Daily Driven For Past 22 Years! 1966 Ford Bronco

This may be one of the earliest Broncos you’ll ever see! The seller says it was made in August of 1965 which was the second week of production for 1966 models. Prices for first-generation Broncos continue to be very strong and the bidding on this one is no exception. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $10,300. The ad says this is a real U14 half-cab model and has spent most of its recent life on a farm near Hope, Indiana. Take a look at this one and see if this is the right project for you and thanks to Ikey H. for the tip on this early Bronco.

There were three main configurations for 1966 Broncos. You could get a standard full-top model, no-top roadster and the half-cab (U14 option). This one is the rarest of the three, the half-cab. For those people who didn’t need a lot of passenger room, but wanted a short wheel base pickup, this made a great option. The rear portion is like a mini pickup bed and this one has been used, but doesn’t seem abused.

Overall, the interior seems very original. The seat cover is in great condition for being used on a farm almost daily. I bet the driver is hopping in and out of it all the time. The seller does say that it has “rust in the normal bronco spots like the floors, rockers, and front of the bed.” However, they say the frame is solid and the actual body is not rusted out.

The engine is a straight-six and looks like it has had some routine maintenance done. The ad says it runs well and is mechanically sound. You can see what appears to be a newer fuel pump, distributor and oil filter. Overall, this seems like a decent candidate for a restoration or driver. What do you think?

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  1. Todd Zuercher

    Without seeing the VIN, we don’t have any proof on when it was built. The guess on which week of August it was is just that – a guess.

    • CCFisher

      The scheduled build date appears on the warranty data plate. It’s not exact, but it would narrow it down to a specific week.

      • Todd Zuercher

        Not on Broncos. They only have the VIN, which narrows it down to the month. For ‘67 and newer trucks, we can figure it out via Marti Reports but they don’t exist for ‘66 rigs.

  2. TimM

    Another good platform to start with!! It’s not a rust bucket but it does have some rust and dents that will need to be addressed!! The price on these is so crazy that it’s got to be something you want to do instead of repairing it for a profit!!

  3. Gaspumpchas

    This ol’ girl worked for a living. Would be great to see it brought back to its former self.. Good luck. The beauty of this bronk is its simplicity. Stay safe,

  4. Morgan Winter

    Montana, unless my sources are wrong, production numbers of the roadster are way lower than the half-cab. http://earlybroncoads.com/early-bronco-production-numbers/ https://broncoclubofamerica.com/gen-1-1966-1977.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Those numbers are correct.

  5. chrlsful

    advance timing 4*, use it for a yr, 9 mo. Save my pennies (no need for bronk specific research). Fix what needed help as located w/use, decide on up grades…

    After a yr – remove’n store (up grade to modern):
    * single res. MC
    * frnt drum breaks (disc)
    * ign system (DSII + HEI 4 pin)
    * body mounts (go to 1 inch BL)
    * frnt/rear springs (2.5 inch lift w/o blocks in rear softer/pre arched). Ask daughter if she wants primarily on or off rd vehicle (keep it multi purpose but lean in her preferred direction)…

    Questions: D44? TRO? 16 inch tire thru axel wrk or spacers, which 5 speed (M5OD, NV or ZF), begin body/interior wrk, 4.1/4.9 install or 2.8 diesel crate motor, power breaks (hydro or vac assist), front bench, buckets, etc (all the interior Qs, radio, color, etc, etc)…HTH~

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