Name That Car: Dad’s Roadster


If you have ever had to endure the chore of perusing family photos with a great Aunt, then you know that a few unique cars in the family tree can make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Well, reader Bryan S. sure has a good one in his. This automobile belonged to his father and he would like to gather more information about it. You have all been so quick at identifying past “name that car” features, but we bet this one will take a little more work…


According to Bryan, the photos above were probably taken in the late thirties. He knows the make, but he would like to know the model too and if any still exist. Some research has already been done on the club website, but no records can be found. Some have hinted that it might have an Opel body mounted, but nothing has been confirmed. Bryan’s father passed away in January and he never got to see the car in person, so he would really appreciate any help we can give.


  1. Chip Lamb

    Adler Junior, about 1935.

    • Jesse Mortensen

      Wow Chip, that was quick! I guess this one wasn’t as hard as I thought. We will have to keep trying.

      • Marian Bednarik

        Hallo Jesse
        as I replayed to Bryan I have exactly this car and need more information from Bryan about history and pictures if possible
        please can you help me to get in touch directly to Bryan
        thank you

    • Bryan

      Hi Guys,
      I am the guy that submitted the pictures. I understand the car was LHD and so maybe you are right that when the pictures were printed there was an error made. Thank You for the links to show the Model type etc. I had been unable track down. Maybe I need to book a trip to Germany to see some restored examples? I see what you mean regarding the radiator motif?
      Thanks again Bryan

      • Marian Bednarik

        Hallo Brian
        I bough exactly this car from england about three years ago . it is RHD as on pictures please contact me directly , I will send you more photos .
        if it is possible I would like to have your original photos to put in history file of this car
        hope to hear from you soon

  2. twwok

    Not what I thought it was-))

  3. David Reeves

    It looks sorta like a big American Bantam in the first pic

    • paul

      Yes thats what I thought , David.

  4. victor

    Bantam.. English roadster.

  5. Slotblog

    Adler Trumpf Junior Sports, about 1934 I say.

  6. Slotblog

    BTW there are restored examples of this model. Search for images on Google to see them.

    I’m curious to inquire if the location of the photo is known. I’m guessing it wasn’t in the US.

  7. Michael Rogers

    The hood looks like it’s from a 34 ford, the wheels an Austin Bantom, overall it’s a cutie!

  8. Scarecrow

    I’m sorry for Bryan’s loss.. and this looks like a very interesting car; wish I could help . .

  9. Greg Foard

    A long shot… an Aero 30 roadster… mid-thirties, made in Czechoslovakia

  10. krash

    Whatever the make, those are great photos….

  11. James

    Hey there,

    I’m not sure what this could be, other than being British (Morgan based perhaps) with a custom body – but you may want to also check with the guys at The Old Motor – they are really good at this stuff.

    Best of luck! Maybe one day he can track the car down and buy it back!


  12. Dolphin Member

    Yes it’s an Adler Trumpf Junior Sport, but……

    There is a mascot on the radiator surround, and the Trumpf J S did not have a mascot. This could be explained by someone attaching their own favourite mascot to their car.

    Also, Adler was a German company, so more difficult to understand is the RHD configuration in the top photo. Since no Adler that I have ever seen had RHD, even the racing versions, I’m going with the simplest explanation: The person who printed the top photo got careless and had the negative upside down in the enlarger. The bottom photo does show the proper LHD configuration of the car.

    • Jesse Mortensen

      Good eye Dolphin, and an even better explanation. I bet most of us didn’t even notice that fact.

  13. scot

    ~ you guys are good!
    Bryan, feel your loss. a pic of your Dad with a favorite car is a wonderful keepsake.

  14. Milt Sylwester

    I was almost positive it was a late 30’s or early 40’s Lancia, but Adler seems to be a more popular guess.

  15. Dan

    Thats a Adler Junior Trumph. Its a 4 cylinder 1 carb with the gear box mounted in the front If you need pictures will sent it to of a restored car. Regards. Dan

  16. Harit Trivedi

    Most definitely its an Adler, and I am not guessing. There is one in Mumbai, see , scroll down to no 48. Probably the only Roadster in India.
    In the 1930’s Adler was quite a popular car in India, there are about 20 survivors which is a lot when one considers that Adlers did not resume production after WW II. When parts became unavailable, lots were scrapped.

  17. Marian Bednarik

    Hallo Bryan
    I see there is no replay mark on replay to you
    As I said in coment -I am sure I have exactly the car on the pictures
    please contact me on mail bednarik(at)
    change(at) to @
    thank you

  18. Bryan

    Well Guys I have great news thanks to Marian I have found the car in the pictures. Once I get back to the UK I will be contacting the DVLA and hopefully confirm the car Marian owns is indeed the car my father once owned. The Registration document shows the original registration number so I can trace hopefully all the previous owners. With the description I have received from Marian along with a newspaper cutting she has sent me (Copy) it does seem to confirm it is my fathers car.
    I will travel to Slovakia maybe later this year to see the car which is RHD.

    • Scarecrow

      Wow, I would not expect a car like this ending up in our country (:

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Good for you Bryan! Please keep us updated on your progress. We would love to run another story after you see the car.

  19. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Here is an updated post with some photos of the restored car:

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