Dad’s Old Ford! One-Family 1955 F100 Pickup

Meet “Old Blue!” This 1955 Ford F100 in McMinnville, Oregon served one family since new. The patriarch, a local carpenter, purchased the blue work truck new and used it until the late 1960s. Now it’s offered for sale for the first time as a used vehicle here on where $12,500 (or best offer) can make it part of your family.

After sitting idle until 1978, this Ford served a second-generation, the son of its original owner. A new oak bed and some ’70s-appropriate shag carpeting spruced up the old rig, along with other replacement parts.

In 1982 Old Blue entered retirement again, sleeping another 36 years until recently. No attempt to start it has been made, and the seller includes a host of under-body pictures showing a well-preserved original truck.

The factory engine ran smooth in ’82, and appears to wear its original color. While this F100 may not be an exact time-capsule, finding one this old with a documented history is a rare treat. Hopefully its next owners will appreciate its never-restored condition, because you’ll see many that have been either significantly messed-with or restored to perfection before another like this pops up. Is that worth $12,500 to you?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Awesome truck. I’d get it running, wash it, and drive it to Home Depot my usual 3 times a day.

  2. Jeff

    Sweet truck with a nice backstory. I agree with Rex Kahrs– I’d do nothing but clean it up and drive it as often as possible.

  3. Fred W

    Agree, but would want to know first if the engine was locked. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long road before you are making Home Depot trips.

    • Jeff

      The ad says it turns over, and Y blocks are an easy rebuild. No worries.

  4. Joe Haska

    WOW! I am on a roll ,the exact two cars, I own and drive, are on Barn Finds today. If I had the money, I would buy them both and have a back up for my two. My pick-up is even blue , but a 53. My coupe is a 34 not a 33, but with those model Fords, most people can’t tell the difference, sometimes not even the owners.
    I think if you want a nice P/U this truck would be worth $12,500. I have done 4 of these, and if you look at this truck, it has all the right stuff, and could basically be a simple cosmetic restoration, to be a very drivable fun truck.
    The prices of these trucks depending on condition modifications etc. are all over the board. Nice quality trucks, if you can find one are 15 to 25K and this truck could be in that category, and you would have less than that in it. I talk to allot of people who want this era F-100, they should snap this one up in a hear beat!

  5. cyclemikey

    I think 12.5 is a decent price for this. I agree with others here that it’s best cleaned up, mechanically reconditioned, and put right back into service. I don’t think you can go very far wrong here. It’d be nice to know beforehand, but even if the engine is frozen, well – . Y-blocks are tough old birds, and it can still likely be rebuilt. Reduce the offer a bit, and it’s still a “buy”.

  6. Bob C.

    239 or 272? Some 1955 trucks came with the leftover 239 from 54.

    • Sandy

      Hey there, Bob,
      We don’t know if it’s a 239 or a 272. Do you know how we could find that piece of information?

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