Daily Driven: 1970 Chevrolet CST-10 Pickup

I don’t know what it is, but I love pickups from the late 1960’s through the 70’s.  It probably comes from the fact that I grew up with my Grandpas, Dad and Uncles driving pickups from that era, some of which are still in the family today. This 1970 Chevy Pickup was a daily driver for the current owner until recently. For sale here on Cars On Line, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with an asking price of $13,000. Keep reading to check out what appears to be a very honest and solid pickup.

Peeking under what appears to be the stock air cleaner, you can see a clean Edelbrock carburetor.  The ad states this is a 350/350 truck with power brakes and power steering along with air conditioning.  The rest of the engine compartment looks pretty honest.  What do I consider honest, you ask?  Well, there isn’t anything too shiny, nothing has been obviously cleaned or replaced to make it look better just to sell it.  The hoses and other components look used, but in good shape indicating that there may be truth to the fact that this was the sellers daily-driver.

Again, the interior looks just plain honest.  Not sure how else to describe it.  It is tidy, but not overly detailed.  The seat and dash look in decent shape.  The carpet is dirty, but doesn’t look worn out or neglected.  Looks like there may be some rust on the sill guards, but that is okay and they are easy to replace.  The addition of what appears to be a tachometer on the steering column indicates this truck may have been driven hard at times, but not necessarily.  The ad does state that it has factory gauges, but I don’t remember these trucks coming with a tach mounted on the column?  Maybe I’m mistaken.

It’s refreshing to see both sides of a vehicle in an ad!  So many times, ads leave us wondering what the seller is hiding by only showing one side of their vehicle.  Obviously the potential buyer will want to do due diligence and inspect the truck like you would any other purchase.  But, if I had to go by just pictures and the ad itself, this looks like it is worth an in-person look.

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  1. Paulbz3

    It may be an “honest” truck but owned by a really lazy seller. Asking top dollar for your truck but giving it the wash and taking pictures while still wet is really just lazy. Take it to a good detailer, spend $250 getting the entire truck, including engine bay detailed and then, MAYBE they might get close to the ask. Rusty door plate means there is likely rust underneath but with no underbody shots there’s no way to tell how bad it could be. IMHO, a personal or professional inspection is a must, but as it’s currently listed, this long box is a $6500 truck…

    • Steve

      You hit the nail on the head. You list a truck for sale and were too lazy to vacuum it? I wonder how the PM’s on things such as oil changes and tune ups were also neglected…

      I have had several 67-72 trucks. Fixed a few, parted a few others to fix others. I currently have a 70 Longhorn (8.5′ bed) with a 400 BBC and TH400.
      As for gauges mentioned, these trucks could be had in three ways:
      1. Speedo and fuel gauge with idiot lights
      2. Speed fuel amp, engine temp and oil pressure gauge. blank hole between speedo and fuel gauge.
      2. Same as number 2 but a tachometer is added between the speedo and fuel gauge

      IMO it’s worth about half what the seller is asking, in the condition its in. I have yet to see one of these trucks that didn’t need the outer rockers replaced. My truck is a California truck, always garaged, and the outer rockers have pin holes. They didn’t get paint inside from the factory and rusted from the inside. The last truck I did looked clean at first but eventually needed outer and inner rockers, cab corners and partial floor pans (!) Also, the old external regulators seemed to stick or overcharge, causing the battery to boil acid out and rust the fender cup in front of the right tire. Another issue common with trucks that arent covered is for the seam sealer between the inner and outer cab roof to fail, allowing rain water in, rusting the cab above the windshield. (I havent had to tackle one of those YET, and don’t plan to. SO far, I have been able to find clean cabs in Texas, but those days are almost over…

    • Angrymike

      Love the year, but not THIS truck, it’s a long bed, and 2 wheel drive, if it was a 4×4 short bed in this shape I’d be definitely worth the money .

      • Andre

        In my experience a solid, nice, and well optioned 67-72 (which i’d consider this all of those) short bed 4×4 would be more like a $20k+ truck.

        I don’t find the asking price that appalling for a well options SWB.

    • dan

      I 100% was about to post same thing!
      carpet dirty
      truck wet, usually they do this to make paint seem shinny when it’s not……..+ the pics are not nice sideshot, but looks like might be longbed

  2. Howard A Member

    Favorite Chevy truck. Trucks were just crossing the line around this time, and this was one of the nicest you could get, better than Ford, I thought. Lot of money? Sure is, but have you priced a new pickup today? Not many of these left, almost non-existent in the Midwest, and here’s why,,,

    • Howard A Member

      That tach obviously isn’t standard. That center hole was for a factory tach, although, in the dozens of these trucks I’ve come across or driven, I never saw one so equipped. http://st.hotrod.com/uploads/sites/21/2010/12/1012cct-02-o-lmc-truck-dash-cluster-install-photo.jpg

      • Dan

        I owned a loaded ’69 one time and it had everything. Big block with factory air, power steering power brakes, am-fm radio and yes a factory tach and gauges, even tilt steering, was a sweet ole gal but that 396 sure liked gas.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Dan, maybe it was a big block option, judging by the 5500 redline. I never drove a big block truck like this, and the ones I did drive were pretty basic construction trucks.

    • Tyler

      It will be great when they get the pic attachment issue fixed. I was going to post a pic of a only slightly better truck than the one Howard A linked that is driven round town on a regular basis.

      Price reduced to $13,000. From the few pics of the truck, it does like a decent truck & should bring the asking price. At least it would if someone chunked the tach on the column & that funky steering wheel is replaced with an original wheel. I would love to have seen a pic of the SPID to see what options the truck originally came with.

      I have run across a handful of 67-72 C-10’s that are rust free, mostly from West Texas, Arizona, or California. but they are few & far between. I’ve owned 13 or 14, & the best one still had to have the rockers replaced.

      Nice truck other than the tach & steeerig wheeel. I especially like this two tone paint scheme.

  3. Scot Douglas

    Bring that to Michigan and sell it in 15 minutes for 100% of the asking price.

  4. jw454

    With all due respect… this truck is a short bed.

    Side shot pictures can be deceiving but, no stake pocket directly above the rear wheel tells the tale.

    • Fred W.

      Looks like a short bed to me. I’ve only driven one once, a resto-mod ’71 4 speed I did an appraisal of last year. I was blown away by how fun to drive it was, very car like rather than truck like. Made me want a truck for the first time.

  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Corvette wheels, or did these come on the trucks also?

    • Tyler

      Would have had painted steel wheels with choice of 3 different hubcaps or wheel covers. Several companies make a reproduction rally wheel in the truck lug pattern. I can’t tell if this is still a 6 lug truck or if it’s been converted to 5 lug.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks Tyler!

  6. Joe Haska

    The photos are deceiving , in the one, I would swear it is a long box, and then some of you say shot box and that does look right in the other picture, and if comment about steak pocket is correct, it makes sense. In my part of the country the C-10 short box, 2-wheel drive are DIAMONDS!

  7. Mr.B

    Cheyenne pickup?

    • Tyler

      Cheyenne & Sierra packages didn’t appear till 71.

  8. Rustytech Member

    Hi jw454, nice catch on the stake pockets! Indeed this is a short bed. The rust around the floor plate concerns me as this is a low lying area that is prone to flooding. If after a good inspection everything checks out, it might not be a really bad price. Lazy sellers don’t mean lower values, but they do fewer sales opportunities, as some potential buyers would be scared away. I particularly don’t like the photograph it wet trick!

  9. W9BAG

    Please tell me I’m wrong, but does that truck have a vinyl top ?

    • Tyler

      No, it’s not a vinyl top, the top is painted a different color green.

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