Dad’s Pride & Joy: 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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The seller refers to this 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer as the pride and joy of his late father, and it sounds like it’s been parked in the years following his passing. The seller had grand plans to restore the classic SUV, but given it hasn’t happened yet, he’s decided to cut it loose and let someone else make a go of it. These are great trucks with good upside potential if you’re into projects you can flip later on, as this one looks largely complete and is said to have a healthy drivetrain. Find it here on craigslist for $8,200 near Nashville.

The Grand Wagoneer for some time now has been as iconic as they come, with woodgrain paneling down the sides, robust engines, and proven four wheel drive systems. They aren’t the cheapest trucks to restore, though, owing to the high-grade luxury materials found inside and the general rise in prices for parts and OEM components. Now that the collector crowd knows they’re worth some dough, NOS and other high-grade replacement parts have started to climb in value. Still, since this truck looks largely complete, it seems possible to not have to do much other than some basic R&R.

The interior looks decent, but it’s really hard to tell with the photos we’re provided. This is one of those listings where the seller clearly didn’t want to drag it out of the barn for photos. Which begs the question: does it still run? The description claims the engine is “….in good nick and will run,” but that seems to leave some room for interpretation about just how far it will run before needing some assistance. Regardless, the seats are torn up and the door panels look to be intact; restoring one of these is a serious pain if the interior has been trashed.

Mileage-wise, there’s just over 160,000 on the clock, which is a fair number, but also isn’t if the Jeep has been maintained. I’ve always been of the mind that if a vehicle has that many miles and still runs, there’s got to be decent odds it’s been loved to some extent; of course, this could also be me soothing my own insecurities about a high mileage project I just acquired. Regardless, this Grand Wagoneer has a great look with the rarely-seen primrose yellow over tan with the aforementioned woodgrain, and will be someone’s pride and joy if a deal can be struck. Would you restore a Grand Wagoneer in this sort of condition?

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  1. Al_Bundy Al_BundyMember

    Another AMC ahead of it’s time ! 1988 makes it a Chrysler owned, but this is an all AMC vehicle. That 360 V8 may have been the last AMC V8 casting ever. The Chrysler 360 (5.9) was darn good, but not the same. No port EFI until ’93 when the AMC was long gone…

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    • That AMC Guy

      Actually it started out as the Kaiser-Jeep Wagoneer back in 1963, so further ahead of its time than many people realize! Back then the Wagoneer came with a standard overhead cam six-cylinder engine, and 4-wheel drive models offered an optional independent torsion-bar front suspension.

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  2. Talkin Bout SUV Heaven

    I thought the P&J was Bernice his administration assistant 😂

    This looks in in decent shape .

    Good luck with sale..

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  3. Glenn C. SchwassMember

    For 160k, the interior looks great. I’d have to climb all over frame and rockers etc and see if the motor isn’t stuck.. I don’t know how hard parts are to find like carbs, distributors and water pump…For $8k, sounds ok if it isn’t toast..

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  4. JayfromDetroit

    The best piece of advise I can give is don’t drive with a bear on your hood.

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    • Scott

      I hear they love Zagnut bars!

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  5. Steve Clinton

    Was it too much of an effort to remove the trash and shut the hood? SHEESH!

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  6. George Louis

    To: JayfromDetroit: How about a deer on the hood is it okay or BEARLY POSSIBLE?

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    I smell mouse doo doo

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