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Daily Driver or Project? 1974 Plymouth Satellite

The reality with this 1974 Plymouth Satellite is that it is probably a good vehicle to use as a daily driver. However, if someone doesn’t buy it, then the owner has every intention of parting it out. It is a solid and clean car, and it really would be a shame if that were to be its ultimate fate. I have to thank Barn Finder J Llu for referring the Satellite to us. The car is located in Palm Desert, California, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist.

The Satellite presents quite well, and I think that it would be a shame for the owner to dismantle it. The body is straight and clean, with no obvious rust issues or panel damage. I don’t know whether the car is wearing its original paint, but if it is, it has certainly held up well. The exterior chrome and trim are also in good condition.

Under the hood are a 225ci slant-6 engine and automatic transmission. The car is also fitted with power brakes and air conditioning. The car has also recently been treated to a new alternator, a new starter, and new tires. This is a daily driver that is just ready to be used, and the owner says that it does drive nicely.

While the interior may not be perfect, it is still not bad for a 44-year-old car. There are some cracks in the dash pad, and wear on the wheel, but the overall condition would be fine for a daily driver. The headliner looks really good, and I did notice that the car has been fitted with an aftermarket radio/cassette player.

Okay, so this Satellite is not the most desirable car on the planet, I admit that. But it is a comfortable, spacious car that would make a great daily driver. Finding a Satellite of this vintage that is this clean and original is a bit of a rarity, and it could be used either as it is, or it could be a prime candidate for an engine transplant. The owner has set the price at $2,600, and I hope that someone will buy it because it really does seem too nice to finish up as a parts car.


  1. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow, this car is really nice. Frank Gannon nice, or Karl Malden nice, but still it’s a really clean looking car. If it were closer I’d buy it on the spot.

    So, why part it out? Who the hell is restoring a ’74 Satellite, and if there IS somebody restoring one, just buy this car and save yourself the trouble.

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      Or even Michael Douglas nice :) Exactly what I thought when I saw it…….EVERY cop show in the late sixties early seventies featured these driven by movie actors turned TV cops……..

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      • Avatar photo local_sheriff

        ‘Streets of San Fransisco’ material for sure! It’s a miracle it’s still alive and definately deserves a prolonged life. Can’t believe it’s so clean, this must be a deceased lil’ old lady’s car?

        If it wasn’t for my garage is full I’d take it right away; I’d painted the doors white,slammed a Beacon Ray or couple of 14’s on the roof and we’d have a new cruiser for local sheriff’s deputy !

        Someone please take it before I change my mind…!

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      • Avatar photo Fordfan

        Streets of San Francisco. I believe was sponsored by Ford so no Plymouth allowed unless driven by the bad guy

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      • Avatar photo local_sheriff

        Fordfan – that is absolutely correct ; ‘cars furnished by Ford Motor Company’ was on the intro. That series is the first that comes to mind when I’m thinking of 70s cop series.

        However, I meant this car checks out most boxes for any el cheapo law enforcement cruiser in Anytown ,Calisota . Even the old man tan looks correctly great /terrible (your choice)on this one; I’m tempted…

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      • Avatar photo Rick Rothermel

        This or the Dodge equivalent was the car of choice for the villains on MANNIX. Joe was great, but he needed driving lessoins from Jim Rockford.

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      • Avatar photo Miguel

        local_sheriff, I thought the same thing. It is a shame it has the slant 6 under the hood.

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      • Avatar photo local_sheriff

        Miguel – I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a shame it has a /6 … those sixes can be hot’up with some well-chosen upgrades , actually I like it MORE for it having the six. The 225 is the ‘big block’ six and the most suitable for tuning. If I where to change anything in the driveline, I’d rather put in a 4spd stick , though I understand most desire the V8.

        Though most copcars came with a V8, there’s still a possibility some departments on a budget could have picked a /6 in the 70s. Who would care if it’s not 100% correct, it’d be just for cruise-ins? One is hopefully not going out to chase villains in a 74 Plymouth?

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    • Avatar photo Walter

      Agreed! Body color wide rims w/ dogfish caps drop in a 383, duals etc… Would love it!

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    • Avatar photo Duane Boda

      That’s Bill Gannon – Dragnuts 🫨
      Anyone parting out such a gem must have rocks in his fricking head 🥴

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  2. Avatar photo CapNemo

    I agree. I understand that it’s his car and can do with it as he pleases, but it gets under my skin when a seller threatens to part a vehicle out if it doesn’t sell. They don’t appreciate the vehicle, they just want some cash flow, and I don’t see a lot of it coming from this 6 cylinder 4 door. If I was a bit closer, I’d buy it immediately to save it from that fate.

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  3. Avatar photo MFerrell

    It’s like the seller is holding it for ransom. “Buy it, or else I’ll kill it!”

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  4. Avatar photo Fred W

    Can’t believe this still exists- especially after watching Smoky and the Bandit, Blues Brothers and Dukes of Hazzard.

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    • Avatar photo SlantSixSwinger

      Even Hunter and McCall went thru a couple of these…

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      • Avatar photo Walter

        Read my mind! “Works For Me”

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  5. Avatar photo 71FXSuperGlide

    $2600 for a car of this vintage and overall condition seems like a great deal.

    Hopefully someone will call his bluff and buy it.

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  6. Avatar photo Fordguy1972 Member

    Isn’t this the same type of car that Fred Dryer drove in the cop series “Hunter?” If I’m not mistaken, more than a few of these four-door sedans were wrecked or damaged on that show.

    Anyway, this is a nice clean car that shouldn’t be parted out. It’s a perfect daily driver for cheap money. Hopefully, the seller doesn’t strip it and then find out nobody is restoring these four-doors. Satellite sedans and wagons for 1971 – 1974 used a longer wheelbase than the coupes and hardtops so I’m thinking some parts won’t interchange if you’re looking to restore a coupe or hardtop.

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    • Avatar photo Jett

      It’s nice to see survivors like this reasonably priced. If I had the bucks, I’d seriously consider a car like this for summer fun duty. Anyone who’d use it as a daily driver needs a slap upside the head!

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    • Avatar photo Rick Rothermel

      HUNTER cars were ex-LAPD and newer,. late-70s of the stacked-headlight variety.
      I interviewed Fred Dryer years ago, asked him why that car, he said it was one he could FIT INTO and enter/exit with a little grace. I’m 6’5″, he made me look like a midget. Nice guy, very quiet and dignified and into cars, had an Impala SS at the time.

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      • Avatar photo Walter

        Great story! Have a great pre- release poster of Hunter shows Dryer W/ gun and the caption ” Outguns The Sit-coms”.

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  7. Avatar photo Del

    1500 offer and its yours I bet ?

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  8. Avatar photo Chuck Simons

    With an original spare?

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  9. Avatar photo BRIAN KINNARD

    Too nice to cut up. I cal BS!

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  10. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    I’d do it too if I were closer. Just right for
    Sis to drive to work and cruise it on week-
    ends. Despite what some folks say, these
    slant six cars were good reliable transport for someone who really needs
    it. Who needs a screaming V-8 when a
    great running 225 will do. Need to kick
    it around with the family first.

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  11. Avatar photo yes300ed

    Amazing! This must be fun slow. Watch get eaten up by a Honda Fit! Great car.

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  12. Avatar photo Vincent Zebraitis

    I had one, in cop blue. Former Detroit police cruiser.

    Long, bland, and not missed at all.

    Tbe best I can say is: … meh.

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  13. Avatar photo Ralph

    I’d daily it, get a set of the police car rims with the “dog dish” caps and a small magnetic antenna for the trunk lid and roll around like a 70’s vintage detective/unmarked car.

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      I don’t think the dog dish caps are necessary. It looks like a detectives car right now with those caps on it.

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  14. Avatar photo yes300ed

    How about an Offy ram manifold and a 4bbl.

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    • Avatar photo 63Comet

      Exactly. Inline 6s are only slow for those who refuse to help them breathe.

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  15. Avatar photo Vance

    Frank Cannon drove Lincoln Continentals, always a two.door, He would then trip the criminal by throwing a piece of lumber and catching their feet and making them fall. He was a trip artist.

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  16. Avatar photo lc

    reminds me of the Odd Couples Dodge in the 1973 episode “The New Car”. A 1973 Dodge Coronet….good times in the USA

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  17. Avatar photo David Ulrey

    I’d never seen one with the slant six. Most seemed to have a 318. Someone above mentioned that if someone used it as a daily they should be slapped. I disagree. I wouldn’t necessarily use it each and every day but I sure wouldn’t have a problem with using it very frequently. Different but I really like it.

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  18. Avatar photo Derek

    “…faster than the speed of light…”


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  19. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    I last saw one 25 years ago. It belonged
    to a friend of mine who used it to deliver
    newspapers with no real trouble at all.
    That old six took a beating and came back for more. Too bad they don’t make
    a car like that these days. 1 Adam 12,
    1 Adam 12, a 211 at the liquor store.
    2915 Lankersham. 2915 Lankersham.
    1 Adam 12 handle code 3!

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  20. Avatar photo David F Member

    Gone. Someone got a great deal!

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    • Avatar photo local_sheriff

      Do you know whether it was sold as a complete car? I tried to contact seller via craigslist yesterday but never got a reply, now listing is removed. Truly seemed like a good buy

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      • Avatar photo Richard Brown Member

        Yes, it was sold and will remain as a whole car. I was the one that bought it. It will be used for filming purposes. Hard to find these old “B” bodies for movies.

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      • Avatar photo local_sheriff

        Thanks for saving that Plymouth Richard – utilizing it in a movie is a very sensible way, it’d be a typical background vehicle for a story taking place in the 70s-80s.

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  21. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Reminds me of our commuting group during the early 80’s. A guy had one just like this with the 318 and it easily fit all 6 of us for the 20 mile drive.

    In my ’73 Barracuda, I could only take a turn when the body count was 5. Also in the group was an early Civic wagon and VW Rabbit.

    This car has the same exact hubcaps that came on my Barracuda.

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  22. Avatar photo r s

    My family knew this old oddball type of guy back then, worked in a factory and showed up with a brand new Satellite 4 door. Cheap model, the only thing beyond power steering and brakes it had was AC. “It’s loaded… It’s loaded…” he kept telling everyone. Well, he was happy anyhow even if his brown car looked like a big shoe.

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