Dad’s Pride & Joy: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 has a long history with the seller, as it belonged to his father for 32 years. In that time, it’s graced magazine spreads and the cover of Revell plastic model kit, due to its impressive condition and list of factory options. The Camaro was previously restored in the 1980s, and then lived in a heated garage ever since only seeing careful use with no time spent in the rain. Bidding is already approaching $60,000 and the photos show why – this car is a specimen with loads of desirable options. Find it here on eBay and located in Mokena, Illinois.

The Camaro features the desirable DZ302 engine paired to a four-speed manual transmission. Right off the bat, it’s going to get a lot of Camaro lovers waving their paddles, and then you throw in the excellent color combination of red with white stripes. Chrome bumpers still present well and it’s nice to see one of these wearing a factory exhaust. Curiously, the seller notes that if you search for a 1969 Camaro Z28 on the How Stuff Works website, a picture of this very car shows up – and he’s right.

So, that’s in addition to the Revell model kit that also shows this car on the top of the box. As far as poster cars go, it’s easy to understand why when you review the list of options: that includes the typical Rally Sport options, Deluxe Houndstooth interior, folding rear seat, tilt steering and Rosewood wheel, front Endura bumper, 8-track tape player, chambered exhaust, console gauges, center clock, and more. The seller mentions that his father restored the car and that a photo album is included, but doesn’t elaborate as to whether the refurb carried over to the interior.

While we don’t usually focus on restored cars here, one that were restored ages ago and holding up this well have crossed over into the survivor realm. The engine bay may as well be brand new, given the presentation here. No word on whether the engine and transmission still match or if the body panels have the proper forms of ID, but one would hope for a car selling at this level that it’s a numbers matching car through and through. The seller notes he is selling the car for his mother, and that it has a clear title with no issues regarding transfer of ownership. A beauty worth preserving.

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  1. R Soul

    Beautiful car, right down to the hounds tooth interior. I would love to own this, too bad it’s already bid $57,000.00 over my budget.

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  2. Don Page

    My favorite year for the Camaro & a Z28 to boot. If I win the lottery tonight, I’m in.

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  3. Pat

    Restored early 80’s, but only owned for 32 years. Current owner was a pretty good caretaker of the car.

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  4. Lynn Member

    The engine – transmission was the only way you could buy the 67-69 Z28. The auto wasn’t available til the 70 1/2 model and then Chevy dropped the 302 and the 350 LT1 took its place. If the numbers match on this car, the bids could hit 70,000+

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  5. Classic Steel

    I liv it.
    My second HS car was A 1969 z28 Rally with the rubber neoprene bumber and Hidden headlights.

    Hmm mine bought in 1982 around 2 grand … it was dogged and raced often …

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  6. Troy s

    Absolutely stunning ain’t she. I wonder if this Z was ever featured in Muscle Car Review magazine years and years ago. Looks familiar.
    Then again it’s a Camaro.
    Too nice for any road work or quarter mile exercise, imagine going down the road and bam, getting t-boned by some dumb pick up truck…..nah…..
    preserve it.

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  7. Hhaleblian

    I asked the seller if it’s numbers matching engine and trans. In fortunately it isn’t. If you look closely of the picture of the car on the trailer, it must have been purchased as a roller. Shame, it’s a beautiful car

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    • Hhaleblian


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    • Classic Steel

      That changes everything on price ……
      Nom is nom

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      • Haig L Haleblian

        Agreed. Honest seller, but it would have been more ethical in my mind for him to disclose and be more transparent with the info on the auction site rather than having to ask/pry the info questions. Still a great car, but for me not $60k great. I was ready to pull the trigger because it appears to be a wonderful piece only 40 miles from my garage.

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    • A-body Fan

      Hhaleblian, you’re being a gentleman. Either it’s ethical or not. All the known negatives should be disclosed from the start. Barn Finds web site doesn’t help when they rant about a car they are clueless about. My personal experience has been interesting through a few car’s they link up and push. Wildly explained survivors have turned into completely misrepresented rides. Be careful of what shows on this site.

  8. TimM

    This is as good as having a bar of gold!!! A matching numbers Z28 with the original everything in it!! This guy should be proud of the fact he took such good care of this car!!! Considering what they originally sold for and what he’s getting for it now it’s an investment like no other!! After all who can say they had this kind of fun making money!!!

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  9. A-body Fan

    It’s a nice car without a doubt but it’s an older restoration with a sourced engine and transmission. Not exactly a barn find but quite common, still an enjoyable ride.

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    • Superdessucke

      I think the fact is the restoration is older is a saving grace. They weren’t making everything in China back in the early eighties.

      As to the nom, many of these Z/28s lost their original engines back in the day. This was billed as a high revver and when you pair an amateur driver with a clunky mechanical shifter, accidents were gonna happen. Same story with the Boss 302 Mustang.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        I think the Boss 302 may have had a rev limiter.

      • Superdessucke

        True but many people took them out, both for macho reasons and because when they’d go bad, they’d essentially disable the vehicle. They were non-electronic solid state transistor items and weren’t known for being reliable.

  10. Roland Schoenke

    My dad bought the same Camaro Z28/RS for my mother in Early 1970, what I found out a few years after we sold it was that it was one of only 203 units with dual 4bbl carbs on the 302 and 4 wheel disc brakes.

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