DAX Kit Car Project: 1966 Cobra 427 Replica

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DAX is noted for being the first British company to take on the challenge of building an authentic Cobra replica, and is a breed of kit car we don’t often see come up for sale. The company has the notoriety of the original designer of the AC Ace chassis joining the company as a director to steer the replica’s development, which I imagine only served to help increase its authenticity. Still, the world of Cobra replicas is vast, and it’s hard to tell which one can be considered the best. This one certainly has had some money thrown at it, but like so many other kit cars, it’s being sold as an unfinished project. Find it here on craigslist with no asking price listed.

Now, typically, when there’s no asking price, the seller thinks he’s got something that should be worth a decent offer. The last line of the listing indicate he wants buyers to do their own research and understand how this is a higher-end kit before starting the conversation. I can’t blame him for this, as time-wasters run rampant on craigslist, but I’m also not sure this is as big money of a car as he may think. The one recent sale I can find from an auction in the UK for a completed car shows it brought home around $30,000 U.S., and that example seemed quite nice. This one has had a lot of heavy lifting completed, but there’s still a lot more to do.

The listing details what sounds like fairly ornate construction underneath, including the extensive use of polished stainless steel in the engine compartment and through the center of the chassis. Of course, there’s no drivetrain – that will be up to the next owner – but the details are quite nice, even in incomplete form. The seller notes that the chassis consists of four main tubes that are uncut from front to back with a birdcage chassis down the center. The paint is indeed Viper Blue, which is a shade you can spot from a mile away. The paintwork remains incomplete in places such as on the hood, but is completed in harder-to-reach areas like the door jambs under the body lip.

Suspension is noted as being sorted, consisting of a Jaguar-sourced independent suspension front and rear with coilovers. Aside from that, you’ll need to figure out an engine and transmission combination, along with the interior trimmings. What is included?  Front and rear stainless steels bumperettes, overriders, headlights, turn signals, headers, hood /trunk latches with keys, steering column, and cloth top, and several other nice-to-have bits. The project is in between in many ways, with the paint work left incomplete and obviously nothing done under the hood – but does the desirability of the DAX kit make it worth diving into a project in the midway stage of being finished?

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  1. TimM

    I’ve seen the original Cobra frame!! This one looks more like it than other kits that just use a conventional frame from a factory produced car!! The body is straight and its definitely a good start!! I would want to find a 427 side oiler but I’m sure that’s not cheap!! It could however be the closest to the real thing most of us would ever have!!!

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  2. Bernie H.

    Not enough photos to start my interest. I’m not trying to be nasty but the tail lights are wrong for this body style, which should be the “double round type”. He has early taillights that belong on an AC Ace. parking lights in correct also. I didnt see a photo of the second car, and need to see the undercarrage and suspension front and rear. I question the weld job on the chassis. When finished, one would look good in my barn next to an AC Ace Bristol.

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  3. Classic Steel

    I say there chap i could go to the Winchester pub quite often for-years on the amount of items / salary required to make this thing book wicked . It’l be brilliant and smashingly but again at what cost? I say bullocks and moving on to another vehicle or lory 👀😉

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  4. Gottasupportbarnfindsifucan

    Stop playing games and just Put in the ad the price you want for your unfinished project.

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  5. Mark

    It’s a 2 car package, 2 unfinished projects for the price of 2 unfinished projects! If he thinks they are worth a certain price, he should just say what it is, it’s ridiculous IMO to not list perceived value. If you want it to sell what they market says it’s worth, put them on auction and you’ll know exactly what the paying market thinks they worth.

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  6. Stangalang

    Maybe the seller has dreams of hagerty and bj..possibly afraid to give us a price..I mean just throw out a number and see where it goes

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  7. Kim

    My dad often said if the price is not listed it’s because the seller is ashamed to print it. So far that has always been the casein my experience. They know it’s unreasonably high so they weed out all but those willing to buy at any cost.

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  8. David

    I build one of these kit cars years ago. Looking at this one, it needs the most expensive parts. Engine, transmission, rear end, seats, interior carpets, gauges, and decent paint job. Not knowing the quality of work done already,how much has to be redone. I’ll make an offer if you call me and tell me what you’re looking for.

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  9. matt

    Just a simple 289 – 271 horsepower 4 speed for me thanks

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  10. Rich

    Dax were (probably) the best kit car/replica manufacturers around back in the day, in the UK at least. But that was before the Kirkham’s, Factory Five’s etc. etc.
    A well designed chassis, pretty good body – but probably not going to bring a ton of money.

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  11. Kenn

    Jeez Louis TimM, is the “period” key on your keyboard not working?!! I’ve never seen so many explanation marks in one paragraph in my life! For no reason that I could see!

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  12. TimM

    Kenn it’s just a bad habit that I’ve acquired over the years!! It’s mostly from texting employees and trying to get my point across to them!! It also drives my wife crazy because she says it comes off as if I’m yelling!! I tell her that at least my throat doesn’t hurt after I do it!! Sorry if it annoys you but I kind of do it without thought now!! Everyone has their quirks I guess this is mine!!!!

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  13. Rusty Bentley

    I have a fake Cobra built in England back in 1977 (and I have the M.O.T. certificates from 1978 on). It is registered and titled as a 1977 Pilgrim Cobra. Not a kit car, it was factory built but still a fake.

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  14. Kenn

    TimM, the exclamation points didn’t “annoy” me at all. I was just a bit curious. When I learned to write I used to end all my sentences with a question mark, for no reason at all apparently.

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