Desert Dream Find: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

When it comes to building the car of your dreams, first off you have to find the right car, and second, a warm and dry climate often has the car that you are looking for. Well this 1969 SS 396 car is about a rust free as you could hope for minus some minor surface rust. Very straight, and an excellent starting point for a restoration, this Camaro is someone’s dream car waiting to happen. With 37 bids and a day remaining, this solid roller is up to $14,600 with the reserve not met. Find it here on ebay out of Cave Creek, Arizona.

At a quick glance this Camaro may not look like much, but for those of you in the rust belt areas, this Camaro is absolutely amazing. The floors are rock solid with only minor surface rust in a few areas. Looking at the floors in this Camaro you can’t help but smile. There interior still has a dash, seats, and door panels. The seats are pretty well baked from the desert sun, but the dash is in fine shape, and the door panels don’t look too bad either.

Looking over the exterior changes that smile to a big grin due to how solid this Camaro is. The rockers and quarters look great with only minor surface rust present. The rockers wear a few different shades of primer, but they too look straight and solid. The only panel that stands out is the driver front fender, as it has some wrinkling going on as if it has been hammered out before. Also it is difficult to tell, but the driver side lower rear quarter may have been replaced before. Overall this roller looks clean and solid, but primer can hide a lot. The main rust problem areas on this car are solid, and the body is straight too. Is this Camaro the beginning of your dream build?

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  1. Jeffro

    Great. Another 69 Camaro. This car might be rust free, but its also engine and transmission free. I’m going to Cave Creek Arizona, I’m going to buy some chili beer.

    • Blindmarc

      Get me a case. Can’t get it in Florida!

  2. Racingpro56

    Are flowerpots included in the deal? They appear rough around the edges but also rust free!

  3. Rabbit

    Geesh. Another ’69 Camaro that’s likely gonna bring stupid money. Anyone else remember when they were a dime a dozen? I got mine in ’81 for under a grand, & it was a fairly clean, very solid 396 RS. Sold it after I blew it up for twice what I paid, to a guy from the rust belt. Who knew? At the time, it was just another 13 year old car.

  4. Larry K

    Really don’t care. Too expensive. Give me a big boxy mid 60’s car for half the price.

    • Steven

      Them Oh Rattlesnakes in Arizona love old classic cars setting around and them snakes are free for the taken..

  5. JC

    Have always loved this body style, probably the best looking Camaro design GM ever had. I’m up to my eyebrows in projects or I’d take a stab at this one.

  6. Alan

    They were so cheap, they made a cazillion into late models for all the dirt tracks, yep, very cool, ask Bobby Croop or Jimmy Spencer.

  7. Steve R

    Where on the picture of the build sheet does it say it was a factory 396 car? I couldn’t see it. Why didn’t the engine compartment picture show the heater core outlets, it’s not proof since they can easily be changed, but it would be wise to show it if it’s correct for a big block.

    Steve R

    • Alex

      Jerry MacNeish verified it so it’s legit. He’s the Camaro Jedi master.

  8. Rustytech

    While this is my favorite of all the Camaro’s, $14,600 for what amounts to a rolling body shell is just NUTS! Another rich “collector” with more money than brains.

    • Cole

      a solid body is HUGE for long term cost savings on a project. a solid body can easily shave off $10K+ from a build, so buying it higher initially is a good strategy and I’d rather work on an original solid body than trying to fit aftermarket parts that generally need a little massaging to fit correctly.

  9. Steven

    $14,600 plus and who ever buys it will spend twice to three times that’s much in a total restoration.. Like is isn’t worth anymore than $5k the most! This is where too Fools meet the seller and the buyer. Oh by the way I saw this 69 Camaro over 2 years ago..

  10. KevinW

    Love these, not the stupid prices they’re wanting for them though! Why do people primer a car, then leave outside? It would benefit the body if you left the paint intact, or as much as possible. At least it’s in Arizona, which helps.

  11. Mark Frankelson

    As someone who performs professional restorations, I can see a ton of work left to do on this car.Im amazed at how much people are paying for these now, there is at least $50,000 needed on this one,full rotisserie job.

    • Steven

      Stupid one is who is paying out that kind of money on a shell , heck facts is there is whole classic Camaros’ with everything online that needs restoration and cheaper than this shell..

    • Tom Member

      Right on Mark,….key words “at least”……I will see your 50K and raise it to $75K for the guy who buys this with the fat open wallet paying someone like you to make the car right. Rotisserie…done right…..6 figures is not out of the question. You need to get paid for your expertise and skills too!!

      I would imagine this is a car, someone with your skills, could maybe make a decent profit on. anyone buying this and paying to have all the work done is just plain out, going to pay for it. that’s ok too. God bless em!

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I had those same Gillette tires and “mag” wheels on the back of my Barracuda in the late 70’s – LOL! The wheels were slotted, and got handed around between friends with different cars.
    Just in the back though, the regular bias plys and hubcaps were in the front – I was in high school and had no money.


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