‘Da Boss! 1969 Ford Mustang 429

Anyway that you cut it, a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is a blue chip collectible. They seemed to wallow for years without collector appreciation but that changed several years ago and is hardly the case today. Today’s find is genuine but not without its foibles, it’s really a project but one certainly worth reviewing. This subject is located in Mount Hope, West Virginia and is available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $143,000. There is a make an offer option too.

For such a limited production car (859 for 1969 and 499 for 1970) they turn up here on Barn Finds with some regularity. I recall seeing this model freely roaming the streets many years ago, though not too often, and thinking how much “cleaner” the exterior was compared to a Boss 302 or a Mach I. I had no idea in those days that the engine was a unique piece being homologated for NASCAR use. In today’s automotive world, a special car like a Boss 429 would probably not be doable but safety, emission control regulations, and fuel mileage standards were either in their infancy or non-existent 50+ years ago.

The exterior of this uber collectible muscle car is a bit banged up. It’s dented, rusty (including the floor pans), faded, and wearing mismatched rusty wheels. It looks like it has had some after-the-fact striping added that is now beyond recognition. This high steppin’ pony was originally finished in Wimbledon White but is now wearing what looks like an Earl Schieb special. There is a walkaround video here that will give you a better perspective.

Opening the hood you are treated to an image of a 375 gross HP, 429 CI V8 “Boss” engine most notable by its massive heads and valve covers. The problem is that this one is more of an underboss as it’s missing so many components. The listing states, ” If you don’t see it, it’s not included in the sale as I don’t have it …” I’ll run with the assumption that the engine parts’ photography occurred before the motor was assembled to its current state. The four-speed manual transmission is not in the car but is included in the sale.

Inside is standard subdued 1969 Ford Mustang. It all appears to have fared better than the exterior as it will likely require a lot less attention. The dash pad is split, the carpet is faded and the glove box looks like it has gone missing but the black vinyl upholstery has held up and isn’t showing signs of splits, etc. Even the headliner still presents well.

The seller advises, “This is your rare opportunity to buy a Boss 429 and not have to spend $350,000 – $500,000 to own one. This is an investment grade car that will put the new owner among the elite group of Boss 429 owners“. And while that may be true, this example is going to need a whole lot of work to ever reach those financial return heights. What’s your thought, is this one priced right, as is, or might the seller be dreaming?


  1. shelbyGT500 Member

    I know this thoroughbred needs a lot of work. But you think for a $134,00 asking price , the seller will replace a busted lug just for a picture,

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  2. RayT Member

    Have to disagree a bit with the seller: whoever buys this probably will have to spend $350K to own this one in decent condition. I’m not certain, being no expert on Boss 429s, but would be extremely surprised if this doesn’t end up spending considerable time on a rotisserie getting spruced up while the new owner looks for a lot of small — and possibly expensive — bits they didn’t know they’d need. This is not a car that lends itself to a “get it running and restore as you drive” approach.

    Is it worth the price? I’d say so. It’s rare, it looks like it can be brought back to life without losing a whole lot of originality, and I’ve heard these are mad fun to drive.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    For he asking price this one gets the first August “you’ve got to be kidding” award.

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  4. Will Fox

    I think the seller’s facing the wind when he urinates, and it’s blowing all over everybody. His dream of $143K for this junker sounds like a bourbon-induced dream that’ll never come to be. When he comes to, he might realize how wrong his pricing is. That is, when he never receives an offer.

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  5. Melton Mooney

    I’d probably just strap it to a trailer and drag it to the shows as is, and take home every ‘best unfinished’ trophy within 500 miles.

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  6. Big Al

    This is the car you wish you’d find in a barn, and the owner has no clue what it is. The owner says you can have it for
    $ 2,000.. Aaaahhh !!! Only in our dreams !!! Oh well. 😂😂

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    • Melton Mooney

      An acquaintance asked me years ago to look at an old Mopar race car that he’d dragged home to see if it was maybe something special. It was ‘parked’ down a hill alongside a barbed wire fence with 5 or 6 derelict mustangs he’d been taking parts off of. After a few minutes of knocking down weeds and looking for snakes, I decided there wasn’t enough left of the old Dodge to verify any pedigree. I did happen to glance over at a red mustang next to it, though, and noticed the outline of a missing shotgun hood scoop in the faded paint. Of course all thoughts of Mopars, weeds, and snakes vanished as I pulled the drivers door ajar and saw the 429 NASCAR label on the jamb. Back in his shop, the owner asked me about the Dodge. I told him the Mopar was nothing, but that “there’s a factory boss 429 Mustang down there”. “No sh!t”, he replied with a look of interest mixed with confusion. “Which one?”, he asked. “The red one.”, I replied. He acknowledged with a nod and said he’d have to check that out, and we had a beer. I didn’t think that much about it then, but the whole thing seems kinda funny now.

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  7. Money Money Money Makes the World Go Round

    I would rather buy a Shelby for that price.
    If i wanted a Nascar item then a Taladega.

    Good luck to new owners .

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  8. Don watson

    Super rare car, Missing a lot of super are, and expensive pieces… A person would likely spend close to the sellers figure of $350,000 to restore. With an original exhaust costing ten grand, it’s easy to see how that could happen.

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    • Gbot

      You are correct , with a bare block and heads that alone will be a small fortune. Not to mention all those Boss 429 specific parts that are missing

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  9. Morley Brown Member

    I hate driving ” pony cars” Have never liked sitting in them sooo I would pull the power train and put it in a nice open engine hot rod and it enjoy it for a few summers and I could sell the Musteng after it goes to 500,000 .


  10. bigbird

    I could only fix it to drive, and put it in road ready condition. You can still get most of the parts ($$). It will cost a bunch to get it to a #1. Nice Boss…

  11. Howie

    The seller even has Mustang in their Ebay ID. When i see the engine i think $143k is too much. Have seen many sell at Mecum.

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  12. erik johnston

    Like a bunch comments refering to the sellers mention its value once finished It would cost at least that just to pay for hard to find parts.I would think the time to find parts is a factor.Some of those are just not around, Maybe it would make since to get the body and int. And find a scj. And for phase 2 enjoy the car and on the side, Look for all those hard to find parts. I once ment a car guy like me,on a visit to his place In his garage was a fully restored 429 boss motor ready to drop in. He call it garage art, But was hopping to find real body-many be like this. It was for sale for $125,000 No other parts he said other than a few other misc. parts That was it. His brother had the car years ago and rapped it around a tree Thats a lot of cash but people do pay nutsouid $$$. Good luck-I would look for real one and pay the money and there it is ready to go.

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  13. James427

    I saw a B9 Air Cleaner sell for $25,000 a few years ago. Good luck on that parts hunt.

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  14. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Given that a very nice Boss 429 in Grabber Blue sold just yesterday on BaT for 245 I think anyone buying this for anything close to the ask is going to be upside down in a hurry once they begin the restoration

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  15. dannys Mustangs

    First I would decide adriver or concourse I would go all out for a driver you would still have the meanest street machine that just going to do nuthin but super appreciate as you be its Janitor caretaker.Take out th big elephant killer haha! but in Coyote 420 hp 5sp trmac and rebuild th 429 4speed to 100% spec wrap it up and WELLA . you would a street machine for years to Winwin. Dannys Mustangs

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  16. FrankD Member

    What a shame! One of my favorites that I could afford 20 years ago. I didn’t read the story only because the person that let it turn to crap should be hung up by his thumbs.

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    • bigbird

      Hey guy, no one would think these cars would amount to a hill of beans. We would have a good laugh at the B. 429’s at the strip, with wheel hop, missed shifts, hell 396 Nova’s and Chevelle’s were killing them. Those cars were not treated with kid gloves either. In the early 70’s my friend bought a ’67 Z28 for 1250.00. We hated it because the motor was too small….sign of the times.

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      • Bob

        You are so right. No one thought twice about these cars in the mid’70s. Wish I had kept several that I sold for less than 1K.

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  17. george mattar

    These cars perfectly restored are not bringing the money this seller claims. They are trading hands for about $250,000 and less these days. As mentioned above, many impossible to find Boss parts are missing. Smog, is just one. There are plenty of these for sale considering fewer than 1,000 were built. While exotic, the engines suffered from a tiny carburetor for those giant cylinder heads. Not all that powerful in stock form.

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