Dad’s Dusty Pony: 1969 Camaro Z/28


Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

There are probably more “Z/28” Camaros running around today then were ever built, of course most of those are poorly executed clones. I’m alright with a well done clone, as long as the owner is honest about what it is. Now if I was in the market to buy one of these killer pony cars though, I’d want the real deal and I’d want to find one that’s as original as possible! This ’69 looks to be a legitimate Z/28 and was purchased by the seller’s father 40 years ago. It’s been off the road ever since, so expect to do quite a bit of work to get it going again. Find this incredible Camaro here on eBay in Mishawaka, Indiana with a current bid of $28k!


When it comes to originality, this one looks to be as original as you can get. It’s also looking a bit dirty and rough, but I like it! I’d clean the dust off, detail the inside and get it running again. I’d also want to inspect and treat any rust I come across, you don’t want you Z/28 survivor rusting away.


The seller doesn’t seem to know much about the car. They aren’t able to get photos of the trim tag this week, so no word on what options it has, but it looks to be a well optioned car. All that really matters is that it’s a real Z/28 with all the correct bits. So do you think this one is the real deal? It seems unlikely that someone would have built a clone in ’76, but anything is possible. So let’s hear from some of the Camaro experts out there!

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  1. Rock On

    So your father owns a car for 40 years and you know nothing about it? That sure pegs the B.S. meter where I come from!!!

  2. Chris

    28k and reserve not met, and no picture of the cowl tag. Amazing they want that money, but took such crappy pictures of all the wrong stuff.

    • Oingo

      0 feedback seller to boot.

  3. redwagon

    my impression from reading the ebay listing ……

    z28s are cool!
    z28s are a great investment!
    we have a z28 for sale.
    we have a few fuzzy pictures.
    it’s worth a lot of money.
    we cannot take more pictures before the auction ends
    you should buy it.

    there is a story here that is not being fully told
    really need to inspect this one but I doubt anyone could accommodate an inspection prior to the end of the auction.

  4. Chris Buchaniec

    I live near Mishawaka, almost tempted to go take a look…

    • JW

      Would be nice if you could that way we would honestly know if this is a scam. I couldn’t afford the 28K now and I am planning on moving in a couple years so no more toys for now.

    • Jon

      Yes by all means, go take a look, and report back and tell us if it is a scam or not. ..

  5. stannger

    Seems a little odd in a time when technology has given us all access to a camera on our phones for which we can take decent photos and share them at any given moment.

    I have seen a ton of scams on Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist etc. This could end up one of them…

  6. RoughDiamond

    Who in their right mind unless they have seen the car in person pays this kind of money (currently 28K) sight unseen based on…As far as we know the engine, transmission, rear-end, paint, etc. are all original” and this “…so I don’t know if it’s X33, X77, or no code and finally this “Engine has not been turned over or run for 40 years…”. I did something wrong because that money tree I planted in my back yard while working and going to college, beginning a career, buying a home, getting married, and starting and raising a family, just never did grow. If I used any of our retirement money to buy something like this, I’d be a lonely old man sleeping in it eating cold Van Camp’s Pork & Beans and Vienna sausages.

    • Jeffro

      If your money tree didn’t grow, you could possibly use some of the BS on this car as fertilizer

    • JCW Jr. Member

      But might be worth it.

  7. Dave Wright

    This is eBay, on cars it is a no fault system. If you are high bidder, you check it out, if it is real you go through with the deal if not, you leave your money in your pocket, not a lot of risk there

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I didn’t know that!

  8. RoughDiamond

    Auction still running!

  9. Jon

    How did you /they figure it is a scam…

  10. Kent Pearson

    Up to $31,100 now.

  11. Dennis

    I was contacted from the owners child, no name left, said they are 800 miles away and it’s not a scam. Still, for this price, I can’t believe people are bidding at this level with limited info. Good luck to the high bidder.

    • Chris

      Agree. A condition 1 car is 90-100k tops. The price makes no sense.

  12. Derik Lattig

    Derik Lattig says when I was driving my 67 RS in High School back in the early 80’s, (Which I still have it) I remember a lot of people going to the Junkyards and turning their plain jane camaros into z-28’s using parts from junkers. Yes, there was a yard in ABQ NM that had rows and rows of camaros and pontiacs. I found some good pieces for mine. So, the point is as we all know, clones have been around a long time, some just with more patina than others.

  13. James Waters Member

    Well it’s at 45,000 now

  14. leiniedude

    Sold for $48,000.00. 56 bids.

  15. Gary

    People have been cloning Z28’s almsot since they were new… Even in the very early 70’s, probably 90% of the *advertised Z28’s for sale* were NOT…


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