Déjà Vu: 1964 Ford Country Squire

This beautiful wagon has popped up again on Barn Finds after an appearance about eight months ago. It wears a beautiful restoration with a high-performance 390 cubic inch V8 under the hood. Apparently, the beastly transport didn’t sell the first time, so it’s on the block again from Woodstock, Connecticut. We bring this wagon to your attention now because a former owner who did the restoration commented on the Ford when he saw it on our site. We thought that would help tie a bow on this stately Squire. It’s available here on eBay where the current bid is $10,100 but not enough to trigger the reserve. Our thanks to Barn Finds fellow writer Adam Clarke and reader “Matt” for their input.

According to our last review on the car, Ford built 46,690 copies of the Country Squire in 1964. From the 1950s, the Squire had been Ford’s top-of-line vehicle regarding station wagons (all steel, not the Woodies). About half came with seating for six, the other half nine. We don’t know how many of these Fords were produced with the 390 engine, but this one is bound to produce at least 300 hp. That would be sufficient to propel this people mover to sub-16 seconds in the quarter mile. But considering it has some visible performance upgrades, the horsepower may be more like 350.

Our reader “Matt” gave us this impression of the Ford (paraphrased):

“I owned this car and started the restoration about 20 years ago. I bought the bucket seats from a T- Bird. The material they’re covered with is NOS. The Torque Thrust wheels are amazing. Not mentioned is a very expensive disc brake setup. It had a 352 V8 originally and I installed a 390 that I was told was rebuilt but turns out it wasn’t. It handles great, and I had all the suspension done by a guy that races cars. I also did the wood, and took great care in sourcing the right stuff, including NOS metal caps for the trim. The car is 100% true. BTW, some Country Squires were available with buckets, which is why I added those. My kids LOVED the wagon. I loved it. Trust me there is far more than $42,000 in this beast.”

So, there you have it. Commentary from both the seller and the person who restored the Ford. Please give BF’s Adam Clarke’s review a read to fill in the rest of the details. This looks like one stunning wagon!


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I just can’t get behind those wheels on a Country Squire. I’d go this direction and make it a sleeper.

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  2. mike

    Love her just they way she is.1964 was a great year for Ford.

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  3. BONE

    “restoration” — bucket seats from a T- Bird. Torque Thrust wheels. an expensive disc brake setup. 352 V8 originally and installed a 390 . Beautiful looking car, but more of a resto-mod IMO

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  4. Mike kiser

    There actually XL seats from 1964 Galaxie ..

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    • DON

      The seller says they are out of a T-bird

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  5. John Feingold

    In 1967 I took my driving test in my mom’s ‘64 Country Squire, which was black with the 390 Police Interceptor option package. Parallel parking and wheel spin were my weak suits.

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  6. Bob McK Member

    Nice looking 64. Hope she finds a new home.

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  7. Desert Rat

    The torque thrust wheels make it!

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  8. Matt

    I’m sorry but he took a wagon that was worth WAY more as an as is original car and wants what’s probably WAY more than what it’s worth as an incorrect “restoration”.
    I love cars that are modified, I don’t care if you put an ls moter in anything BUT if your looking to sell a car for a TON more than what the worth is and you’ve changed out parts from other cars, don’t expect your return on the investment you’ve sunk into it, which is im sure what he’s trying to get get or atleast close.
    Love the car but it probably won’t EVER reach the price he’s put into it. IMHO

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  9. Big C

    The 390 is a much better engine, than the grandma 352. It’s worth the switch.

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  10. Ed Smith

    I love the changes made they are great upgrades .I drove my mothers 64 galaxy 4dr 289 Automatic to high school . It kills me how y’all talk about this 64 wagon like it’s a classic 62 split window corvette . It doesn’t hurt the value due to upgrading the brakes and motor and adding great bucket seats . That’s what we did to cars of the sixties. Of course if it was a classic car I would keep it 100% original but not just and ordinary wagon come on guys quit being so negative.I love the car just the way it is

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    • Marvin

      I agree! I love ALL the cars, restored, original, modified, etc! It’s ok, it’s still out their looking for a caregiver and caretakers come from all walks of life and money. 401K, Savings, retirement, Vacation money ( I cashed out 250 hours of vacation. YES, 250 hours! 31 8 hour days of saved up vacation). Some can drop a $100,000. On a car. Some can’t. Everyone has different tastes & styles that they like. It’s kinda of like food! If everyone just liked hamburger there be be burger places. No, everyone likes different food. If your budget says you can only a hamburger joint , then you do! If you like. Steak, chicken, you can there if the budget allows!! Same way with cars. Not everyone has money for a high car. Therefore maybe a project car, a driver or concourse. Maybe you afford a custom l. E. D dash, maybe a second hand radio. You get the drift.

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