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Don’t Donk It: 1973 Mercury Marquis

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The seller of this 21,988 original mile ’73 Mercury Marquis here on eBay says it could be used as a classy cruiser, low rider or – shudder – as a donk. For those of you who don’t know what a donk is, perform a Google search and prepare to be frightened. It’s one of the worst trends to affect the automotive industry, equal parts stupid and dangerous, and I sincerely hope this survivor-grade Mercury never falls victim to such a fate. The car is located in Maryland with two bids and the reserve unmet. 

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Especially since this one remains in such nice condition. The seller says it has been in the original owner’s son’s garage for the last 15 years or more. Aside from some dry-rotted tires, it didn’t need much work to return to the roads reliably. While listings like these sometimes over-hype the cosmetic condition, it really does appear that the front seat is nearly-new in appearance, along with the carpets and wood veneer on the dash. From the highway to the drive-in theater, this Marquis is the perfect road trip car for traveling far and wide this summer .

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So, the engine compartment is a high point: not only is it in excellent cosmetic condition, but it also sports the optional 4-barrel 429 big block motor.  Paired with the standard 3-speed automatic, it may not mean as much to have this engine in a car this size – but it still gives it some additional street cred considering the 429 was lifted from the Marauder for use in a sedate family sedan. As a non-A/C car, this Marquis bears the signs of a gearhead being the original owner: no frills and the bigger motor? If this were a Mustang, we’d be going nuts.


I’m always conflicted on big sedans like this. In one way, they are the ultimate expression of owning an American hobby car. It would undoubtedly rankle the owners of Lexus cross-over vehicles in my neighborhood who couldn’t park in their normal spot with this beast consuming five parking spaces. But then again, how much would I enjoy driving it? I like being behind the wheel too much to see this Marquis as the perfect project for me, but the overall condition and equipment list make this one more intriguing than some of the other big-body sedans up for grabs.


  1. Kenny

    Quick,someone call Mc.Garret !!!!! Lol

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  2. grant

    If it were a Mustang, we’d all be going nuts. But it’s a malaise era boat, in triple avacado green no less. Yawn….

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  3. jim s

    not a one owner car but very nice. i hope the new owner keeps it stock, not turn it into a donk. great find

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  4. Mark S

    I looked up donk! And my first thought was how is this a street legal choice. I can see where they would be very roll over risky, not to mention a danger to the public. In Calgary Canada there is a law on the books regarding car bumper heights of no greater than 18″ from the bottom of the bumper to the road surface, I’m pretty open minded in the past about my views of car resto’ so I have no problem with how someone wants to go with their car as long as it doesn’t make it dangerous to others. I also find it amusing how a trend will start and before you know it we’re off on a one upmenship race to the redicules. I think that the more moderate cars look quite cool. Now as far as this Merc. Is concerned what an awesome old boat and I to hope that it isn’t Donked.

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  5. Paul

    Yank the drivetrain and install in a early stang, then put a 351w back in and re-sell the land yacht! Best plan ever…lol

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  6. Tirefriar

    Yeah, I can see that the seller REALLY values his low mileage very clean harder to find Merc if he’s even willing to cater to the donk crowd… Parking would be a b!tch and so is the gas mileage. However, a very cool cruiser for you and your friends: 5 if you want to ride business class and 6 or 7 if you want to feel all the pleasures of economy class

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  7. Mr. TKD

    The donk movement is no more stupid than jacking a4w a 4wd truck up to the sky.

    I’d put a Vintage Air system in and use it as a weekend cruiser.

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  8. Streatch

    Someone in Ohio used one of these cars to install carpet out of!
    He would jamb the un cardboard tubed roll into the open passinger window.
    bend the roll over towards the trunk, tie the end of the roll toward the trunk,
    and stick the pad into the trunk and off to the installation.
    Classy hu? The dash on the passinger side was wore away from rolls of carpet being repeatedly jammed in. Was the car that much cheaper than a van? One has to wonder.

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  9. RJ Guzik

    I worked for an LM dealer in ’73; got to drive a number of these heavy metal beauties. They were selling them almost as fast as they came off the the hauler then.

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  10. Barry T


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    My buddy bought one of these back in the eighties to tow his 35′ cigarette boat. It was exactly the same color and was the only car we could pack 8 people in and tow it. The great old days I miss cruising the Chicago skyline in style wether in the boat or the car.

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  12. RoughDiamond

    This unfortunately will most likely end up with 20″ rims.

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  13. Ed P

    I am surprised at the lack of A/C at this late date. Maryland can get plenty hot in the summer. Otherwise, this is a nice car.

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  14. Hu Dood

    A grand marquis for the Duke of Earl…

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  15. Larry E

    The ad has been pulled due to an error in the listing….

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  16. Tom Driscoll

    The ’73 429 was kind of a weakling…351 4V made more power…

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  17. George

    We should all write or senators and congressman to pass a law prohibiting any manufacturer, auto paint shops–hell everyone–from painting a car that horrid green, upholstering with the ugly green vinyl etc. The sad thing that a lot of now older women bought that color, and often on a car that is desirable, and kept the thing pristine with low mileage. It makes me cry when I see a car I could really dig for sale, only to discover when I go to look at it that it is the death green combo. I have been a passenger in one or two and I get depressed just sitting in the seats. Then pulling that sewage green seat belt across your gut-I sicken at the thought.

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  18. Duff6

    This Donk-ing thing has gotten way out of hand! Who decided that this was a good idea… or even remotely attractive. I’d like to see somebody put an set of old covered wagon wheels on a car. It makes about as much sense! Oh, and don’t forget, be sure to add the Long Horn Steer horns to the hood! I can see it now, that would be a “Donk-er”!

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  19. Stephen Puglisi

    I looked up Donk..
    Is that what they call that sort of stance or set up…
    Learn something new every day on this web site…
    Thank you .

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