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Daaaaaay-O: 1989 Banana Mobile

If you’ve seen one banana car you’ve seen ’em all… This monkey’s dream boat (banana boat?) is a 1989 Banana Car, or banana mobile, as the seller calls it. This unusual ride is on Craigslist in Johnstown, Pennsylvania with an asking price of $13,999, or around 23,332 pounds of actual bananas. To say that I’m into unusual vehicles is an understatement, but that usually just means 1970s and ’80s Japanese cars, battery-powered vehicles, preferably old ones, minibikes, and things like that. I’ve never had a strong urge to own a car shaped like a piece of fruit. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim Hindman for sending in this submission!

When researching a 1989 banana car, a person finds all sorts of things on the internet, some of which maybe shouldn’t be shown here. There were, of course, a lot of Bananarama images of the very 1980s band by the same name. And, one even showed a banana with 1989 printed on the bottom, which is pretty coincidental since this carb car (bananas are rich in carbohydrates) is also a 1989 model. The seller says that it’s Pontiac-powered, pushing this peel-mobile with a Pontiac Grand Am V6. They say “currently” it’s Grand Am V6 powered so maybe it has been under different power in the past. I can’t imagine a use for anything like this, but the seller has owned it since 1998 (!!) and it’s a fully street legal and titled vehicle. Come Mr. Tally man, tally me banana, daylight come and me wan’ go home.


  1. Coventrycat

    Bananaman’s answer to the Batmobile. Came on just before Danger Mouse.

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  2. Howard A Member

    I always wonder, when us “old guys” quote something, if it goes over younger readers heads. The song “Day-O” was a song released by Harry Belafonte in 1956. I think it became his “signature” song. It was very popular for years. It’s a Jamaican folk song from the workers that would load banana boats at night, and had to load a certain amount by morning, so the man is asking the person to “tally his bananas”, so he can go home. The car, I swear, Scotty has some sort of thing on his computer that finds these things. I never see this stuff on CL. Great stuff. Other than that, no interest. Does anybody remember “The Banana Man” on Captain Kangaroo?

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    • JC

      Thanks for the historical explanation of the song, that’s pretty cool. I just remember the song from “Bettlejuice”. I do remember Cpt. Kangaroo as well but never watched his shows as a youngster.

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      Clown cars are a tough sell. It takes a special buyer…The Banana Boat Song; the hit and best version was done by the Tarriers, check it out.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Daylight come and Me wanna go home…I was fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough…. to see Captain Kangaroo, in the French Quarter during Marti Gras. In his red suit with the pingpong balls around his neck, drunker than a sailor on leave after a year at sea. Changed my whole outlook on life. I can only imagine where Mr. Greenjeans ended up….

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    • Chris

      Never knew that about the song. Cool.

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  3. Van

    Next time you see women protesting in pink hats, join the parade in this. ( not meant to be a political joke ) just say in.

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  4. dan

    Love to take this to the Woodward Dream Cruise

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  5. Red'sResto

    Would it brown if you left it in a barn?…

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  6. Michael

    Some folks might consider this automobile ” a peel ing “

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  7. Rob Rose

    I would be interested but it’s not ripe enough yet.

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  8. Stu

    I’d be willing to bet that you could tow a whole bunch with a trailer hitch.

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  9. Pappy2d

    Or this, found on BAT this morning.

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  10. Ian

    Perfect when you gotta split.

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  11. Ian

    There couldn’t be more than one in the bunch could there? http://themutantbrothers.com/mutant-brothers-vehicles/mutant_big_banana_car.php

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  12. chad

    That looks identical Ian.
    Ever C the Oscar-M hot dog car? (huge)
    There’s a ton of em Scotty – all different kinds, some motorcycle based…

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  13. Rodney

    I just assume it has a limited-slip differential…….

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  14. DrinkinGasoline

    Betcha Dole or Chiquita would be on board but the rest of us…
    not so much. What possesses folks ?

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  15. Pa Tina

    Wasn’t there a really bad flood in Johnstown a 100 years (or more) ago? Next time- no worries. Just slip into the banana car. I would also like to see the garage door frame where this is parked.

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  16. Chris

    I could’ve sworn Barnfinds did a piece on this car just awhile back. Couldn’t find it doing a search but I remember reading about how the guy built it which was sort of interesting, but not interesting enough for me to want to own it.

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  17. Don H

    A minions dream car 🍌

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  18. Alex B

    This wouldn’t look out of place at a Brazilian carnival parade. :)

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  19. Fred W.

    The perfect produce stand promo car.

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  20. glen

    The comments I’m coming up with in my head probably aren’t suitable for this site, so I’ll sit here quietly, enjoying everyone else’s comments.keep up the good work, folks.

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  21. Big Al

    I remember ALL the cpt.Kangaroo characters, no mr banana guy in my memory. Tom terrific and wonder dog.

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  22. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    If I had this car, I’d step on the gas and peel out. I can’t believe it took that long for this joke to come up!

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  23. Rob Rose

    Do you cover it with a hammock at night?

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  24. Dan

    Almost 30,000 pounds…of bananas. Not Scranton, but still PA!

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    • Edward

      Love it…

      A Harry Chapin reference.

      The big banana crash in Scranton, PA.

      On March 18, 1965 Gene Sesky of Scranton lost control of the truck he was driving, hauling 30000 pounds of bananas.

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  25. grant

    That’s just bananas. I’ll see myself out…

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  26. LAB3

    Take it to Burning Man? Nah, not weird enough.

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  27. Jose Cantu

    No thanks. For the asking price I could buy a car I would be proud of, but a dumb banana? I don’t think so.

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  28. Howard A Member

    So this thing sits somewhere for years and years, Jesse’s grandchildren are running “Barn Finds 22nd Century”, they come across this, we’re all pushing daisies, so no help there, and the comments go on, “so this is what they drove in my grandfather’s time?”

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  29. GaryC GaryC

    I have a customer that I maintain his old cars. He rents them out for parades, weddings , proms etc. etc.
    I sent him the link on this car as a joke, well he is trying to contact the owner. Looks like I might be working on this thing someday soon. Woe is me, woe is me, what did I do? I guess working for bananas is better than working for peanuts.
    Heck, I better not give him anymore ideas.

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    where are the banana splits

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  31. ChrisH

    Come on…when ever in your life could you actually get away with saying,” Shut up and get in the banana!”

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  32. RichS

    Sometimes a 20 foot banana…

    is just a 20 foot banana.

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  33. whippeteer

    Although it may have some “Good Vibrations,” they aren’t quite the same ones as from “Mellow Yellow.” Although the song does fit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64mb_hUOb4g

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  34. A_Neely

    I’m a short distance from this banana boat, er banana car if anyone wants a first hand look.

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  35. Josh Staff

    All I know is that “there’s always money in the banana car”… wait that’s the banana stand. My bad guys!

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  36. friend of real owner

    So what us really interesting is this guy has it for sale on craigslist in Pennsylvania, but the real banana car us currently in California. The guy is PA is a fraud. Go to Bigbananacar.Com

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  37. Leon

    It’s the tour vehicle for Bananarama’s reunion tour lol

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