails for about $1,400. For the restorer that wants all-original parts for a Concours restoration, they can be very hard to find. The one being sold here is the first one I’ve ever seen, how about you? Leave us a comment if you have any ’63/’64 stories and if you want to read more about the split-window controversy, check out an article here on corvetteonline.com.

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  1. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I would graft it onto a 1962. That would look sweet!

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    • Shawn Fox Firth

      Americansportscar.com sells a ’63 roof panel for $1200 .

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  2. Zack

    My question is what happened to the car it is off of.

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  3. sir mike

    The glass and moldings are really rare.

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    • Dustin Lisner

      But of course the seller is keeping them

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  4. TimM

    Rare as hens teeth!!!

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  5. YankeeTR5

    Yes, the glass and trim is really rare, including in this auction. The ad states the auction is for the fiberglass only – the trim (interior/exterior) and windows are not included.
    Interesting that repops are available and yet just the beat up fiberglass is already up to $3400.

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  6. Haig Haleblian


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  7. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I’m surprised that the split window caused such visibility concerns back in ’63.

    Nowadays, cars are virtually impossible to see out of in just about any direction: The A-pillars are a foot wide; the seats are so low you can barely see over the dashboard; the ass-end is so high, good luck seeing anything out the back window. Yet nobody seems to be complaining about that. The rear visibility is so bad, they had to install rear-view cameras!

    Now I’m thinking this is planned obsolesense on the part of the auto makers…they create cars us boomers can’t see out of, and that’s why we buy trucks and SUVs, which are more profitable. Next they stop making “cars” altogether, as Ford has done.

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    • Dickie F

      “The A-pillars are a foot wide”
      finally someone comments on my gripe about modern cars – thank you Rex !

      How are we suppose to see around them ????
      Yet year upon year they getting wider.
      It is now common to loose a whole oncoming vehicle, behind the combination of A pillar and side mirror.

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    • Bobinott

      Wow, it is really nice to see that I am not alone in my hatred for cars with poor outward visibility! One of the reasons that I have been hanging on to 2000-2007 Focus wagons is that I can see EVERYTHING. Especially nice when towing a utility trailer.

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  8. Redwagon

    So selling the fiberglass only no windows or trim. Then why not take them out BEFORE you take pics and list it? Geez.

    If I buy it and the seller takes the trim/windows out and damages the fiberglass what recourse do I have?

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    • Marty

      Bring a Lawyer.

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  9. Bing

    Hey, a whole new business platform!

    Parts Find.

    Found, air cleaner for 62 corvette two four set up shows up during house destruction. Rumors of its existence existed and only revealed after hoarders death.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    Something about that split window roof that inspires poetry!

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  11. Brad g

    Wall hanger?

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  12. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    The stainless trim, could be made, just not enough of a market to make it worthwhile.

    Guessing its stainless. Those who have dented ones, those are fixable, not cheap but not unobtainable either.

    Making from scratch doable but I can picture the average Corvette owner bickering about the price and it’s just not worth with it most of the owners.

    It’s more about market size sometimes.

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  13. ACZ

    I’ll never understand the controversy about not being able to see out the rear. I used to have a 63 coupe. I never had a problem. Visibility was quite good.

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