Deceptively Beautiful: 1967 Fiat Ghia 1500GT

Deceptively Beautiful

The seller of this 1967 Fiat Ghia 1500GT only lets us see glimpses of the car in their auction listing. Even the description is short on words, so it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on here. The $10,500 asking price does make me want to take the gamble though. These are very rare and beautiful cars! The seller states that only 600 were built, but from what I can tell, production was closer to 900. Still, this wonderful piece of Italian artwork. The tiny 1.5 engine may not be that exciting, but with a Weber on there, I bet it sounds almost as good as it looks! The car is located in Oakland, California and is listed here on eBay. So, would you throw the dice on this one?

1967 Fiat Ghia 1500GT

I have seen lots of bad photos over the years, but these are just plain odd. You would think that someone smart enough to list their car on eBay would be smart enough to look at the viewfinder before snapping the photo. Anyway, the car does look decent from what can been seen in the photos. There is evidence of a respray though so there is no telling what might be hiding under the surface. Let’s just assume that it will need bodywork and paint.

Fiat four-cylinder

There’s that little engine I mentioned earlier. It may not have been anything too cutting edge, but that exhuast manifold is a masterpiece! The output of that engine was actually decent for the time and could even take this slippery shaped body up to speeds exceeding 100 mile per hour! The seller mentions that the car has not run in a while and will need a battery. Well, lets just assume that it will need rebuilt. The restoration costs are starting to mount here guys.

Fiat 1500 interior

Inside there are wires hanging out from under the dash and some pieces appear to have gone missing. There’s overspray in places it should have never gotten and the seats are not original. So, it looks like things will need to be redone in here too. Dang, I just talked myself out of this one! This is a much bigger project than first meets the eye. Perhaps the seller is smarter than I thought. By posting terrible photos and being vague in the description, they were able to convince me that this was a bargain. $10k may still be a good price for such a special Fiat, but I think I’ll pass on this one. There is a Fiat fan here in the office though. Hey, Josh…



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  1. Rich

    I think I would be a sucker for this one.

  2. jim s

    interesting car might be worth a PI. the seller does need to do a lot more work both photo/text and history of this car. interesting find

  3. Dave Dietz

    I’ve seen beautiful example sell 43,000 , another great example in Italy sell for around 29,000. It would not be a major project, but a very doable restoration. I see overspray everywhere, including door seals. Very sloppy work. At 6,000 I’d consider it a deal. If I wasnt 3 years into a Simca Bertone restoration I’d be considering.

    • MikeH

      That Simca is a beautiful car. I had to google it because I have never seen one–and I lived in France in the late 60s.

  4. Dolphin Member

    Nice little Fiat…..maybe. Looks like it might be a quickie respray, so a thorough going-over with a paint gauge and a magnet in a handkerchief is essential. And better check out that dash and the availability of proper instrument bezels.

    If OK then it could be a good resto to do but you don’t even know if the engine turns, so the engine is a question mark that’s not exactly answered by the seller’s claim “Will start”. At least the interior looks decent.

    This would be terrific to have at one of the high-end Italian small car meets in California after it’s restored because it’s very low production and coachbuilt. Come to think of it, just haul it there and display it with a For Sale sign and you might do better than the Ebay asking. But for driving I can think of lots of other cars I’d rather be in.

  5. Chris A.

    This could be a pretty car in a dark color, but the work and making parts would be a challenge. When I look at it, especially from the windshield back, it reminds me of the ASA Mille “Baby Ferrari”.

  6. Robson

    I get nervous when I see wires hanging out from under a dash, plus the weird stuff on the carpet. Speedo cable out? And what are the vice grips on the floor for?
    A pretty car, a rare car, and worth a trip to Oakland to see what’s really there.

  7. Catfishphil

    Turn your danged camera/cell phone sideways so we can see photos of the full length of the car! It’s a pretty, little ghia, for sure. Coulda vacuumed it out first. Bet that 1.5 liter can put out about 70-80 hp…

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