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Dealer Options: 1981 Honda Accord


I can still remember my parents buying a 1987 Honda Accord, brand new from the dealer, in 1986. They remain to this day extremely conservative financially, and opted for few of the features the salesman was trying to get them to buy. Whomever purchased this 1981 Honda Accord here on eBay was a bit more of a pushover, as it comes with lots of factory options that likely pushed the final sale well above the sticker price with ease. 


Although they were not exactly luxurious vehicles to begin with, the Accords of this generation were sensible cars with at least as many features as the domestics were offering (short of a 5.0L V8). This Accord also has some nice dealer add-ons, including: functional A/C; dual remote side mirrors; electronic antenna; and door guards and side mouldings, along with power steering and brakes. It also has the optional automatic and mudflaps.


With only 42,000 original miles, the Accord remains in excellent condition. Cosmetically and mechanically, it looks like a much newer car. The seller notes one fender was repainted but otherwise, this should be all-original paint. In addition, the previous owner is known to the seller, so it sounds like this is a cherished car in the hobbyist community. Lots of recent maintenance has also been addressed, from fluid changes to all-new drive belts and tires.


From the paint on the body to the chrome on the bumpers and trim, this Accord looks like an excellent candidate for continued preservation. The seller has an opening bid of $5,000 with a reserve price of $6,500. Not cheap, but if you’re on the hunt for a clean first-generation Accord, this looks tough to beat. It was a California car until 2014, so don’t let the Ohio location scare you – it remains rust-free. Pair this one with the hatchback Accord we featured with under 5,000 miles and you have quite a duo of vintage Hondas in the garage.


  1. Avatar photo bluzemn1

    how do I unsubscribe barnfinds. too many emails

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    • Avatar photo jim s

      click on ” subscribe ” located in the brown area near top of the page. try switching to daily or weekly and see if that works better.

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  2. Avatar photo Fred

    If I had a large metal building to fill with investment cars, I think this is what I’d start with. Future classic car guys will remember with fondness the car just like this one that they drove 250,000 miles and pay up to own one with 42K.

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  3. Avatar photo Gary Fogg

    Had an 86, it sat for a long time before I got it, alternator locked up, changing alternator on that car was like entering seventh circle of hell. Car got run into with a trailer before I could sell it, eventually ended up being made into a roundy round car. I still have the front seats and a spare alternator for it in my storage trailer…anyone need a mint set of maroon seats for an 86 Accord ?

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    • Avatar photo Steven C

      I had an 86 Prelude 20 years ago. Anytime anyone mentions Honda i still complain about changing that alternator. Seventh circle of hell exactly.

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    • Avatar photo Dave W

      I have 2 ’89 Accords and an ’87. I had to do the alternator on one of the ’89s last summer. 7th circle of hell is right. Thought I’d have to REMOVE AN AXLE to change the alternator, but I finally removed the air cleaner, dropped it to the bottom of the engine compartment and lifted in place from under the car.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    seller has done a lot of the service items already. seems like a lot of car for the money at the sellers reserve. i think it would make a nice daily driver. great find.

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    • Avatar photo Robert

      This car was recently purchased on EBay and is flipped now unless I am mistaken and it is the same owner and sale fell thru.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Cool, more Asian cars. I’m not a big fan of Asian cars, but one can’t deny their impact on American’s, and this was probably the car that changed even the most stubborn US car buyers ( except the old man, of course) It was everything the Civic wasn’t. Aside from the engine compartment( I think there is an engine in there somewhere) these were the best cars to come along, and millions were sold. Too bad they were such terrible rusters ( some within 2 years) as the mechanical’s were bullet proof. Just amazing to see an example like this, as most, in my area, were gone in a short time. Great find, even I’d be tempted with this car.

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  6. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    I owned a 1981 Accord many years ago. She was a silver four door SE, manual gearbox, power everything, with Honda aluminum spoked wheels. That was a gorgeous car. I was young at the time and people would give me the look like I was driving a stolen car! Howard is dead on with the rust, not so much as the body but everything else. I traded it to my buddy’s son for two cases of our local brew, Huber Beer. One condition was to keep an eye on the chassis. This is my old plate, Wisconsin allows only so many letters so I had to shorten Discord to fit. The plate fit me at the time, not he car.

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  7. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Photo did not load.

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  8. Avatar photo Rich

    There is no such thing as too many BF emails. These are the only emails worth opening. Bring ’em on!!!

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  9. Avatar photo Jeffrey Duddles

    We still drive our 86 Accord bought brand new 30 years ago! 194K and still rolls straight and true. A little banged up here and there, but a good car.

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  10. Avatar photo rangeroger

    I bought an Accord hatchback in July of ’76 when they first came out. Absolutely loved it. Won my class championship autocrossing it. Ended up rolling it. Twice. The second time my insurance company totaled it. They paid me $4750 cash for it 4 years after I bought it for $4570. No depreciation there.

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  11. Avatar photo Pat Marenger

    Great find! This car will go for sure even for 5k. Pristine first generation!

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