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Dad’s Adler Roadster Found


Back in March we ran a feature to help one of our readers identify a car that his father had once owned. All Bryan had was a couple of photos, but our readers were not only able to identify the car, but actually locate it. The current owner of this Adler Junior saw the photos and was able to contact Bryan through the site. Now Bryan is planning a trip to Slovakia where he will be able to see the car for the first time and hopefully even take it for a spin! We have included more photos below of how it looks today. Thank you Bryan for sharing your discovery with us and we expect to hear about the trip.





  1. rancho bella


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  2. Jsherwood

    Cool story. I had a 66 Fairlane GTA stolen back in 05 would be cool to find it restored like that lmao

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  3. John Cargill

    Adler, that was a name I hadn’t even read for a while. The styling is very cool.

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  4. paul

    Very nice!

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    • paul

      The odd thing for me is how short the car looks in the BW early picture, as compared to the new pictures.

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  5. Mathieu B

    Can you tell us the year?

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  6. jim

    that worked out well. stunning is the correct word. now what are the 3 red cars in the pictures?

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    • Don Andreina

      I concur with mbzgurl below: fifties coupe in the background is a circa1954 300SC. I think the car next to the Adler is a 1937 MB 320 Cabriolet ‘D’. The other red cabriolet could be a 500/540K variant. That Adler is so svelte, the colour perfectly highlighting the lines.

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  7. Bill

    What is the story of the car from Bryan’s dad to current condition?

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  8. Shuperman

    There comes a time in one’s life where tracing the life of our fathers means so very much. It’s a line that tends to resemble the line that we travel ourselves.

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  9. Foxxy

    Great story. Very cool car too. It’s the first sports car I’ve seen with a column shift.

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  10. scot

    ~ the photos of the original unrestored car which Bryan shared were very interesting. but now the shots of the car’s current state are … are … i’m at a loss for superlatives. magnificent is the closest i can come.
    @ Dolphin, what’s with the RHD? or is it the negs? i’m perplexed.

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    • Don Andreina

      Pre (and post i think) the Great War, the convention for the patrician class on the continent was a car with a steering wheel on the right hand side. Could be carryover from that mindset.

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  11. joe howell

    Unless I’m mistaken “Adler” is German for eagle.

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  12. Mbzgurl

    Adler makes the best sewing machines. The red car behind it looks like a 300SC coupe.

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  13. Kman

    Swoosh! Makes my heart beat a little faster, What a siren.

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  14. Scarecrow

    Can’t wait for the whole story ! Thumbs up for Slovakia :D I wonder where he’s headed.. I live in Western Slovakia . .

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  15. Michael

    The Adler Trumpf Junior Sport set numerous class speed and endurance records in it’s day. It is front wheel drive, all independent suspension, the whole back folds up to give access to the boot. Those drive really nice, not too powerful from the 1000cc four cylinder, but road holding and ride is far beyond it’s time.
    Lane Motor Museum has one, I worked on it and drove it. Great cars!

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  16. Mike

    Adler also made typewriters.

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  17. Mbzgurl

    I am interested in the red car in the far background. How do I go about contacting the owner? Or, the owner can email me. My address is mbzgurl@gmail.com.

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