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Dad’s Car: 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV


This nice-looking Alfa Romeo GTV unfortunately is a child’s inheritance from a father due to the father’s passing. It’s located in Lancaster, California and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding has quickly climbed over $2,000 since the auction started. I love that it still has the original wheels and hubcaps rather than aftermarket wheels.


The seller claims to know little about the car, but characterizes it as 90% restored. It certainly looks very nice in the pictures, although I would wish for better and more pictures to see if it really is that nice when viewed closely. The seller does say that the turn signals are not operational and that neither is the fuel gauge. They also mention it needing a replacement speedometer cable, but a new one comes with the car.


You don’t have to know Italian to figure out that the emblem on the right hand rear means this Alfa has fuel injection. The delicate bumpers look to be in great shape, and I’m hoping that’s a stainless steel exhaust poking out from under the bumper. The clear reflection in the paint in the upper right hand of this picture is a good indication that the paint job is a pretty darn good one.


The engine compartment looks as nice as the rest of the car apart from what looks like overspray on a heater hose, and the seller states that the 1750 cc engine (presuming it’s original) starts right up and runs fine. You can see that the injection system, which is frequently replaced in these cars, is present. While they may have been trouble when new mainly due to lack of knowledge, the Spica system is now held by experts to be better for a driver once set up correctly than even Webers. There are specialists available if needed. The seller also mentions a small oil leak that might warrant checking out.


The clean dash and what appears to be excellent condition wood also speak to the quality of this car. I’d love to see it in person; even though it isn’t the “stepped nose” version prized by collectors, I think this one looks great to me! The current bid is comfortably below the low retail in collector price guides, so I suspect this one will be climbing steeply while the auction continues. I’ve wanted one of these cars since I saw some racing at Mid Ohio in the the early 1970’s, and have a 1/18 scale die cast one (red, of course) in view from my desk as I type. It won’t be this one, but someday, I’d like to own one. It’s a tribute to the seller’s father that the car looks as nice as it does; I hope it goes to someone who appreciates it!


  1. Avatar photo Kevin Harper

    Good old Lancaster California, which is right beside palmdale. It is a wretched place to live full of coyotes Joshua trees and meth heads only balanced out by the flyboys and engineers at the flight test center. Because of the latter two there are some interesting cars tucked away. When I was there many years ago there was a early testa Rossa pulled out of a garage, but you have to be careful looking lest you come across a meth lab.

    The good news is that it is very dry so if the alfa has lived there a while rust will not be an issue. The bad news is that it is very dry and it will absolutely bake a car and the plastic and rubber parts crumble.

    This one looks good. My guess final price at 25k

    http://Www.bifmotors. com

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    • Avatar photo David Member

      A “wretched place”? Like you said, many years ago. I’m passing your assessment around to friends for a chuckle. You must have been hanging out on the east side of town.

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  2. Avatar photo Jeff V.

    Bidding now at 13K$+ with over 5 1/2 days left, many fans out there! ;)

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  3. Avatar photo Charles H.

    It will most likely go to someone who will appreciate it, because the buyers of these are typically enthusiast types.

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  4. Avatar photo Jacob P. Member

    Very nice car yet sad for the fella that loved it. I just have to note that the “overspray” on that hose looks much like the red spots on the rest of the hoses and is a reflection from he bottom of the hood. I’ll guess it goes for $32.500.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      I also think it’s overspray where the heater hose is connected to the firewall. Great car though. I hope he uses the funds in a good way to honor his father.

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  5. Avatar photo Dan h

    Fuel injection on a ’69 Alfa??
    Maybe 1971 at the earliest.
    Someone please correct me it I’m wrong…

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  6. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    Dan, 69 is correct for Spica injection as is the 1750 motor. Missing chrome trim around windshield. Best to inspect these in person. I once purchased a 74 Spider, Arizona plated on a hunch that it came from dry climate. Most of the proved me right except for a good sized rust spot on the passenger size floor pan. My guess is $22-$25k, although 69 is a great year.

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  7. Avatar photo BradL

    You’ll definitely want a PPI for this one. Overspray is abundant and a few pieces are missing, such as the stainless trim in the trunk, rear license plate mounts, map pockets, washer fluid bag, horns, fan shroud, overflow bottle and strap, as well as the front and rear window trim that Tirefriar noted.

    The front seats are correct but the rest of the interior is wrong. The rear seats should have the same upholstery as the front seats, including the basketweave center section. The door panels and rear side trim should not be pleated, but be smooth and have two bright spears. The arm rest is from a Spider, and the headliner should be off-white. The front and rear Alfa Romeo badges are wrong and the c-pillar badges look green (should be gold). It looks like most of the Romablok hose clamps have been replaced as well.

    The blue paint on the air box is wrong and shouldn’t be on the idle air boxes attached to the side. The brake booster vacuum lines are a home-made mess, and those Vitaloni mirrors would have to go.

    Most troubling is that the body seam between the rocker and the front fender appears to missing. If so, this could means there’s a bodged repair hiding beneath the paint.

    This could be a great driver for a lucky person, but it has several needs to make it “correct”.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Brad, thanks for sharing your expertise–I learned a lot!

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  8. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    At $22700 with. 2 more days to go

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    • Avatar photo BradL

      The bid history looks a bit suspicious and the high bid is back down to $21,100. Bidder m***v has only ever bid on this car, and his last bid was a $4400 jump. Bidder s***b has 13 bid retractions in the last month. These could be shill bids.

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  9. Avatar photo randy

    Sold for $21,000.00

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