Ultimate Daily Driver? 1976 Ford Bronco Explorer

The popularity of first-generation Ford Broncos seemingly knows no bounds, as bidding has already crested $40,000 for this survivor-grade example that is said to be uncut and unrestored. The seller points out that it has been mechanically refreshed but the cosmetics left alone, as this is one of the rare Broncos that isn’t completely trashed by rust or hacked-up fenders. The market for old-school Broncos has been hot for some time but a truck like this that remains so original without panels full of rot needing replacement is all the explanation you need for why bidding is at $40,000 here on eBay with no reserve and three days left in the auction.

The Bronco gives off all the good vibes of a truck that has been loved, and seemingly escaped the fate that befell many other early trucks: endless abuse as off-road rigs or daily workhorses, usually subjected to a retirement as a plow truck. This Bronco looks to have been used carefully without any exposure to road salt or other conditions that could pose a threat to its sensitive sheet metal. The interior is a testament to this, with merely some mildly torn up seats serving as any indication of neglect. And really, it’s not even neglect – it’s just the passage of time and regular use that leads to some gentle seam splits like you see here. It’s a very minor fault in the grand scheme of things, and easily corrected if it gets on your nerves. The dash in great shape too, with clear gauges and nicely preserved blue paint.

The underbody shots are really something, as these show just how pristine it is underneath. This simply doesn’t happen with Broncos all that often, as it’s usually a horror show of rust underneath for any trucks that haven’t been restored. The seller notes that the the shocks, tires, brakes, and exhaust have all been replaced, and that the rear end has been substantially rebuilt. There’s even a new driveshaft to give the next owner even more peace of mind, and the photos definitely seem to indicate there’s loads of new hardware underneath. The Bronco is said to be daily driver-ready, and while I couldn’t imagine running the risk of exposing a survivor like this to every day traffic, it definitely seems like you could take it anywhere.

The seller made a smart move focusing on a mechanical refresh and leaving the perfect patina alone. Not only does this keep the costs of restoration under control, but it’s also the best shot as a massive return on whatever he paid for it. The market wants survivors right now, and with the improvements all under the skin on this Bronco, it’s the best of both worlds. Under the hood, the V8 benefits from a new fuel pump and carburetor, which rounds out a list featuring all the right fixes for driving without fear of a break down. This is the sort of truck you can just use and maintain for the long term without worrying about anything other than making the occasional age-related fix – and that alone is worth every penny of the asking price.


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  1. Hoss

    I can’t believe these Bronco’s are getting the bucks they are.

    Man, $ 40 K for this and still climbing.

    Don’t understand it.

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    • Chris

      I’m with you, Hoss. I get these look cool. But do people know what it’s like to drive these? The old Broncos, like the over-priced VW buses, aren’t necessarily great drivers.

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    • Johnny

      Just goes to show you. How stupid some people really are. It does have rust in the floor and the frame is boxed in. Which are good about rusting . From the inside out. I just might put my 78 up for sale. Its in alot better mechanical shape then this one. It does needs painted and has a 390 -4 speed

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Looks good from here! I always liked the stripes on the ’76 Explorers and blue is the best color too. Nice to see the early ’80s Mustang valve covers here too.

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  3. Christopher Gush

    The “spin” regarding these dinosaurs has created a false narrative with regards to their collectability and use.
    Primitive, and inherent to view the world from upside down as well as the issue of rust make them rather undesireable when you remove the emotional component and I want to be cool and and the narcissist look at me component of it.
    Ridiculous prices are to be viewed as a balloon to any collector. For $40K and escalating there are certainly better options. To the highest bidder, all I can assume is “a fool and his or her money and soon parted” Caveat emptor…

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  4. chrlsful

    “…when you remove the emotional component…”
    never happen, humans R emotions, Y these get such $.

    Chuck the fomoco PS pump, swap in ‘canned ham’, swap out the Y steerin link for T & take it off rd @ that…C how U like it for nxt mods.

    We keep our secrets on how ‘the below decks’ were done~

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  5. Johnny

    Yes their rust through on the drivers side floor. It is NOT prestine . $40,000 FOR THAT??? It proves their is alot of fools out their. Who have more money then brains. Looks like it had been hot more then once too. Look at the rust color dirt on the inner fender on the drivers side. Some one is gonna be surprised when they start driving this.

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  6. ERIK

    And the value of my bone stock (but restored in the 1980’s) ’69 Bronco rises again…not that I will ever sell it (as far as I can foresee) and I am certainly not about trying to cash in on any bubble or wave of popularity.

    Buyers who spend this amount of money are going for looks and attention. Look at how much many suburban and rural folk will spend on a new truck and spend more to slap large tires and wheels plus an obnoxious exhaust just to say “Hey! Look at and hear me!”. And look at how much urban and suburban folk will spend on a Jeep Wrangler or even up from that on a Land Rover in order to look “outdoorsy”. So, not that I agree with it, such spending practices and high prices for such new vehicles raises prices of classic vehicles. And that is unfortunate.

    But just wait until the new Broncos hit the streets en mass. Some will wish they would have bought a classic Bronco when they could just as I am glad I bought mine when I could. Maybe that is what “speculators” are banking on…literally.

    My concern with mine now becomes “value in relation to risk” when it comes to enjoying it but I will still drive and enjoy it when the weather is nice while keeping it away from the harmful effects that inclement weather carrying oxygen in H2O can do to any vehicle old or new. Of more concern over the past 10+ years has been other drivers on the road who are distracted while texting and driving or are driving like they are playing Grand Theft Auto in real life.

  7. Duaney

    “Ultimate daily driver”????? Obviously the writer has never rode in one of these. Of all the most uncomfortable motor vehicles ever built, back breaking, rodeo bronco riding jolts, noisy, only a complete masochist would consider one of these a “Ultimate daily driver”.

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