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In A Dark Barn: 1969 AMX

We don’t know how long this 1969 AMX has been in the barn snuggled up next to the Sunbeam, but it at least appears to have been kept somewhat dry. It’s listed for sale here on eBay where bidding has climbed past $5,400 but hasn’t met the reserve yet. It’s located in Boise, Idaho (hey, Josh & Jesse, have you been to look?).

The seller says they are selling it for a friend, and they also have a 1970 Porsche 912 (engine and title-less) listed here on eBay. Believe it or not, the pictures in that auction are even worse than these (I’ve brightened these some to try to help). We’re also told there’s no visible rust, despite this undercarriage shot. I’m not saying the car is rusty, just that I would appreciate consistency between the ad and the pictures.

The car comes with a bunch of spares as well, some of which are new.

A new grille and carpet kit are included as well. Unfortunately, they haven’t found the front bumper yet. eBay to the rescue yet again, here’s a used one for less than $200. No, wait, that’s for a 1970 model. Wow, the 1969 equivalent here is $1,800! That’s one heck of a difference for one year!

The interior looks complete but damaged. I’d rather have this than horrible cheap non-original stuff, though.

The 390 V8 is attached to an automatic transmission. Unfortunately we know nothing about the condition of either. It would be nice if someone at least would pull on the fan blades to see if the engine is locked up or not. Am I expecting too much? Regardless, compared to the only other two-seat mass-produced 1969 American car (the Corvette) this might just be a bargain! What do you think?


  1. Steve R

    The pictures for the 911 he’s selling aren’t that bad, and there are 23, 912=5 pictures, 914=8 pictures. More value must equal more pictures.

    Steve R

  2. erikj

    Looks good. However, the e-bay factor will dictate the final amount that will really buy this amx.
    Its to bad that buying vintage stuff like this for a good price has been ruined by the ebay factor. Used to be that finding good buys took some looking and leg work to search and find! That was part of the fun. You really had to work at it. I was very good at it since i loved the “Hunt” part of it. Glad i can say this.

  3. txchief

    I’m glad to hear that there’s no “visable” rust. I don’t know what “visable” rust is, but there are some other types of rust visible in the pictures. I love these AMC muscle cars. The problem is that they cannot be restored for anything near their actual selling prices. Maybe someday, just not now. Perhaps the move is to buy a bunch of inexpensive ones now and wait for the market to rise. I doubt it though.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      The only caveat I’d make with regards to your idea of restoration/storage is the age of these car’s target market – Baby Boomers – who are now collecting old-age pensions and the money that you’d be tying up over a long period of time.

      I remember when Model T prices started tanking in the early 1990s, as my parents’ generation was beginning to (literally!) die off and Boomers wanted Mustangs, GTOs, et al.

      There’s currently a lot of discussion and some positive action regarding market changes within the old vehicle hobby in NZ, and where our cars, trucks and bikes will end up once we’re all dead and buried.

  4. Kevin Lee

    My father bought one about this year when I was in high school, even had about the same size chrome reversed wheels. Supposedly, it was to be mine when I got my license, I wasn’t interested. I was wanting a mid sixties Mustang, which I ended up with. And by the way, it wasn’t the only time Dad used my brothers and sister and me as an excuse to buy another old car. Learned a lot from that wise man,lol!

  5. Ron H

    With all these barn finds in Midwest I love to be able to go on a barn searching vacation.

    • Brent

      Ya need to be careful on ur barn searching vacation. In my part of the Midwest ya go pokin around somebodies barn if ya don’t become a canine snack you’ll be picking buckshot out of your ass. Country folk around here can get a mite unfriendly to city-slickers.

      • On and On On and On Member

        Too true Brent, I live in rural Wisconsin. You can drive around and look in farm yards, you’ll find cars, trucks, bikes, most everything but the advent of TV and internet has educated most sellers in money and value. Country folks are smart folks. One way I’ve used is go to yard or garage sales and ask what’s in the barn. I’ve found old snowmobiles and motorcycles that way. Remember most farm folks are good mechanics, got to keep the machinery going.


    There is no way but up for these awesome cars. If it was a stick i’d be all over it

  7. EHide Behind

    Even as a young in I loved finding old vehicles and getting them up and running again.
    Eastern coastal and woods folk were far different breed in 50’s, practical and sharp dealers. Than were the Finn Norwegians and Swedes along Washington coastal communities.
    WHILE a Yankee may have a whole scrap yard each and every vehicle could be bought , with a lot of well now dickering, not so out west.
    Never seen the like. They would never sell, and always had some cock-a- many story of why not.
    For many a year I would see one still sitting rusting away or covering with dust, and the owners about in same condition, so I would stop in and got same damn andwer, ” nope gonna do this or that some relative wants.”
    There they sat until younger generation inherited and by damn they were same way. Rather let rust away the. Let some outsider maybe one up them.
    And then next generation inherited and they then sold things for scrap metal, took the cash and smoked or snorted it away.
    Lived in community for 60 years and am still an outsider.
    One old Swede had a driving gold mine in over 50 old rigs, Franklin’s Paiges, it’s and A’s, pre thirty Dodge trucks , Desotos, Packards, Chryslers, Cadilacs LaSalles, Whippet, and a freaked Sears.
    Would not sell even a part; he was saving them for when Russians invaded.
    Mane a southern shack look like a condo as his and woman’s lived in 1950’s 13 foot camper with keen too add on for goats, chickens and a pig pen.
    Yup, the most worthless c u l l in the valley inherited, sold to a back East foreigner and gone.
    Tried every means to soften him up. Salmon deer or elk meat, firewood all for free

    Should of told old fart I was a member of an advance Russian invasion team.

  8. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Rare color…..nice find….someone put this back on the road !

  9. Bruce

    The prices are getting too high, especially for cars that are missing a lot of pieces. Plus, the automatic is a clear no-no for several like myself. AMX’s are difficult and expensive to find parts for. It would be much cheaper to purchase one already restored. If you look. you can find excellent examples in the low $20’s. Just my $.02 and worth every penny.

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