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Daily Driver Ready: 1979 Plymouth Duster

1979 Plymouth Duster

Due to the current owner having to move into a new location, with no place to store this beloved car, you can take this wonderful 1979 Plymouth Duster home for a healthy price of $11,500. The car is located in Cocoa, Florida and there is a clear title listed and a claimed 67,000 miles, but no VIN is listed. Thank you, Pat L., for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1979 Plymouth Duster

It has a 318 cubic inch V8 under the hood that is connected to a 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission. The seller says that the car was owned by an ASE certified master technician and auto repair shop owner has been the owner for the last few years and the car has a 2:45 rear end. They have geared the car to be a daily driver and not a track star or hot rod. According to the seller, they have $14,000 into the car.

1979 Plymouth Duster

Inside is a beautiful red interior. The flame floor mats are a bit detracting, but at least it is keeping the carpets from getting dirty or worn. There is a dash cover to keep it from cracking, which really does show that someone cared about this Duster. If you think about it, it is really amazing that the interior of the car looks this good after 30 years and 67,000 miles. There is no mention of any restoration.

1979 Plymouth Duster

The owner says they are not at their home currently. They are a contractor currently working in New York, so the best way to get ahold of them is by calling them. However, no phone number is listed in the ad. So…there might be a reason why this car has not sold, or maybe the seller doesn’t actually want to sell it so they have it posted to appease, but have no intentions to entertain and will just say no one was interested.


  1. CapNemo CapNemo

    I like this. Nice looking car!

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  2. CliffS Member

    If you hit the “reply” button, the phone number and other information pops up, after making sure you’re not a robot! Nice car!

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  3. JoeMac Joe Mac

    Love the car / hate the price.

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  4. Ian C

    This should be a Volare considering they quit making the Duster in 76. I know the ad says Duster, and it has Duster emblems. But then again, it also has an R/T badge in the grill? I am not quite sure what the seller is up to.

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  5. Rosco

    The Duster was available in 1979, as an option package on the Volare coupe – RPO A42

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    • Ian C

      Well, I stand corrected, and thank you for letting me know. They say you learn something new every day. And looks like I slid in just under the wire time-wise.
      One of the many reasons I like this site so much is because of the broad spectrum of knowledge.

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  6. Troy s

    Cool looking Plymouth, pretty sure it’s been de-smogged. Those gears are way to high, even for ordinary street driving, trying to figure out if that is a later 318, the 5.3 Magnum from the trucks a few decade ago?
    For a forty year old car it’s fairly decent.

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  7. jpb

    I live next town over. I think he is the one with many AMC relics……….

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    • PatrickM

      Right on. There is an old Javelin sitting right next to it in one of the pics…but, it needs a lot of work.
      This is a great looking car. The only two things I don’t like is (1) location and (2) price. Too much for my wallet. I hope the seller and new owner are pleased.

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  8. Paskal

    Does it have a single note horn or dual note horns?

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I winder if those are the original seats. If so, they are exactly the same as the ones that came in my ’86 GLH-T.

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  10. Jim in FL

    I work about a mile from here if anyone has any real interest I’ll be happy to swing by and take some pics. I know the price is strong. I may do a drive by for fun. Looks like some interesting AMCs in his shop.

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    • David Ulrey

      I love these cars and this one is beautiful but it seems a bit pricey by a few thousand dollars. That’s my only negative thoughts or comment.

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  11. w9bag

    What would the difference be between this Duster and the same year Road Runner ? Didn’t know that a Duster was produced in Volare clothing.

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  12. Ken

    It has the Duster package, but that doesn’t make it a Duster. It’s still a Volare.

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    • Otis

      Guess if you’re nitpicking, there is also no Road Runner. Just a Volare.

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    • bone

      Valiant Duster
      Volare Duster
      Turismo Duster
      Sundance Duster

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  13. TinCanSailor

    Nice looking car. I didn’t like these when they were new… I guess I still had my love affair with the 69 Dart I owned a few years earlier. But over time, this body style has grown on me.

    I am a bit surprised at the transmission, of all things. I wonder why they put a 727 behind a 318 in the late 70s? I had this same combo in a 69 Plymouth Fury, but that was a tank, and it had a tow package. Not a big deal, just caught my eye.

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    • don

      I think someone swapped it out ; this car has been modified a bit .I dont think a 727 was available in a Volare unless maybe it was a police car package

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  14. Jay E.

    Im surprised they didn’t call one a ‘Cuda. Back then they were calling the Volare anything that they thought would boost sales with a graphics package. But it was still a Volare. Speaking from my personal experience, they were a a terrible car right from new. I’m still PO’d even 40+ years later that they would sell such a POS.

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  15. Miguel

    Has a Volare ever sold for this much money, even when new?

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  16. Alleycat11766

    HHAHA…”DAILY DRIVER”? don’t make me laugh…two different license plates, no registration sticker on the windshield…looks like it was just towed off that flatbed in front of the car in one of the photos….probably a “FLIPPER” or a “CURBIE”…

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  17. don

    It has a 1978-1979 Dodge Aspen grille . I know the Volare Grilles of those years were very brittle ; went through several in my 78

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  18. Kyle

    This was my first car. Bought it for $800.00. It came with the inline/slant 6 motor. I always wanted to put a small block 318 engine in it. It was actually a 1978 1/2. It was made for a short time. Getting it fixed wasn’t always easy. Loved it and wish I still had it

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